Best Electric Scooter for Adults – Best Selling Models are Reviewed

Electric scooters are not just for kids anymore! On this list, you will find the 11 best electric scooter for adults, along with the strengths and weaknesses of each one. We will also help answer some frequently asked questions about each scooter and in the end we will do an in-depth analysis of each scooter on the list. After reading this, you should have all the information you need to pick out the best electric scooter for your unique needs!

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Best Electric Scooter for Adults Comparison


Product Name




Glion Dolly foldable electric scoote


2.55 Pound

GOTRAX GXL Best Electric Scooter


2.20 Pound

Swagtron High Speed Fast Electric Scooter


​2.30 Pound

 Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter


​2.40 Pound

GigaByke Groove 750 - Street Electric scooter


​3.20 Pound

 Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter


​2.50 Pound

RASSINÉ City Hopper 1000W


​2.50 Pound

Hiboy S2 Portable scooter

Hiboy S2 Portable​​​​


​2.30 Pound

NANROBOT X4 Commuting


​2.40 Pound

 Razor RX200 2 wheel Electric


​2.40 Pound

 Razor E300S - electric scooter


​2.45 Pound

10 Best Electric Scooter for Adults in 2019

Best Electric Scooter for Adults over hundreds of competitive models from different brands are reviewed below:

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

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The Glion Dolly is a new foldable electric scooter for adults that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. It is being sold as the ultimate electric scooter for commuters and that couldn’t be more true. This scooter really adds a touch of class to our lineup and really gives you everything you are looking for in an electric scooter. It is very durable, able to support a rider up to 2.55 pounds. Even with this heavy duty frame, it is still able to stay light at a lean 28 pounds. Although this scooter may be light enough to carry in a durable backpack, they give you your own carrying case with the scooter. This carrying case is a great way to keep the scooter safe from the elements and also makes it easy to roll around when you are not riding it.

Pros: Speed, Range

Cons: Price is expensive for what you get

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

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The GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter is an awesome foldable electric scooter for adults that is a cheaper alternative to the Glion Dolly. If you are looking for the top of the line electric scooter and price is not much of an object, you should go for the Glion Dolly. If you are looking to save a little money but still want all the same great features, this is definitely a scooter you should look into. The frame of the scooter claims to support riders up to 220 pounds, so already it is a slight downgrade to the Glion Dolly. These tend to be pretty conservative estimates, and you can definitely get away with riding this scooter if you weigh around 230-240 pounds. If you weigh more than that, I would recommend looking into the Glion Dolly.

Pros: Speed, price

Cons: Range is not very good

Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter

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This is another scooter that can be a contender for the foldable electric scooter for adults category. The Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter is a worthy opponent for the GOTRAX GXL and the Glion Dolly, but pricewise it is more competitive with the GOTRAX. Depending on what you are looking for, this could be one of the best electric scooter for commuting. First of all, I think it is fair to mention that the look of this scooter is quite different than what we have seen in the past. The style here is a little more flashy and a little more “techy” than the more modest GOTRAX and Glion Dolly scooters. The scooter is mostly black with silver and red trim, making it a stylish scooter that is sure to turn a few heads on your way to work. The tires are the standard 8.5 inch pneumatic that we saw with the Glion and the GOTRAX but the front dashboard is a slight improvement. Not only does the 2 wheel electric scooter come with all the standard features like an LED Speedometer, bell and headlight, it also comes with a phone mount, which I think is a key feature. I know what you’re thinking, you shouldn’t be on your phones when you are riding a scooter, and I agree completely. The purpose of this mount is so that you can run the companion app. The smart phone app allows you to monitor your speed and your distance traveled while you ride around town. If you’re like me and always getting lost, you can also run google maps or something while you ride. This way you can make sure you always know where you are going without having to take your eyes off the road for too long.

