Best Scooters For Kids On The Market in 2019 – In-depth Reviews!

Looking for ​best scooter for your kids? On this list, we are going to take a look at the top kids scooter's model at this time and rank them ​to find out which ones are the most fun to ride. There are so many different kids scooters out there and it’s tough to figure out where to start. In this list, you should get a basic idea of the types of scooters to be looking for.

In addition, we will also share our top picks for the best scooters you can find based off of our research as well as hundreds of customer reviews. After looking through these scooters, you should be able to find the best ​scooter for kids based on your budget as well as the criteria you are looking for. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Best Scooters For Kids Comparison:

Best Scooters For Kids

Best scooters for kids over ​lots of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter : Best Outdoor Scooter for Kids

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

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It’s time to step outside and we are sure you and your kid will be excited to see this hot red Radio Flyer My First Scooter! It is a 3 wheeler but looks stunningly pro-racer and absolutely designed and suitable for beginner riders from 2 to 4years old. Kids who are 4+ to 5 years old but are a little smaller in height is also eligible. It is the classic scooter every kid dreams about! Your kid will automatically learn to balance, accelerate and coordinate while riding this cutely designed kick scooter.

It provides better stability than most of the 2 wheelers and has a wider deck compared to the typical kick scooter. The deck has a non-slippery embossed surface for better traction between the foot and the board.

Den Haven - Deluxe Aluminum 3 Wheel Glider: Best Budget Quality Kick Scooter for Kids​

Den Haven - Deluxe Aluminum 3 Wheel Glider

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We want the best for our kids but at times we just can’t afford it. However, just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean your kid should seat and watch everyone else zooming by on kick scooters leaving them sad and alone! Kids don’t care what the scooter costs and as long as your kid is safely having fun you shouldn’t care either.

This scooter made by Den Haven has all the best features of a great scooter a little under $20! It is not fancy like many costlier ones but it doesn’t compromise on quality. This Three wheeler kick scooter has a wide non-slippery rubberized deck and an easy to use rear brake assuring stability and safer riding. It has the quiet and smooth best quality PU wheels and to reduce vibration the best bearings were used to assure a tremble free ride.

It has a sturdy aluminum structure and strongly built with carbon steel alloy to last a long time. The handlebar has the T-locking feature and is re-adjustable. You can buy this budget-friendly scooter with complete peace of mind about its unbeatable quality and see your kid having as much fun joining the rest of the kids!

Razor Spider-Man Power Core E90: Best Zero Maintenance Electric Scooter for Your Kids

Razor Spider-Man Power Core E90

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We all loved superheroes when we were kids! It helped us co-op with difficult times in the school or home and although many things have changed, kids are still a huge fan of Spider-man. This electric scooter not only looks cool with the RED and BLUE Spider-man signature color and motifs but it lives up to his legacy. It is a zero maintenance electric scooter with 50% more torque.

It has no belt or chain and no alignment is required! Preteen is a difficult time and not only boys but girls too have a soft corner for Peter Parker because he is pushed around and bullied by others. If your kid is an introvert like Peter Parker aka Spider-man then you can boost his/her confidence with this cleverly designed cool electric scooter. Riding is not only fun for the kids but it teaches them how to control their body while in motion and coordination as well as to eye measure the distance between a moving and a fixed object.

This scooter will make your kid more confident, responsible and self-dependent too. The 90-watt hub motor is powerful enough to continue 80 minutes of nonstop riding after charging once. It has a handbrake and a push button for acceleration. The handle grips are made of foam and the complete framework is strongly built with steel but it is still quite lightweight. It has the retractable kickstand too. All in all, it is not a phony and this scooter is a superhero in its own right.

Wdtpro Kick Scooter: Best Futuristically Designed Scooter for Your Kids

Wdtpro Kick Scooter

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If your kid is super curious about the outer space or if you want your kid to grow an interest about the planets and other celestial bodies this scooter can be a great start! With big wheels with bright LED light and sound effect your kid will get a thrilling and fun space adventure without risk. The LED lights and sound is not just fun but it is useful for you too since you can watch your kid from a distance even in the dark!

It has two rockets sprayers too for fun and to boost the outer space theme! The 3 wheeler kick scooter has atomizing design and was built with uncompromising quality to assure stable and safer ride than the ordinary kick scooter. It looks totally unique and different from the conventional kick scooters and will certainly impress even the most hard to please kid.

Just because it’s a fun scooter doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. Best quality PU wheels and a wider deck assure better balance and provide a comfortable, stable and smooth ride. It has a strong and adjustable T-bar handle that can be extended from 24 to 32 inches and will adjust to your growing kid.

