Best Scooter for Tricks in 2022

Best Trick Scooter

Enter your Are you looking to take things to the extreme? Were counting down top 8 the best trick scooters. These scooters are built specifically for the skate park rather than the pavement. If you have found a bunch of new tricks to try out, you’re going to need get the right scooter if you want to practice them. Trick scooters are made specifically to perform tricks with more ease.

Best Trick Scooter

If you are serious about doing tricks or just want to practice a bit to have something to show off, you are going to need to find a scooter for tricks. Hopefully in this list, you will find the perfect scooter to meet your needs and fit your budget. All of these scooters are high quality and have a ton of wonderful customer reviews.


Product Name




Lucky Covenant Pro


9.16 pounds

Royal Guard 2

3 Colors

7.5 pounds

Fuzion X 3 Pro


6 pounds

Micro MX  Xtreme Scooter


9.9 pounds

Pulse Performance KR2 1

Navy Blue/White

9.2 pounds

Razor Pro XX


6 pounds


7.5 pounds


8.8 pounds

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Best Scooter for Tricks over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Lucky Covenant Pro Trick Scooter

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

The main draw to this scooter is the fact that it has been designed for the most serious of pro scooter riders. The scooter itself has been stress tested by both Lucky’s personal team, as well as tested in the field by many different professional riders around the world. This scooter has survived some of the most extreme tricks. As lucky would say: “Lucky scooters are designed to withstand the gnarliest tricks known to man”. Lucky also has incredibly high standards when it comes to testing the components the scooters are made out of. This scoter is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and it is far tougher than some of the “knock-off” products made by its competitors.

Lucky also has a few impressive trademarks in their roster. They’ve come up with their design for just about every component of the scooter. The Lucky Vicegrips are their own handlebar grips that are super grippy and super comfortable. It may not seem like a big deal, but after hours of holding onto the handlebars, they start to get a little bit annoying unless they are extremely comfortable.

Lucky also emplys the “Lucky Steely Brake”. This mechanism uses 18 gauge spring steel which is not only angled to perfection, but it also comes with an anti-vibration pad. This is a big deal if you frequently find yourself making short stops at a moments notice.

The “Lucky Lunar Wheels” are another lucky signature. These wheels feature “Lucky Rebound Technology” otherwise known as LRT and these are made through a unique and new urethane pouring process. This gives them a fast spin, a nice grip and a “buttery” roll when you need it.

The handle bar is also a signature with Lucky. This “Silo” bar is a new take on the handle bar. It reinforced in such a way to make it extra sturdy while still maintaining a lightness to it that makes bar spin tricks a real breeze.

Even the clamp is specialized by lucky. The “DUBL” clamp is lightweight an obsessively engineered to make the scooter safer and sturdier without adding too much extra weight to it. This really makes a big difference, especially when it comes to scooter for tricks. Trick scooters need to put up with far more pressure when compared to regular scooters. All that jumping and landing can really take a toll on the frame of the scooter, so its good to have all the extra support you can get.

Why We Liked it – The last lucky specialty is the Lucky Indy Fork. For those of you who may not know, the fork is the park that connects the main frame of the scooter with the wheel. This may not seem that important, but it can be a major source of failure if not engineered correctly. Luckily, this was engineered to perfection yet again. Not only does it perform well, it also looks great too!

2. Fuzion X-3 - Best Trick Scooter for the Price

Fuzion X-3 Pro

This is arguably the best trick scooter out there. For its price range, it is really difficult to find anything better. This scooter thought of everything. The extra soft pro grips are easier to hold onto and absorb even more of the shock. This is important for a trick scooter, because the last thing you want when doing a trick is to lose control of the handlebars. The wheels are small which is good for a trick scooter, but they are not too small so you don’t need to kick fifty times in order to build up speed. With it’s unique batwing shaped handlebars.

You get more control with your tricks. The handlebars also come with a reinforcement, so that they don’t break with all the extra tension tricks puts them under. Even the deck is built for tricks. Its thin rectangular design makes it easy to grab. It also has a no slip grip so that you have a lot of control when you are doing jumps.This scooter is a clear favorite. It has such great reviews from customers and it is easy to see why. This scooter makes for a great way to practice your tricks.