Pros: Speed, weight capacity

Cons: Range
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter for Adults

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This fast electric scooter is a sleeker and more sensible version of the Swagtron foldable electric scooter for adults. It comes with a steeper price tag, but it is well worth it for what you get. The main draw to this scooter is the incredible range it has. So far, of the three scooters we have reviewed, the highest range is the Glion with 15 miles maximum. This 2 wheel electric scooter cruises in with a max range of 18.6 miles on a single charge. This makes a huge difference, especially if you work far away from home, and rather than being more expensive, this scooter is actually cheaper than the Glion. If range is the factor that is most important to you, this is absolutely the scooter you should be getting. The rest of its features are pretty standard, but this is the main selling point.

Pros: speed, braking system

Cons: Weight capacity is only 220 pounds

Street Legal Electric Moped with Pedals

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This scooter is very different than the last few on hour list. First of all, rather than being a foldable electric scooter for adults, this is an electric moped scooter for adults. Although it is in a different category, the purpose is very similar. This scooter is meant for adults looking for a better way to get to work. Whether you want to save on gas, spend less time looking for parking, or you simply want to feel the wind in your face on your way to work, this electric moped scooter can be a great purchase for many different people.

Pros: speed, range and it is street legal

Cons: It is not foldable or portable
Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter for adults

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The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric scooter is a very different look for this list. Admittedly, the design is sure to turn off a few, but this can be a fun and responsible solution to urban transportation. The 16 inch tires give the electric moped scooter a smooth and efficient ride, while maintaining the bicycle style look of this vehicle. The bamboo deck perfectly embodies the responsible, eco-friendly theme of this electric scooter with seat for adults.

Pros: speed and it can carry baggage in the back

Cons: range is not very good, style looks more like a bike than an electric scooter

RASSINÉ City Hopper 1000W Electric Scooter with Turbo Motor

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This scooter offers an excellent 2 in 1 solution to your commuting needs. It has the feel of a foldable electric scooter for adults along with the practicality of an electric scooter with seat for adults. It accomplishes this feat with its removable seat. You may have seen this type of design before, but I believe this scooter makes it the most seamless. Usually a scooter looks like too much like a stand up scooter with the seat and too much of a sit down scooter without the seat, but I think this version plays both parts believably.

Pros: Speed, range

Cons: Price is high
Hiboy S2 Portable Folding Commuting Electric Scooter for Adults

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The Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter is a throwback to the Swgtron and the Xiaomi we talked about before. This is a stylish foldable electric scooter with a sleek black finish and red trim. This scooter is directly competitive with the Xiaomi, so if you are looking into that scooter, you may want to compare these two side by side. First off, the style is very similar and the price is about the same, but the similarities do not end there. They also have the same tires, the same top speed and about the same total range. It is fair to mention that the Xiaomi has a slight 1 mile advantage over the Hiboy when it comes to range. It also comes with a double braking system and rear shock absorber. One feature that is great in the Hiboy that was not mention in the description of the Xiaomi is the regenerative battery. This is a battery that can be recharged when you ride this scooter downhill. I’m guessing that the scooter automatically applies a tiny bit of resistance on downhill in order to recharge the battery on friction alone.

Pros: great control panel, speed

Cons: Range is not as good
NANROBOT X4 Commuting Battery Powered Scooters with seats

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This is a very good scooter to compare with the Rassin City Hopper. Just like the city hopper, this extremely fast electric scooter is a seamless hybrid of the foldable electric scooter for adults and the electric scooter with seat for adults. The main difference is the price tag, about double its competitor. This price is more than justified by the is enhanced features like the 50 mile extended range. This is more than enough to handle any round trip commute without even needing to charge up. It also doubles the top speed of its competitor with a whopping 40 miles an hour. So already, for double the price you get double the speed and double the range. This is a great deal if you are able to spend the money and although it is expensive, it really is the best electric scooter for adults.

Pros: Best electric scooter for adults

Cons: most expensive scooter by far

Razor RX200 2 wheel Electric Off-Road Scooter

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This is the lowest price electric scooter on our list and it is one of the few Razor electric scooters on the list as well. Unfortunately, this is not a foldable electric scooter and it will have to remain in its rigid design. This scooter should not be confused with its cheaper counterpart, the E300. Although it looks very similar, this scooter comes with one notable exception. The wheels are designed for off road use. The thick pneumatic tires give the scooter a smooth ride on just about any surface.

