Razor E100 Electric Scooter Reviews

I was getting a bit tired of the regular kick scooters and wanted to give electric scooters a try. I thought it would be a fun way to get around and maybe I could even use it to get to work without showing up super sweaty.As soon as I started riding this scooter, I felt like a kid again. The scooter only goes 10 mph but it feels much faster when you are on it. It was really fun to zip around the neighborhood with no effort at all. This is definitely an upgrade from my previous scooter, that relied exclusively on kicking power.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Reviews

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Batteries Speciality of Razor E100 Scooter

As it turns out, as great as this motor is, it might not be the most reliable way to get to work. The batteries only last for 40 minutes of continuous use, which may be cutting it close if I need to go there and back. 40 minutes, however, is no small accomplishment. I think this is a solid amount of time to cruise around the neighborhood. The batteries are also rechargeable so if you really wanted to take it to school or work, you could recharge before you head home.

This electric scooter is pretty similar to its manual counterpart in many ways. It follows the same design with the same materials. The biggest difference is perhaps its size. The Electric scooter is 29 pounds which is a full 20 pounds heavier than the heaviest kick scooter. The Electric scooter also doesn’t fold, which seems like a given but sometimes people think that it folds and are surprised to see that it is completely rigid.

Easy to Use Controls

The controls are pretty simple and intuitive. Luckily, the brake and accelerate are both put close to your hands making them easily accessible. The brake is a small lever by the handle bar that clamps down on the front wheel to stop it. This functions similarly to the brake on a bicycle. The Accelerate is similar to that of a motorcycle (or so I’m told) with a throttle control.

The rear wheel is made out of the same Urethane but the front tire is a little different. It is a full 8-inch pneumatic tire which makes handling a breeze. The scooter also comes complete with a kickstand. This time the kickstand really makes sensebecause this is a more expensive product that can’t just be tossed around on the ground.really makes sensebecause this is a more expensive product that can’t just be tossed around on the ground.

Much Smoother than a Kick Scooter

I think the electrical components function great. It is not too loud, it can run for a relatively long time and can be charged at any time. The ride is much smoother than that of a kick scooter. It may just seem that way because I’m used to swinging back and forth every time I kick but it could also be because of the larger tires and the fact that a heavier scooter is more grounded and less likely to pop up from small bumps.

I felt much more comfortable on this scooter. I felt safer for some reason not having to stick my legs out and kick the driveway every 2 seconds. It felt much more like a vehicle and less like a toy.

Viable Scooter With Fun

One obvious downside to the electric scooter is that it doesn’t provide any exercise at all. This is comes down to a matter of preference. If the whole reason you’re buying a scooter is so that your kids get exercise, do not waste your time or money on this product. If you are looking for a fun way to get your kids to spend less time playing video games and more time outside, this is a perfect solution.

This may also be a good way to get older kids outside. If your kid is in middle school and conscious about what is cool, a motorized scooter is going to be much more appealing to them as opposed to a little kick scooter. This makes the electric scooter a much more viable option to get them outside.

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Features at a Glance

  • The E100 electric scooter is designed for kids over the age of 8.
  • The engine is ultra-quiet, high-torque, chain-driven motor, that is hand operated.
  • It can travel at speeds of up to 10mph and can be kick-started.
  • It is powered by a long lasting rechargeable 24V Seal battery system.
  • Features a rear brake that is hand operated, kickstand that is spring loaded, and a large, 8” pneumatic front tire.
  • The battery charger is UL Approved battery charger and included with the scooter.
  • Assembly required is minimal, and all of the necessary tools are included.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 34.6 x 8.5 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 30.7 pounds
  • Item model number: 13111231
  • Batteries 2 12V batteries required.
  • Battery charge time: 12 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a battery charger come with it?

Q: How fast dose it go?
The Razer site says 10mph, which seems about right.

Final Verdict

I think that this is a wonderful product. I love the feeling of not having to kick when I ride this scooter through my neighborhood. While I think there is a ton of room for improvement, for a beginning model, this is not a bad option. This is a perfect gift for your child especially if they are a pre-teen and beginning to outgrow the kick scooters. Either way your kids will get outside so I think it is best to go with the option that will be more fun for them.

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First of all thanks for this great review of Razor E100. It is very helpful for a beginner like me. After reading your article, I am going to buy a Razor E100 for me 10 years old son. Is it suitable for a 10 years old boy? What do you say about that?


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