Outdoor Activities for Kids: 10 Brainstorming Games and Healthy Activities

Playing outside can be fun. Kids play self-created games for a long time to kill boredom. Playing none tech games can be fun and mind blowing as it keeps the kids active as many involve body exercises such as running. Other outdoor games involve use of the brain to solve issues and analyze situations. Some can be done singly by kids while others require a group of kids. The fun bit about kids games is that the rules can always be changed therefore enhancing their imagination.

Top 6 Fun Outdoor Activities for kids

Kids can engage in fun activities such as bicycle riding, riding scooter, using the hoover board, swimming and archery among others. These activities help the kids grow both mentally and physically.

1. Riding a Bicycle

Kids Riding Bicycle

This is an important skill that every child should be equipped with. Learning to ride at first may be difficult but when the skill is acquired it stays with the child forever. It comes with lots of benefits apart from the obvious improved physical health. Riding a bicycle to kids is simple and fun which can be enjoyed with other kids. It keeps the kids physically active. Finally, riding improves the kid’s mental health which facilitates easy learning.

2. Kids Camping

Kids Camping

Sometimes we need to go for camping with our kids. To have a safe and comfortable camping experience we need the best cabin tent and all other essentials. Camping with kids can be the best experience for both parents and kids. It's also so much fun that makes you stress-free. In all outdoor programs kid always get super excited about fun so you also need to stay aware of your kid's safety.

3. Riding Kids’ Favorite Scooter

Kids Riding Scooter

Scooter riding helps kids engage in beneficial playing. It adds to their physical education curriculum where they can transform their ideas into different movements. Riding the scooter is fun as the kids get thrilled by speed and the control. It makes kids explore different ways of moving their bodies, which allows for self-expression and can lead to team work development. Some further benefits include physical, social and cognitive development.

4. Playing with Hooverboards

kids playing hoverboard

Everyone loves hooverboards. Don’t we? They are fun and unlike skateboards which are rather old, hooverboards are modern and kids love staying current. Playing with this modern ride is one of the best fun activities which keep the kids out of the couch. Unlike video games which make the kids stay indoors, hoverboards can make the kids get excited as they move around and hence getting active. They also help the kids learn skills such a weight balancing hence making them become better athletes in the future.

5. Swimming for Healthy Workout

Kids Swimming

Swimming is another very fun activity and encouraging a kid to learn how to swim is beneficial to their health and safety. On a hot day swimming is essential to cool off the body facilitating a healthy social and physical activity. Scientists have established that swimming provides a more physical workout than any other activity. Teaching kids how to swim at a young age avoids risk of drowning as most deaths are recorded within ages 5-24. The child therefore becomes a better swimmer in the event of drowning and hence save their lives.

6. Playing Archery for Fun

Kids Playing Archery

This is one of the fun activities for kids as it eliminates boredom and helps improve on their shooting skills. Archery requires that the kids has sharp concentration and being able to focus on the target, precision and determination. Kids are equipped with both hunting and shooting skills that are necessary in their life time. As it involves competition and a kid can master it and who knows may find themselves in the Olympic Games as it is one of the games of the competition.

Top 5 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

Outdoor games are always fun for kids and everyone remembers a game or two that makes childhood memorable. As the saying goes work without no play makes jack a dull boy, playing is thus very essential for kids.  Below are five most common fun outdoor kids’ games.

1. Hide and Seek

hide and seek game

Nearly everyone has played this game at one point in their life. The fun bit about this game is that the parents can also be involved as kids are enthusiasts of finding new things. There are different variations of this game when it comes to counting, sometimes some kids adopt, 10, 20 or 100 times with at least three kids participating. The game is played by one kid closing their eyes and then counts up to a certain number then re-opens his or her eyes and searches for the rest members.

2. Capture the Flag

Capture The Flag Game

This game is more fun when played with a large group. The kids are divided into two teams with every team having a base and a flag planted there. The main objective of this game is to venture into the other teams territory, and snatch their flag and head safely to their own territory. The “enemy” players are labelled from the base and pushed to the jail. They can only be taken away from the jail by their team players when they run to the opponent’s base and labelling them and sprinting back. Only one person can be freed per jail break.

3. Four Square Game

Four Square Games

This is a ball game played within a square court which has been subdivided into four smaller squares with numbers from 1 to 4. The game is played when one player stands in the squares following a given sequence where the best player occupies square number 1 and the lowly ranked player in square 4. The ball is bounced among the players, where it bounces once in the persons square before he/ she catches it. The person is square 1 gives the rules and anyone who violates them is sent down the pecking order which would eventually lead to elimination with a new player joining at square no 4.

4. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope games

This is one of the most fascinating games especially for girls. It’s good when a kid masters the art of balancing speed and skill. It is more fun when the rope is long and several kids can jump at the same time. This creates the jump-rope rhymes. It turns the game from a simple exercise to a fun game especially when they introduce double dutch. At first it seems hard such that one is often tripped but with time they master to do the dutch.

5. Kick the Can

Kick the Can Games

This game is slightly different from the hide and seek game. A person from the team is then selected as the “He” and a Can placed at the middle of the field of play. The other kids run and hide while “He” covers his or her eyes and counts up to a certain point. “He” then tries to look for everyone. If a person is found by the “He”, he is taken to a holding cell for the captured players. One of the uncaptured players hits the can all the jailed players are free. The game ends if all the players are put in the cell.

A happy and active kid makes a happy family. So parents should find out a better way to make their kids happy by letting them engage in some fun and of course healthy activities. I’ve discussed above some outstanding outdoor activities for kids and brainstorming games that children can pass some beautiful times in natural environment. Actually, there are endless and lots of good ideas out there and maybe you have many ideas for different and fun outdoor games for kids. Please share your some cool ideas, leave a comment below and let me know.


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