Pros: Off road capabilities, great customer service

Cons: Range is only 40 minutes
- Razor E300S - electric scooter

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This scooter is very similar to the RX200 with one notable improvement, the seat. Although this seat does look a little bit out of place on this scooter, it turns the vehicle into an electric scooter with seat for adults, making it the least expensive option in this category. This scooter really feels like a sit-down scoter with the help of its twist grip throttle and its hand brake. The scooter supports up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for most teens and young adults.

Pros: Price is great, cutomer service is good (Razor)

Cons: Range is weak, this scooter does not fold

Best Electric Scooter for Adults Buying Guide

​If you here to choice the best scooter for you, this best electric scooter guide can help you a lot to make your dessision ​easier. So let's jump into the deep and explore some new information to choice the best one.

Things to consider when buying the best electric scooter for adults

When you are looking for a scooter of any kind, you should first consider what you are going to be using the scooter for primarily. If you are going to be commuting to work every morning, you may want to look for a scooter that has considerable range to it. Another thing you may want to consider is how long does the scooter take to charge fully. Ideally you want to keep this time around 6 hours so that you can charge it up throughout the workday and then have a reliable way to get home. These are some of the factors that go into selecting the best electric scooter for commuting.

If you are mainly planning on using the scooter for recreation, you might not care as much about the total range or about the charge time. All you have to do is charge it up when you sleep, take a few laps around the block for fun and then stick it back on the charger.

Which electric scooter for adults street legal?

This is something we briefly touched on in the reviews section. None of the scooters on this list require license or registration, but it might be safe to check with local law enforcement to see if your town allows electric scooters and if so where they allow them. Some towns may only allow them in designated lanes or on sidewalks. It’s generally better to err on the side of caution when it comes to these rules. If you have an electric scooter like a razor, its better to just avoid cars whenever possible.

Make sure you read the customer reviews of each product before you buy it, as this is a common question it is likely that it has been asked before and I’m sure someone will have an answer for you. You can also ask the company itself if a particularly scooter is safe for road or sidewalk use.

What is electric moped scooter?

An electric moped scooter is an electric scooter that functions similarly to mopeds for adults but is technically classified as a scooter. A few of the scooters we mentioned on this list fall under this category, and while they may not be quite as fast as a moped, they definitely have a noteworthy upgrade when it comes to speed. One scooter, for instance can reach up to 40 miles per hour!

If you’re not looking for the mopeds for adults look but want to sit down while you scoot, there are a few scooters towards the end of our list that are a hybrid between the foldable electric scooter for adults and the electric scooter with seat for adults.

What is battery powered scooters?

battery powered scooters are often just the same thing as an electric scooter. Electric scooter have batteries, usually either lithium ion or lead acid, that hold a charger from an electrical outlet. They use this charge to drive the engine and move them forward. Because these batteries are larger, they take a while to charge, with some needing up to 12 hours. Many scooters allow you to monitor this while you are riding so you don’t need to worry about suddenly running out of battery.

If you are looking at battery powered scooters, you may want to consider which has the best battery life and which takes the shortest time to charge up. These are the two most important factors when it comes to battery powered scooters.

How to charge an electric scooter faster

While there may not be a reliable way to charge an electric scooter faster, there are ways to make it seem faster. Make sure you charge your scooter during times when you don’t need it like when you are sleeping or at work. This way the scooter will always have battery when you need it and you won’t be anxious to use it while it is charging up for few hours.

How fast do electric scooter can run?

The top speed of an electric scooter can vary greatly between models. On this list, for instance, the slowest scooter can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, which is still faster than most people can run. The faster scooter on this list can hit speeds up to 40 miles per hour, making it imperative that you monitor your speed as that would be considered speeding in most residential neighborhoods.

Which is the best electric scooter with seat for adults?

The best electric scooter with seat for adults on this list is definitely the NanRobot Electric Folding Scooter, but it is one of the most expensive as well. You really get what you pay for, as this is the top of the line in almost all aspects. It has the fastest top speed by far, the best range by far and it offers an extremely comfortable riding experience, not too much unlike mopeds for adults.