Razor A Kick Scooter: ​Best Sturdy Folding Two-Wheeler Kick Scooter for the Kids

Razor A Kick Scooter

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When you look for a kick scooter for your 5 to 8+ years old make sure to buy a scooter that can endure rolling on the tarmac all day long. Razor A kick Scooter is absolutely fit for the job. Your busy kid will surely go to the school proudly on it. Your kid will be zooming in the neighborhood, ride it to the playground, hop to a friend’s house on it or even to the mall where you will be shopping but he/she will be scooting on the parking lot.

The Aircraft standard aluminum which is strong, long lasting yet lightweight is used to build this supreme quality Kick scooter. It is easy to carry and can be folded neatly due to its one of a kind patented T-tube and the design of the deck. The in-line style wheels are 98mm in size. Wheels are made of best quality urethane with ABEC 5 bearings for extra strength. The patented rear fender brake halts the scooter quicker which is another highlight of this kick scooter. It is suitable for the kids of 5+ years to the preteens but can carry up to 143 pounds.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter: Choice award ​Award Winning Electric Scooter for Kids

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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It’s really hard to satisfy the parents and they are the best critiques for any kid related products, toys and especially riding scooters. Anything that is speed and motion related can be dangerous for the kids and so if you want to buy a great quality scooter then you can rely on the Razor E100 Electric scooter that has won the parents’ Choice award. It’s not just a good electric scooter but it is simply the best electric scooter for your kids!

However it is not suitable for the kids below 8 and has a speed up to 10 mph which is fairly safer to ride on then the manual kick scooters where the speed is unknown. It uses a very quiet chain driven motor and runs smoothly non-stop for 40 minutes after charging. It has kick-stand which is a very useful and uncommon feature of this scooter. It has great brake on the left handle and a twist and grip acceleration on the right handle to increase or decrease the speed. It comes in 6 colors and price may vary depending on the color.

Yvolution Y Fliker Air A1: Best Tri Wheeler Kick Scooter for ​Your Kids

Yvolution Y Fliker Air A1

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If your kid has been a scooter kid all along then it’s hard to please him with yet another scooter with just LED lights. However, this innovatively designed kick scooter not only looks different but it has become an absolute trend with the Pro scooter kids these days. The deck is split into half and meets at the handlebars looking like a capital ‘Y’.

It’s a 3 wheeler so it has better stability but the deck can make a sliding movement like the roller skates giving you more option to do different moves and tricks. Don’t worry! It’s built with highly durable material to last through the moves your trickster is going to do with and it is safe for your action loving kid. It’s a wonderful thing to buy to your kid even he/she is new to scooter riding.

It’s easy to learn and three wheelers are far more stable and safer than the narrow two wheelers. This has even more room for the beginner because it is spilt into half and allows more leg room but the handle bar gives your better support and restricts your movement unlike the roller skates thus it is suitable for 5 years old beginner level rider too.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter: Best Electric Scooter with a Seat for Your Kids

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

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This electric scooter with seat is very convenient and useful for the kids who have hurt their legs or hips temporarily or kids with permanent disabilities too. Childhood is a precious time and just because she has twisted her ankle in the dance class or your boy got hurt his hip in the playground doesn’t mean they will have to sit alone indoor by the window while all the kids are playing outside and having fun.

An electric scooter will keep your kid happy and positive instead of being cranky and moody too! It is absolutely fine to use it even after your kid has recovered or you might even buy it for a healthy kid too. After all an electric scooter doesn’t need to be accelerated using the feet so why must your kid keep on standing? The speed of a kick scooter depends on how much thrush your kid is applying and often it can be a little too faster.

It is riskier as there’s no speedometer to know at what speed your kid is riding on it. This electric scooter’s top limit is 15mph and it’s much safer still it’s best for the 13+ kids and not recommended for the kids younger than that. It needs to be charged for 12 hours and can run non-stop for 40 minutes. Although it can run after recharging for 12 hours but even if the light turns green, it is recommended that for full speed you should recharge it for 24 hours.

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter - The Best Scooter For Young Kids

Micro Mini Kick Scooter for kids

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The Micro Mini kick Scooter by Micro Kickboard is the highest rated scooter for kids ages 2-5. This is not a small accomplishment in such a largely competitive industry. The Micro mini comes in 8 different colors including light blue, dark blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow.

This is great because most scooters for younger kids only come in a few colors, and some only come in one color. The scooter utilizes the lean to steer design, which kids love. Not only is it safe and intuitive for them, but it also teaches them how to lean into a turn, an important ability when they get a larger bike or scooter.

An added bonus is that the wheels are non-marking so your kid can ride the scooter both inside and outside. This 3 wheel scooter is a great combination of fun, comfort and safety. It is available at a very affordable price so it makes a great starting scooter in case your kid doesn’t love scootering right away, but they most likely will.

Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter - An Innovative Three Wheel Scooter

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On the slightly higher end of the 3 wheeled scooter market comes the Globber 3 wheeled scooter. This little beauty comes with all the specifications you could ever want. It can hold up to 110 pounds of weight and has adjustable handlebars making it suitable for a very wide range of ages.

The deck is reinforced with steel to make it even sturdier and the rear break completely covers the back wheel to add far more responsive braking. The Globber uses the popular lean to steer mechanism and the larger wheels are made with ball bearing to make them glide easier.

Normally this is a function you will find on the adult scooters but they add it in here just to make it better. This makes for a great three wheel scooter upgrade if you child enjoyed the base models. If you’re looking to invest slightly more money into a three wheeled scooter for your kid, this is the best you can get.

Razor A3 Scooter Clear - You Can't Beat The Classics

Razor A3 Scooter Clear

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The Razor A3 is pretty much an American icon at this point. There can’t be a more recognizable kids vehicle than this out there. The A3 scooter is one of the most popular scooters on Amazon even after all the years it’s been out there. It is an upgraded version of the A2, with larger wheels, better braking and sturdier design.

It also has a springless shock system in the front fork making the ride even smoother. For a great scooter that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, you might as well go with the classic. The Razor A3 is one of the more affordable kick scooters and it is definitely one of the most widely liked.

It makes a lot of sense to start off here and then continue down the Razor line as your kid gets older. Eventually they will be able to move up to the Razor A4 and Razor A5 and they will already like the brand and be familiar with some of its signature characteristics.

Globber Flow 2 Wheel Adjustable Height Kick Scooter - A Big Improvement Of The Globber Three Wheel

Globber Flow 2 Wheel Adjustable

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The Globber My Too is a sharp evolution of the Globber Three wheel. It is built for riders ages 4 and up and can hold up to 110 pounds. It can be folded up easily for transportation and storage and the handlebar can be adjusted to meet your child’s height, whatever that may be.

The wheels are made from transparent, high rebound polyurethane and they have nylon cores, This makes for a really smooth ride. I do wish that the wheels were a little bit bigger, but for 110 millimeters they seems pretty smooth. People have said that this is a sturdier version of the Razor because of the construction as well as the larger front wheel.

I honestly think that the Razor is a better investment because it is significantly cheaper. This is the best scooter for kids, but I don’t think the increase in stability justifies the higher price.

TARCLE Pedal Scooter - Interesting But Fun New Scooter

TARCLE Pedal Scooter

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The Ped-Run Teen scooter is a very interesting product. Before my friend told me about it, I had never seen one before in my life. I didn’t even know it existed. It is a bike, scooter hybrid that actuals seems a bit closer to the bike side. It gets its power from stepping on the platforms on the deck. These are called “pedals” but they are a bit different than bike pedals.

The product advertises its efficient, low-impact cardio workout. They were not kidding! This portable stair-master is a great workout, and it combines the usefulness of a home gym with the experience of feeling the wind on your face. I was skeptical about this product at first, but after I tried it I completely turned my opinion around. I think this is a great addition to my garage. It is a great and fun way to exercise.

The scooter is designed for kids ages 8 and up and can support a weight of up to 156 pounds. Overall, this is an excellent choice if you are ready to try something new and are looking to get more exercise along the way. Just be ready to answer a lot of questions because not many people have seen one of these things before.

Madd Gear Carve Shredder Pro Scooter - Solid Scooter With Good Features

Madd Gear Carve Shredder Pro Scooter

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The Madd Gear Pro Base Model scooter is not the best scooter out there. It comes with a pretty high price tag and doesn’t have a clear advantage over any of its major competitors. It is a reasonable fit for an older kid, with an age range of 8+ years and a high maximum capacity at 220 pounds.

The deck is pretty nice. Very sturdy and has the best grip you can really find. The other components to this scooter are pretty weak. It has a pretty loose head tube clamp, which comes loose after a short amount of time. The handle bar grips are not the best. They are not nice and soft like the Razor family, instead they are rubbery and your hands can slip off them if they get sweaty.

Overall I think this scooter is just okay. If you can find one second hand then I would say go for it, but otherwise there are a lot of other scooters I’ve used and reviewed that are much better. There are better scooters you can spend your money on.

Why should you consider buying scooters for the kids?

​When we were kids our parents couldn’t keep us at home and away from the playground but the kids these days are just the opposite. They are glued to their gaming consoles and don’t want to go out and play! So to motivate your physically inactive kids to get out of the home and start playing for real, a scooter could be a wonderful thing!

What is a scooter and why is it best for the kids?

