Introduce Your kids to Scooters Early

Scooters can be a great activity for kids of many different ages. Many parents have their kids start as young as 2 or three years old and some people continue until way into their adult years. We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should introduce your kids to scooters early on and we’ve included some helpful suggestions to help you get them excited about scooters. We have also included a few helpful links for some scooters we’ve recommended to kids in the past. It is not enough just to start using scooters, you also need to find the right scooter for your child. After reading this list we recommend you check out our top 5 scooters for kids list.

Scooters Are Great For Balance

th-2With the three wheel scooters, the scooter itself is very unlikely to tip over. That being said, your child will still need to stay on top of the scooter. This will teach them how to balance while standing and how to balance while in motion. Overtime this will help them get used to larger vehicles. One of the goals of a three wheel scooter is to be the entry level for kids to practice moving around so that they can choose what other scooters, bikes or skateboards they want down the road.This scooter allows you to lock the wheels in place, which is great for practicing kicking.

Build up a Kid’s Confidence

th-1Vehicles in general are a great way to build up a kid’s confidence. But how do you build up the confidence of a 3 year old? The answer is a three-wheel kick scooter. These scooters are super easy to ride and very intuitive. They are made with toddlers in mind, and most of them even include lean to steer technology, which allows kids to learn steering in an easy and fun way. Once they get more comfortable with this, they will have the confidence to try new things and continue growing both physically as well as developmentally.

Build Motor Skills

th Scooters also help toddlers build motor skills while they are most receptive to new information. There is a lot involved with driving a scooter. Hand eye coordination, decision making, you name it! So many things are going on in a child’s mind when they are riding a scooter that they will learn much through this experience. The cycle is simple to explain. Kids start out on a scooter to build up the basic motor skills they need to take on a bicycle, and then eventually they use the bicycle as a way to become confident enough to start driving a car. The process makes each step more of a fluid transition and it is almost never too early to start.

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Scooters Can be a Completely Safe Activity

th-4As long as you take the proper safety precautions, scooters can be a completely safe activity for your kid. They have a much lower center of gravity compared to bicycles, so falls won’t be as severe. With three wheels and a handlebar, it is easy for a kid to stay on the scooter and avoid falling. Like some of the other lists we’ve done in the past, we’ve included some great pads below. It is important to have your kids become comfortable with the idea of putting on pads because they will have to as they use bigger and bigger scooters.

Great Way for a Kid to Have Fun

th-3 Above all, scooters are a great way for a kid to have fun. They provide an easy way to get around and pick up speed. Although the developmental aspects are important to the value of a scooter, without the excitement it would just seem like homework. Scooters can be a fun way to build many of the skills your child will need in the near future, and it is almost never too early to start with one. The kids will love the scooters speed and comfort, and parents will love the safety and hours of exercise for their kids. Overall, scooters are a near essential component to and kids collection of toys, and the earlier they get one, the sooner they can start enjoying all the great benefits.

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There you have it. The top reasons your kid should learn how to scooter. Hopefully this list has inspired you to get your kids into scooters, and maybe it has even prepared yourself for taking this next step. It can be a bit scary anytime you get your kids a toy like this but it can also be an exciting time as well. Scooters will undoubtedly be a new chapter for your kids, but with the right tools and preparedness, it should be nothing but fun and excitement for you.

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