 If you are looking for the best sit down electric scooter within a strict budget, you may want to look into the Rassin City Hopper. This sit down electric scooter comes in at half the price of its counterpart and it still has a 20 mile per hour max speed and 20-25  mile range on a single charge. This is beyond respectable and while it isn’t cheap, it is certain to be within the realm of possibility for most people.

Which is the best foldable electric scooter for adults?

In addition to being the best scooter in the sit down electric scooter category, this scooter is really just the best electric scooter for adults in any category. If you are wondering how this is possible, the seat can actually be removed and the scooter can be folded up completely. When you combine the versatility of the NanRobot with the fact that it has the best technical specs we’ve ever seen in a scooter, the answer becomes pretty clear. This scooter is just better all around than almost any other scooter on this list, it just is by far the most expensive. If price is no object, you should by all means go for the NanRobot. If you can’t afford this steep price tag, worry not because there are plenty of other amazing scooters on this list that are a fraction of the price.

Which is the fastest electric scooter?

The fastest electric scooter is also the NanRobot. For those of you keeping score at home, this scooter is just sweeping the top categories here, At 40 miles per hour, other electric scooters can’t even touch this one when it comes to speed. It also has by far the best range out of any scooter. The NanRobot can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge, which allows it to comfortably handle a round trip commute without needing to bring the charger with you. Again, this scooter also has the steepest price tag on our list, making it not quiet as practical of a choice but if you can afford it and you want the best, by all means go for it.

How to maintain an electric scooter

An electric scooter is a pretty easy thing to maintain. The most important thing you need to do is keep it safe from the elements. This means taking it inside when it rains, not exposing it to extreme heat or cold. You also should be taking your electric scooter inside with you anyways so that it doesn’t get stolen.

The second most important thing you should look out for is general wear and tear on your scooter. This can be monitored by frequently checking nuts and bolts in between rides so that you don’t have any surprises when you are on the road. Replacing these regularly when they need repair will ensure that you are not causing any unnecessary damage to more expensive parts of the scooter.

Best Battery for Razor Electric Scooters

You should really look into getting a scooter that has a lithium ion battery. These batteries are just better all around. They are lighter, better for the environment and they last much longer.

When compared to a lead acid battery, a lithium ion battery can last almost 3 times as long. This is measured not by total lifetime but by amount of charges. The lead acid battery can last up to 350-500 whereas the lithium ion can last well over 1,000. That being said, the lithium ion battery is about 1.5 times more expensive but that investment will be recouped in the long run if you plan on using it for multiple years.

Get the best Charger for your electric Scooter

If you like to have more than one charger around, you can easily order them off of Amazon. Make sure you get the compatible charger for your scooter and it is sure to work. If you are planning on using the electric scooter to commute, it might be nice to have one charger at the office and one at home just to have one less thing to worry about bringing every morning.


​There are many different types of adult electric scooters on this list and no matter what you are looking for, you should be able to find it here. If you are looking for just a fun cheap recreational scooter, go for the RX200. If you are looking for a sensible commuting scooter, go for the GOTRAX or the Xiaomi. If you are looking for an electric scooter that makes grocery runs easier, go for the Razor Eco smart. If you re looking for a hybrid scooter for standing and sitting, go for the Rassin City Hopper. Just make sure you don’t go over budget for features that you can live with out! If done right, this purchase should actually save you money in the long run if you live in a big city. The cost of Bus fares, parking permits and gas can really add up in the long term, and any of these scooters should be helpful in reducing the amount you have to spend.

In Depth Reviews for Each Scooter:

Want to learn a little bit more before making your decision? We understand. That’s why we did an in-depth analysis of each scooter to see which is the best adult electric scooter for your needs.