This scooter is by far and a way the most expensive entry on our list. If money is no object, you will want to go for this scooter here. Although it is expensive, you really get what you pay for, as it is difficult to find a better scooter on the market. This scooter not only comes with a ton of great features, it also has one of the coolest looks of any trick scooter I have seen. Lucky has now become an industry leader when it comes to scooter deck art. Once seen as radical, now many companies are beginning to copy this scooters design, which is quite literally a work of art.

3. Envy Colt Series 3

Envy Prodigy S7

Perhaps the only scooter company able to Dethrone Lucky is Envy. Both of these rival trick scooter companies command a lot of support from trick scooter riders, and they both have their own advantages. In the case of Envy, they provide excellent quality trick scooters at half the price of Lucky. The most popular model, the Envy Colt, comes in a variety of stylish colors and is quite well built.

The Envy Colt Series 3 is an excellent stunt scooter for intermediate riders. When compared to the Lucky Prospect, another scooter designed for intermediate riders, it comes in at a fraction of the price. That’s not to say that the scooter is comparable in quality however. The Lucky brand comes with the added assurance that it is tested by professional riders as well as Lucky’s own team of professional riders.

While the Envy Colt Series 3 may be a fraction of the price, it is not a fraction of the quality. It has a very strong “value per dollar” competition with Lucky and if you are looking for a fantastic trick scooter without breaking the bank, this is a good option for you. This could be your first serious scooter and when you think of it that way, it is a really good investment.

Lucky also provides a lot of value in some of its trademark features. While these do make a huge difference, they are also one excuse for Lucky to charge higher prices. The Envy Colt has comparable features for far less. In conclusion, if you want the best, go for Lucky. If you are more concerned with value for your money, stick with the Envy Colt. If you are interested, you can also add a protection plan for just a few extra dollars. This will cover you in case any part of your scooter breaks outside of the warranty. This may be worth the investment for additional peace of mind.

4. Envy Prodigy S7 

Envy Series 7 Prodigy

While the Envy Colt boasts a lot of bang for your buck, the envy Prodigy is Evy’s entry into the world of high performance trick scootering. This trick scooter comes with numerous improvements to the Colt, and is enough to give the guys at Lucky HQ a run for their money.

Envy claims that this is the #1 selling freestyle scooter worldwide. They also have 5 exciting colors to fit every style of rider. It also comes with the high quality Prodigy deck with lots of extra foot room. The dimensions of the deck are 495mm x 120mm x 340mm. This is a huge selling point because some of the decks on other trick scooters may have you feeling a bit cramped.

The signature Prodigy bars are made from chrome-moly and have a beautiful Matte finish. They come with White/black marbled handle bars which adds a little bit of flair to the top part of your scooter. You also can’t help but notice that the grips on these handlebars are awfully similar to the signature Lucky grips. Like I said before, Lucky is just a touch better than the other scooters, but you can get something almost unrecognizably different for far less money. The dimension of these bars are 620mm x 540mm.

The new hollow core wheels on the Envy Prodigy are super fast as well. One of the things that makes this scooter unique is that the wheels are white. This will certainly make you stand out at the skatepark, and because they are 86a Poly Urethane 120mm, they do more than just look nice. They also come with the envy 120mm Nylon brake. This comes with front and rear inserts and a new spacer system.

5. Micro MX Trixx Xtreme Trick Scooter for Kids

Micro MX Trixx Xtreme Scooter

Beginning our list is the Micro MX Trixx. Micro Kickboard is one of the leading names in kick scooters, so it’s no surprise that their entry made it into our list. The Frame can hold up to 220 pounds which makes it a great choice for larger riders. The head tube clamp is also triple reinforced, making it much sturdier. This is important with a trick scooter because sometimes the handlebars can come loose from all the activity.

People have said that the scooter has great durability and lasts forever. They also like that the wheels can be replaced. This is certainly a helpful feature for a trick scooter. The reason this is only the first scooter on our list is because it’s possible to get more value for or money. This is a bit pricier than the other scooters on this list, so were going to look at some that are cheaper.

