Best Scooters for Kids in 2018 – Tested & Reviewed by Real Users

People love the convenience and fun of a scooter. Sometimes a bike is too expensive or two impractical to use everyday, and walking just doesn’t cut it. This website was made for people who like the middle ground. Scooters are for people who like getting exercise and getting places quicker, but also want a vehicle that folds up and they can carry around with them. Also if you don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on a vehicle, that helps too.

This guide will help you find the best scooters for kids to fit your budget and your lifestyle. We have a vast range of criteria that we consider when helping you select the best scooter for you or your kids.

10 Best Scooters for Kids

Best scooters for kids over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

01. Eco Reco Scooter - The Best Scooter For Techies

Eco Reco Scooter

The Eco Reco is the perfect scooter for techies. Not only does it have a stylish and trendy design, but it comes with a lot of cool features. The scooter comes with backlit dashboard that shows you the distance you’ve traveled, how much battery you have left and how fast you are going. See the full review of Eco Reco Scooter

02. Razor Junior Kids Scooter - A Great Scooter For Kids

Razor Junior Kids Scooter

Arguably the biggest name in 2 wheel scooters has now released a line of three wheel scooters. These are designed for younger children and they fold up just lie the regular ones so they can be stored easily. They can also be carried very conveniently, which is a plus. I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve seen carrying a bunch of scooters over their shoulder while their kids play. See the full reviews of Razor jr. Lil Kick Scooter

03. Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter - Innovative Scooter For Kids

Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter

One of the more toddler-friendly scooters out there is the Globber 3. It is recommended for kids 3 and up and has an adjustable handlebar to fit multiple different age groups. Like most well-made toddler scooters, it comes with a lean to steer function. This is important not only for safety but to teach the kids proper turning techniques for when they get a larger scooter later on. See the full reviews on Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter

04. Micro Kickboard - Tons Of Great Features

Micro Kickboard

With a taller adjustable T-bar, this scooter is very comfortable for taller riders. The scooter also provides a deck that is very low to the ground. This is important for adult and teenage riders because it keeps your center of gravity lower. This makes it harder to be knocked over and it also makes for a smoother ride. Read the full reviews of Micro Maxi Kick Scooter

05. Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter - The Highest Rated Scooter For Kids 2-5

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

This scooter is perfect for kids! It comes in a bunch of fun colors and is great for safety. For beginners, I recommend the 3 wheeled scooter because it has more stability and can lead to a lot fewer scraped knees. The scooter is very low to the ground which makes it very easy for kids to ride and it can also very easy for them to turn and steer. It’s a lot easier to glide than the other scooters. This is important because a lot of kids get discouraged when it requires too much effort and then they no longer want to use it. Read the full review of Micro Mini Kick Scooter

06. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature - Provides The Most Value for Your Money

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature

This is a little different than the scooters we normally review on this site, but I couldn’t help myself. This is such a popular electric scooter and I can see why. The European inspired vintage design and multiple color options makes this scooter suitable for boys and girls of many different ages. It’s built with practicality and convenience in mind. Read the full review of Razor Pocket Mod Miniature

07. Radio Flyer Pro Glider - The Best Performing 3-wheel Scooter

Radio Flyer Pro Glider

From the makers of America’s favorite wagon comes one of the best scooters for toddlers. The Radio Flyer Pro Glider is built for toddlers and has great lean to steer technology, allowing them to turn easily and intuitively. The scooter itself is a high performance three wheeled scooter designed with a mix of speed and stability in mind. Read the full review of Radio Flyer Pro Glider

08. Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric - A Very Innovative Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

This scooter seems to be very innovative as far as electric scooters. For starters, there is a thumb actuated throttle on the handlebar which makes acceleration more convenient when compared to the standard electric scooters. With good acceleration must come good braking. That’s why the GRT-11 comes with an integrated foot brake, allowing the rider to make stops quickly and safely. See the full Review of Pulse Performance GRT-11

09. Vokul VK 205 Adult Scooter - Premium Scooter For Adults

Vokul VK 205 Adult Scooter

This is another great scooter for adults and teenagers. The deck includes a non-slip surface that gives you a great grip for your feet. This can be a good help when it comes to turning, maneuverability and braking. The fixed grip sleeve give the riders a lot of comfort for their hands and wrists. Like a lot of modern scooters, the head tube can be adjusted to match almost any height. Read the full Review of Vokul VK 205

10. Fuzion City Glide - Perfect Scooter For Adults

Fuzion City Glide

The Fuzion City Glide is a stylish and sleek foldable scooter that is perfect for adults. The deck is nice and sturdy and can support up to 220 pounds. This Fuzion City Glide is comparable to the A5 Lux in many different ways. The looks is about the same and they both are targeted towards the same type of rider. See the full reviews of the City Glide Adult Kick Scooter

11. Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter - Best Designed Kick Scooter Out There

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter

This scooter is one of the more premium adult scooters available. With the ultra light and super low deck, it gives you such a nice glide over pavement. Even though the deck is super light and close to the ground, it can still support a lot of weight. Up to 250 pounds can be supported by the deck which is far greater than that of the other scooters reviewed in this site. ck scooter. See the full review of Xootr Scooter

Things To Consider When Buying a scooters for kids

If a few of these factors grab your attention, you are in the right place. We understand that everyone is different so we try to include a wide variety of products to make that decision.

Best Kick Scooters for Kids


It may seem like a basic factor, but it can make a huge difference. Scooters are not just made for kids and teenagers. There are scooters made to fit the size of basically anyone that can walk. From toddlers to kids to teens and adults, you can find all of the different sizes of scooters here.


What could be more important than safety? We certainly believe that on this website and that’s why we went out of our way to talk in detail about the safety mechanisms in each of these scooters. Whow does it prevent slipping? What does the braking mechanism look like? We answer all of these questions and more in our reviews.


One of the best parts about a scooter is its portability. We take this into consideration in our reviews and explain how each scooter can be folded in a manner that saves space. We also talk about the different weights of the scooters so if you travel a lot you kind find the one that won’t give you constant back problems.


We make sure our recommendations are built tough to last. This includes the amount of weight they can hold as well as the strength of the head tube clamps that hold the scooter together.


We know a lot of people that like to go fast. This is why we like to talk about, in detail, the top speed of our electric scooters as well as the distance that the manual scooters can travel with each kick. We believe one of the most important factor for people is the speed and smoothness of the ride.

Other Considerations:

  • Warranty
  • Extra features
  • Durability
  • Excercise
  • Price and brand of the Scooter

What type of Scooters Are Reviewed?

Scooters are a fun and useful product. With so many different scooters to choose from, you really have to be careful which one you go with. What you need is a scooter that meets all of your criteria. It needs to be strong enough to support you. Stylish enough that you look forward to taking it out. Well designed enough so that you can enjoy a nice smooth ride either on the road or on grass. It needs to be fast so you can feel the wind on your face. Most importantly, it needs to be something you can afford.

While this may seem like a lot to ask for, this website makes it as easy as possible. We discuss each of these factors in great detail so that you know which scooters are the best in each category.

All of the best scooters for kids we review on this site are of high quality however, some are better than others. Rather than rank the scooters by which ones we like the most, we let you decide. We give you all the information you need to make the decisions on your own. Just compare prices online and find the one that meets your criteria and budget.

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