Glion Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter

Although it is rare to find an electric scooter that folds easily, this foldable electric scooter is an exception and can be folded easily and quickly in about 1 second. Although it comes with a pretty steep price tag, the company proudly boasts that it allows you to travel 100 miles on $1 of electricity. If this is your alternative to taking a car or a bus to work, you might be able to cover the cost of the scooter in about one year! The fast electric scooter

​can travel up to 15 miles per hour, and its lithium ion powered battery is extremely quiet. This scooter can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge and takes just 3.5 hours to charge up fully. If you live in a big city, this can be a perfect way to get to work. If you live farther than 15 miles away from where you work, you can also find easy and cheap parking in your car and then make up the difference with this scooter. Of course with this 2 wheel electric scooter, you’ll never really need to look for parking again! You can either lock it up and walk or simply just take it to your office with you! I thought it also might be worth mentioning that these large wheels really make a difference when it comes to riding over small bumps in the road. I would not recommend hopping off curbs in this thing, but you just might be able to get away with it if its an emergency. Although this scooter is fast, it comes with a great braking capacity. It also comes with a few additional features that just make it a lot of fun to ride. The headlight is a nice touch and makes it easier to ride in dimly lit places like small tunnels or at night.

This scooter will not only make your commute easier, but more fun as well. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we could all use some childlike fun in our life, especially when it comes to heading to work, a time that can be quite stress inducing to a lot of us. This scooter has plenty of great features and will absolutely revolutionize the way you get to work.

GOTRAX GXL Best Electric Scooter

The next major difference is the range of this scooter. While the GOTRAX GXL actually has a slightly faster top speed at 15.5 miles per hour, the range is significantly lower. This scooter can travel between 9-12 miles on a single charge, a notable downgrade from the Glion Dolly. This should make your decision pretty easy. If you are planning on using this as the best electric scooter for commuting and you work more than 9 miles away, you should go for the Glion Dolly. This scooter won’t really do you any good if you can’t make it the full way on a single charge. If you work 6 miles away from home or so, don’t worry too much, you can easily charge this scooter up throughout the workday and then use it to get home. 

Some of the mechanics of this scooter are pretty similar. The 8.5 inch pneumatic tires glide beautifully over small bumps in the road. The whole scooter can fold quickly and easily making it an excellent scooter to take to work or to class. The whole frame weighs about 26 pounds, making it slightly lighter than its high-end competitor. It also comes with some awesome added features. The braking mechanism couldn’t be better. The scooter comes with front and rear disc brakes that can be operated by the handlebars and from the handlebars you can also check your speed, switch between first and second gear and turn on the small headlight to illuminate the path in front of you. According to the reviews and frequently asked questions, this scooter also can perform well in the rain, just don’t leave it out any longer than you need to. If you know it is going to rain one day, it’s probably better to take the bus and save the scooter for the days when it’s nicer out, but it’s definitely not the end of the world if it gets a little wet.

This scooter is easy to assemble out of the box. It comes with all the instructions and tools you will need to make assembly a breeze. Just make sure you are continuously inspecting the nuts and bolts of this fast electric scooter in case anything starts to come loose. This is particularly important if you are pushing the weight limit of the scooter. Just make sure there are no surprises that are going to come about mid-ride. The final verdict when it comes to choosing between the Glion Dolly or the GOTRAX GXL come down to 2 factors and those are the weight limit and the total range. These are hard limits that you don’t have a whole lot of control over. If you work further than 12 miles away, you will just have to get the Glion in order to make it one of the best electric scooter for commuting. If you weigh over 240 pounds, the Glion Dolly is the best way for you to stay safe while you are riding the scooter to work every morning. Other than that, you should go ahead and purchase the GOTRAX in order to save a good deal of money and still have it meet all of your requirements of a foldable electric scooter for adults.


When it comes to the more technical aspects of this scooter, there are some improvements and some slight downgrades from its two competitors. First of all, you have the top speed of 18 miles per hour, enough to leave the GOTRAX and the Glion in the dust. While I must say, 18 miles per hour is a bit excessive, I can’t judge the people that want to let the horses run wild and open it up on the road. Just make sure you are keeping your eyes on the road and always wearing a helmet! The rugged aluminum frame can support riders up to 320 pounds, shattering the weight limits of the other foldable electric scooter for adults. If you are a larger rider, you may have no choice but to get this scooter. Very few electric scooters even come close to this weight capacity.