6. Pulse Performance KR2 

Pulse Performance KR2

Here is a great trick scooter that can go head to head with trick scooters twice the price. With 100mm high impact solid core wheels complete with 5 ball bearings, this scooter rides nice and smooth. If you like grinding on rails, this scooter is perfect. The deck is heat treated and designed for grinding.The scooter itself is very sturdy and many customer reviews have reported it lasting for years.

The oversized handlebars are great for beginners and come with super-grippy rubber handles so your hands don’t slip off. This is perhaps one of the best trick scooters for kids because it is so affordable and it has a few great features for beginners. The downside however is that it only supports up to 140 pounds. This might make it not as good of a choice for adults.

7.  Royal Guard 2 Scooter for Tricks

Royal Guard 2

This scooter is just a slight cut below some of the high-end Lucky models, and it is really comparable on performance and style. We would recommend that you compare this side by side with the Lucky Covenant or prospect and ask yourself if the additional Lucky trademark features are worth the extra money. If you decide “no” this is an amazing scooter you will be really happy to have.

This scooter comes with a heat treated aluminum deck and bars that are great to last. It is not only sturdy. The wheels are high rebound polyurethane and come with spoked cores and ball bearings. The rubber grips are a bit of a downside, but they still do work quite well in terms of traction.The deck is very well designed and is almost entirely coated with grip material, ensuring that your feet never slip off.

8. Razor Pro XX – Best Razor Trick Scooter

Razor Pro XX

This list would not be complete without an entry from razor. With All the great features you’ve come to know and love from razor comes the Razor Pro XX. This scooter has the classic adjustable handlebars, foldable design and rear brake. The wheels are made a bit smaller in order to make tricks more possible and the deck is made a little closer to the ground.

The deck has more grip than any of the other razor scooters I’ve seen, making this a clear choice for a stunt rider. The Razor Pro XX is called the gateway to advanced riding for good reason. With its affordable price tag and multitude of great features, it seems like a great way to start practicing tricks!

Some Others Great Pro Trick Scooters



User Level

Price Tag







162 ratings





73 ratings



Intermidiate to Advance


79 ratings





298 ratings





73 ratings



Intermidiate to Advance


93 ratings



Intermidiate to Advance


228 ratings





110 ratings

Best Trick Scooter Buying Guide

Buying your first trick scooter is something exiting and everybody wants the best trick scooter as their first one, There is some important things you should look before taking the final decision. Most importantly the parts of a scooter for tricks is very important, lets start with the parts of a trick scooter.

Important Parts of a Scooter for Tricks

Trick Scooter Grips

This is perhaps one of the more overlooked components of a trick scooter. They may not get much attention, but it is very important to get these right. If your grip is too slippery, you may loose your handle at the worst possible time and mess up a trick, or even worse, loose control of the scooter and injure yourself. In addition to grippiness of the scooter grips, you will want to look at comfort as well. Remember, when you are at the skate park for hours on end, you will be touching these almost constantly. If you don’t have comfortable hand grips, they will really start to bother you after awhile. We have a few special grips we recommend you looking at. The Lucky No Nubbins Grip that we mentioned before is perhaps the best, but the Envy scooter grips are nearly identical. The Cult vans grips and ODI vans grips are quite nice as well if you happen to be looking at those scooters.

Have the Right Bars

As we mentioned before, having the right bars can really make a big difference in getting the perfect trick right, especially if that trick is a barspin or anything of the like. We recommend you looking into a T-Bar or Batwing bar if you are trying to focus on these types of tricks specifically.

As far as the dimension goes, the scooters built for larger riders generally have factored in longer armspans, so it is not the length of the bars you have to worry about. You may however need to make a decision when it comes to the thickness of the bars. Trick scooter handle bars come in two basic sizes. There is the standard size bar which is 1 ¼ inches and then there is the oversize bars which are about 13/4 inches in diameter. If you have large hands, it may be frustrated holding these skinny little bars, so you may want to go for the oversized or “OS” bars. Because they are thicker, they are also slightly more durable as well. That being said, the standard sized bar should be more than strong enough to handle just about any trick you can throw at it.

