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As much as you love riding scooters, we can all agree it is no fun when they break down. The most common thing people complain about with scooters is that they have parts that are difficult to replace. It doesn't have to be like this. There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to scooter parts. To navigate through these options, we put together this list to help you to find the right parts for your pro scooter.

Best Scooter Parts Comparison:

7 Best Scooter Parts for 2019

Best scooter parts over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Scooter Clamps - Most Important Parts for Pro Scooters

Scooter Clamps

Sometimes all you need is an extra clamp on your scooter and you’ll be able to do the tricks that you want. Sometimes when you put the scooter under the pressure of a lot of tricks, the handlebars can snap. The clamps add reinforcement and make the scooter less vulnerable to breakage.

When you do a lot of tricks or if you like to go off-roading, an extra clamp can be a worthwhile investment, especially if it can save you a purchase of a new scooter, which would be far more expensive. Sometimes all you need is an extra clamp in order to have peace of mind.

2. Scooter Wheels - Main Part of Any Kick or Electric Scooter

Scooter Wheels

New wheels are another integral part to a good kick scooter. The wheels go through natural wear and tear over time and should be replaced regularly. It may seem harmless to get as much use out of the wheels as you can, but over time it can transfer shock to your hands and legs. It can also make the scooter slower and difficult to ride as efficiently.

If you want a fresh new start on the life of your scooter, a new wheel can be a great way to start off with a clean slate. New wheels will have your scooter riding like it’s brand new. A few of these will give your scooter a fresh new look and a better feel.

3. Scooter Grip Tape - This Part Change the Look of a Scooter

Scooter Grip Tape

If you feel like you're your feet are slipping or if you are just looking for a little extra stability for the tricks you do, sometimes all you need is a fresh new layer of grip tape. Once you get the tape, it can be easily applied to the deck of the scooter. Once the grip tape is on, the benefits become apparent immediately. Although this is just a small investment, the benefits can be huge. Grip tape his a great feature and it is definitely a must have especially if you like to do a lot of tricks.

4. Scooter Pegs - Support the Weight of the Scooter

Scooter Pegs

Speaking of parts you must have if you are into tricks, pegs are another good thing to have in your tool belt. These are a great way to expand your portfolio of tricks. If you want to practice your stall tricks, you need to have pegs. Pegs are what you use to support the weight of the scooter when you stall at the top of the half-pipe.

You will need at least two pegs, but you possibly might need as many as 4 to do the full repertoire of stall tricks. Regardless of how many pegs you need, if you want to do stalls, you’re going to need to buy the pegs. These pegs are a small price to pay for the ability to do just about any trick on your current scooter.

5. Scooter Grips - Scooter Handlebar Grips 

Scooter Grips

No list about scooter parts would be complete without mentioning the grips. These are going to be the part of the scooter that you will have your hands on the most so they better be good. Not only do they give it some attitude and make the scooter look stylish, they can also make a world of difference when it comes to comfort. Trust me, you are going to want the extra padding.

Not only does the padding make the grips easier to grab onto and hold, it can also greatly reduce the amount of shock that is transferred to your hands from the road. It may not seem like it’s that big of a deal but if you ride a scooter without grips for one day, your hands will be begging for some type of foam on the handlebars. These grips are very affordable, and may perhaps be the best bang for your buck in terms of scooter parts considering how much use you will get out of them.

6. Scooter Battery - Electric Scooter Parts

Scooter Battery

Batteries are perhaps the most important part of an electric scooter. An electric scooter is basically useless without a good battery and because of that you will need to replace any battery that isn’t working properly. It is a bit tricky to pick out batteries because although they all serve the same function, they come in different sizes. 24V and 36v are the most common.

For instance, in the case of Razor scooters, the 24v battery and battery charger will work well for the Razor E200 and E300 as well as much larger vehicles like the dune buggy. Batteries are among the most vital resources for scooters and without a good one you won’t even be able to ride your electric scooter at all. This makes getting a great battery a very smart investment.

7. Bearings - The Most Important Parts of Scooters


“Bearings” are often mentioned with regards to scooters. If you are wondering what these are, they are little weights that go inside the scooter wheels that continuously propel the scooter forward and help it roll more smoothly. When you ride both with and without bearings, you will start to notice the difference. The wheels are keep more centered and consistently rolling due to the added counterweight.

Riders who like to get a lot of glide out of their scooters will enjoy this. You really start to notice it on the downhills. The scooter will feel like it is gliding forever when you hit the downhills and you have the ball bearings on the wheels.

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Looking for The Right Scooter Parts?

When you are looking at scooter parts, you should keep in mind the model number for the scooter you’re looking for. This number may be available on the scooter itself, but if not it will definitely be available on the website. Some scooter brands have the model number on the owner’s manual. Either way you should be able to the correct scooter model number.

Some of the larger Razor products like dune buggies, go karts and motorbikes have the number listed directly on the unit, but if you don’t have one of these, you’ll have to do some digging.

Once you have found the right model number, you are ready to choose the right part for your scooter. Regardless of what scooter type you have, you will at some point need to think about one or more of these items.

I hope you have found this list of different scooter parts helpful. Rather than buying a new scooter, sometimes all it takes is a few new parts to make your scooter look good as new. In the long run, this can be much cheaper and much more rewarding in the long run. Feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions in the comments section below. I wish you the best of luck in choosing your new parts! See you next time.


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