While there are many positive improvements to this scooter, there is one notable handicap worth mentioning and that is the battery life and range. This is the one category that this scooter is sorely lacking, and it is a pretty important one. The range of this scooter is 6-12 miles, which means that it won’t even last an hour on its highest settings. While this may be able to tackle most short commutes, there are many people that work farther away than this and for that reason, this isn’t a great option for everyone. That being said, the scooter only takes 3.5 hours to charge so if you need to charge throughout the workday, this is no problem.

If you work nearby and you are trying to save some money, this is the scooter you should buy. It comes with some important bonuses like a faster top speed and higher weight capacity, but with the small range I cannot recommend it to anyone who works far away from home. There are scooters with better range for the same price, but all and all, this scooter gives you a ton of value for what you pay for.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

When it comes to the tires, this scooter sports the standard 8.5 inch pneumatic tires, making the ride smooth and comfortable, even if you encounter a few bumpy surfaces along the way to work. The style is pretty similar to that of the Swagtron, with a slight refinement. The red trim is more subtle, and the scooter has more of a matte finish to it. This scooter is able to reach top speeds of 15.5 miles per hour, tying it for second place when it comes to top speed.

The total weight of this scooter is 27 pounds, which makes it on the heavier side, but still it is not unmanageable. Although it is light, it is also durable. The metal it is composed of has excellent thermal conductivity and is more resistant to corrosion than other metals. The weight capacity is listed as 220 pounds, but this is most likely a conservative estimate. This scooter is so well designed, it was even able to win a design award by Red Dot in 2017. The scooter can be easily folded in 3 steps, which take about 3 seconds in total.

 One thing I found pretty nice about this scooter is its braking system. It has dual (front and back) disc brakes that can be operated from the dashboard, and it has a braking distance of 13 feet. It is just nice to have an estimate like that so you know how much space to leave in front of you when riding. It is great to see the company take some extra steps to ensure the safety of its customers. The advantages of this scooter are its range and its braking system. The disadvantages are its weight capacity, and price tag.
GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Motorized Electric Bike

Although this new style of electric scooter with seat for adults comes with a few drawbacks like not being as wieldy and having a much steeper price tag, it also comes with many great advantages as well. First of all, you get a slight bump when it comes to top speed. The fastest scooter we looked at before could only hit a top speed of 18.6 miles per hour, and this one comfortably hits 20 miles per hour. Not only that, but you also ride it in a more comfortable sit down position, which makes it easier to handle faster speeds. These scooters really handle more like mopeds for adults. The range is also noticeably better, allowing this electric moped scooter to travel up to 35 miles on a single charge.  The total charging time is slightly higher at 6 hours, but that should be manageable as long as you put it on the charger once you get to work and leave it going the whole day. The 35 mile range is also enough to cover a round trip, so you can also just leave the charger at home and just charge overnight if that is easier.

Many other benefits also come with the electric scooter with seat for adults. Many people wonder about electric scooter for adults street legal, and the answer is the scooter is street legal. You do not need a license or registration to drive this vehicle in most places, but just to be on the safe side, you should double check the street laws in your city just to be sure. The nice added features of this electric moped scooter include the disc brakes, speedometer and the turn signals. Turn signals are something we have not seen before on this list and they can make a big difference. It is frustrating having to hand signal when you are riding, and I’m sure this extra feature is welcomed by many. This fast electric scooter has a ton of great features, but it is only one of the electric scooter with seat for adults on this list, so we will take a close look at a few others before you make your final decision. With these scooters, you get the benefits of scooters for adults with the comfort of mopeds for adults.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

This adult big wheel with motor is a notable downgrade when it comes to range. It only lasts for 40 minutes of continuous use, but that should be more than enough to get to work, especially with the 18 mile per hour top speed. As a company, Razor has a few weaknesses and many strengths. A big weakness of the razor scooter is the battery range. Across all of their electric scooters, it seems like battery power and total range leave a lot to be desired. That being said, they have 2 great strengths and that is the value you get for your money and their excellent customer service. Although they are a huge brand, they often offer one of the cheapest solutions in every category. They also back their products up with great warranty programs and attentive customer service reps. If you are a loyalist to the Razor brand, this is a scooter you should definitely consider.