Whenever we decide to buy a wheeler, especially for the kids the main concern is always the safety. Whether it's the age-old roller skates, modern skate-boards or the cutting age hover-boards, they all fail to provide support for the torso but the scooter is different. Primarily, a scooter is a skateboard with a bicycle like handlebars attached to it. The kids can grip on to the handlebars for a better support and a safer ride thus it instantly became popular. With better balance and control the kids feel safer and have more fun when they are riding. The modern scooter evolved into many sizes and shapes with the time too but still follows that basic principle of being thrilling and fun yet safer for every kid of all the ages.

The safety gears needed to ride a kid’s scooter:

​Although scooters are the safest amongst the wheelers still it takes time and practice to adjust to the speed and manoeuvre. So, no matter what type of a scooter you buy, always remember to invest into helmets, gloves, elbow and knee pads and you may add a super cute eyewear or goggles but not too dark so your kid can see perfectly. Buy snickers or sports shoes without laces so it doesn’t get caught while riding and may protect the ankle and the heel. With these preventive gears on even if a kid takes a hard fall on the tarmac, they will be able to avoid serious injury. It is not only safer but the kids also feel much geared up after wearing them! The most introvert and shy kid will also feel super cool and confident and they look so unbelievably adorable and cute that you will not be able to stop clicking and uploading their photos on the social networks. You and your kids will cherish these vibrant and photographable moments forever.

Suitable age to buy a scooter for your kids:

Now there’s a scooter for every age of kids, from the toddlers to the preteens and from the teenagers to the forever young at heart adults too. If you want to spend some quality time with your kids, you may get yourself a scooter too! A scooter can be of many different sizes and shapes, with or without a seat, foldable or non-foldable, two or three wheelers. It can be electric or non-motorized too. Scooters are boldly designed in bright colors and are very popular amongst the kids. For every age of kids, a scooter can be a wonderful Christmas or a birthday gift.

Difference between the Kick Scooter and Electric Scooter and Benefits of the kick scooter

​A kick scooter needs to be accelerated by creating thrust with kicking manually while an electric scooter runs on a motor powered by a rechargeable battery. Both kick scooter and electric scooters have different benefits, looks and budget. If you want your kid to be more physically involved then kick scooter is a great choice. It is the traditional way of learning balance in motion and will develop your kid’s coordination ability. The control of the speed is a bit worrying, however. There is no way to measure just how fast your kid is riding it. Thus, we always encourage the parents to provide helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads and a great sports shoe preferably without laces. Laced sneakers can get caught up while riding and cause an accident.

What are the benefits and why should you buy an electric scooter for your kid?

Let's explain why you should buy a  electric scooter for kids. Well, kids often twist their ankle or have a dislocated knee in the gym class. Kids get hurt in the dance classes or just stumble on the floor especially on the stairs. It’s not because they are clumsy but it’s because they have a growing body! Some kids grow faster than the others and while it's a good thing but they struggle with the control of their body more.
Thus if your kid gets hurt easily, it’s best to give an electric scooter so he/she can learn how to balance his/her body first. Also if your kid is already suffering from an arm, leg or hip injury doesn’t mean he/she must lie down all alone while the rest of the kids are having fun at the playground. Allow your kid to join them riding an electric scooter and meet up with friends. Your kid might become irritated and grumpy otherwise. The electric scooter has a top speed of 10 to 15 mph which is a lot safer than the incalculable speed of a kick scooter.

Maintenances of a Kick Scooter and an Electric Scooter

The electric scooters that use motors with chains or belts, may need alignment from time to time and can be a bit noisier which is fine outside but not for the indoors. Some neighborhoods don't allow noisy toys so be sure to check the noise level of the electric scooter before buying. Some electric scooter such as the Razor Spider-Man Power Core E90: doesn’t need any maintenance at all. Kick scooters can be maintained just by oiling and tightening the bolts or changing the bearings easily at home. Electric scooter, on the other hand, runs on the rechargeable batteries thus it will need some professional maintenance help from time to time.

Which is the best scooter for ​kids?

​From so many options to choose from how do you select the best scooter for kids? It all depends on what you need but we have selected the best scooters for kids of 2019​ considering the following categories such as the look, weight, comfort, safety, enjoyable features, maintenance and the price.

Final Verdict

​In Christmas or your kids birthday​, It’s a good opportunity to surprise your kid with a kick scooter or electric scooter whichever is suitable for your kid. As parents it’s our responsibility to make our kid grow up safely but it’s also important to allow them to have fun at times.

Childhood memories are the most precious memories of all so let them be a little self dependent and allow to ride a scooter like most probably you did too and also without much precaution back then. However, every scooter is not carefully made considering the ability of the kids but don't be afraid and trust on the quality scooters that we have reviewed here.

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