​I would say the design of this scooter bike hybrid looks a lot like city bikes, but they are much more comfortable. They also come with a removable basket in the back. This may be a turnoff for some, but it actually makes the idea of using this adult big wheel with motor to make grocery runs a possibility. This was something sorely missing in the past few scooters we looked at. Although they ride very steadily with a passenger, they are unable to support a meaningful payload. There was no place to put your baggage, and if you carried too heavy of a backpack, it might throw you off balance. Razor offers an elegant solution that is worth the less than sexy design.
RASSINÉ City Hopper 1000W Electric Scooter

The “City Hopper” is an apt name for this 2 wheel electric scooter, because it is an easy way to get around a bid city with minimal hassle. This is by far the fastest scooter we looked at, reaching a top speed of up to 30-35 miles per hour. It also has one of the better ranges we’ve seen, with up to 20-25 miles on a single charge depending on what model you choose. It also does not make any sacrifices when it comes to durability. The high tensile strength steel frame can support a rider up to 266 pounds and The 14 inch pneumatic tires really smooth out the ride no matter how much weight you are carrying.

This scooter is the ultimate blend of form and function. With some of the strongest specifications we’ve seen on this list thus far, it also folds quit nicely. Although when folded it isn’t quite as slim as some of its competitors, it folds about as well as you can reasonably expect it too. It is also worth mentioning that this scooter comes in 4 different models. The main difference comes down to the total weight and the battery. If you are getting a lead acid battery, you will save a bit of money but you will be adding a lot of weight to the fast electric scooter and you will not have as long as a lifetime on it either. The lead acid battery can be charged up to 350-500 times before it starts to deteriorate and the lithium ion battery can last well over 100 charges before it starts to die. If you plan on using this for more than a year (which I’m sure you will) I would recommend spending the extra money and getting the lithium ion battery. It costs about half as much per charge and it is much lighter. You will recoup this investment within the first year or so. 

If you like the idea of both a foldable electric scooter for adults and a electric scooter with seat for adults, this might be the best choice for you. It offers a hybrid of both styles, without compromising on either.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

The total weight capacity on this scooter is 260 pounds and the scooter itself weighs 28.5 pounds so it does pretty well when it comes to weight but it is still on the heavier side. It also comes with a nice companion app so that you can track your route, total speed and battery life. These indicators are key and it is nice to be able to track them all in one place.

Although this does look like a carbon copy of the Xiaomi, there are a few key differences that give it small advantages and disadvantages in certain categories. Because the price is the same, you have to consider what is important for you. For instance, if you live 17 miles away from work (I really hope you don’t) that small improvement in range can make a huge difference. If you are in this situation, the decision has pretty much been made for you. If you are not in this clear cut situation, you will have to look at smaller things like the speed, the brakes and the style. These two scooters look different enough that certain people could make there decision based on look alone if all else is the same. If you are considering either of these scooters, please make sure you measure all different features against each other because they are so similar.

NANROBOT X4 Commuting Electric Scooter

This scooter is not only fast but comfortable as well. The scooter has 10 inch pneumatic tires to make it ride smoothly over bumps in the road. It also has a comfortable spring loaded seat that really makes you feel like you’re riding a bicycle more than a scooter. The 2 wheel electric scooter has front and rear disc brakes that help you make short stops if it ever comes to that. As long as you always have your helmet on you should be safe riding this thing around town, even at some of the high speeds it is capable of.

This is really all around the best electric scooter both in the electric scooter with seat for adults category and the foldable electric scooter for adults category. The only major downside to this scooter is the price tag. Even though it is the most expensive scooter on this list, it still gives you the most bang for your buck. If you don’t have the money, you simply don’t get this scooter. The Rassin City Hopper is half as good for half the price. If you are in the position to make an investment of this size, it should still pay off in no time especially with all the gas money you will save.

If you are wondering how much are electric scooters, this may not be the best example to lead with. Although this scooter costs top-dollar, many other scooters cost a fraction of the price. If this doesn’t fit in the budget, don’t worry, we have plenty of more scooters on this list that will!

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