Fork is the Most Important Parts of a Scooter for Tricks

This is among one of the most important and least understood parts of the scooter. Many people couldn’t even point to it on a scooter! But alas, it is a very important part of a scooter, particularly a trick scooter. The fork is basically the part of the scooter that holds the front wheel in place. It may be small, but it has to handle a lot of stress. This is often the part of the scooter that absorbs a lot of the force when you are landing a trick, so having a sturdy fork is of the utmost importance.

There are two basic types of forks out there, the threaded fork and the threadless fork. The threadless fork is better when it comes to trick scooters because it can handle more maximum weight, and therefore more pressure from tricks. It is important to also get a fork that fits the wheels. If you are buying a set of separate wheels and plan on swapping them in, make sure you have a fork that allows space for them.

Clamp is a Seldom

This is another seldom understood component of the scooter, but it is extremely important. Just like with the fork, this is a relatively small component on the scooter with a very demanding job. It basically has to hold the fork and the handlebars together, and it can come under a lot of pressure during tricks. This is why it is important to have a really strong clamp, or even have multiple clamps.

Deck is the Main Piece of the Trick Scooter

This is basically the main piece of the scooter, and the part the your feet will be on almost 100% of the time (unless you get some sick air that is). The most important factor to look out for here is the dimensions. If you are a larger rider, you don’t want to sacrifice on Deck space, because your feet will not feel comfortable on it. You want to ensure that you have adequate foot space so that you feel comfortable enough on your scooter to perform tricks. I would recommend taking a ruler or measuring tape and really measuring out the dimensions before you buy online. It is hard to picture these dimensions in your head, and what you really care about is whether or not your feet can fit on them.

You also may want to think about going for a slim deck. This makes it slightly easier to perform grab tricks. The thinner the deck, the easier it is to grab. With thinness, you also give up on durability in some cases, so just make sure you are double checking the maximum weight capacity. As we mentioned before, little differences like the thickness of your deck can actually make a big deal when it comes to performing grab tricks. You’re only gonna be in the air for a second, so you have to make it count!

Speaking of tricks, there is another trick that involves the deck, and that is the grind. If you are planning on doing a lot of grinding, make sure you get a deck that has nice grooves on the side and corners so that you can perfect these moves.

The deck is also an opportunity for riders to show of their unique style. Some scooters like the Lucky Covenant complete have beautiful deck art on them that is sure to turn some heads at the skatepark. Don’t forget this is an important factor as well!

Headset is Another seldom of Trick Scooters

The headset is another seldom mentioned part of the trick scooter. This is the part of the scooter that allows the fork tube to turn inside the head tube. It is important that you look for a scooter that has a sealed integrated headset. This will also require you to have a threadless fork and a compression system. This set up should be standard in most top of the line trick scooters like those by Lucky or Envy.

Height Maximum

Before getting a trick scooter, you want to figure out what height you will need. This means the total height of the handlebars. You ideally want them to be around your waist, but luckily the company Lucky has a nice sizing chart so you can figure out which scooter you will need to correspond with your height. The intermediate scooters should accommodate most average sized adults, while the professional grade trick scooters should accommodate taller adults. This information should be very easy to find when you shop for scooters online.

Just like with the deck, here you really want to measure out the dimensions with a yardstick or tape measure. It is hard visually how tall something is in your head, it’s easier just to measure it out with a tape measure, and pretend that you are holding the handlebars. If you have to crouch down too much, you will want to get a scooter that is a little bit taller. If you look at how some of the professionals ride, they are crouched down a little bit so they can spring up for jumps, but you don’t want to be too extreme because it will get uncomfortable after awhile.

Weight You Should Consider 

Weight is also another important factor when choosing a trick scooter, especially if you are looking for a trick scooter for adults. The weight capacity is especially important here, because in addition to needing to support the weight of the rider, the frame of the scooter will also need to support some of the shocks that come with rapidly landing from jumps and tricks. Make sure to err on the side of caution and really get a scooter that can support your entire weight and then add some on top of that.

Pegs are More Than an Accessory of a Scooter for Tricks

This isn’t really a part of a scooter, more of an accessory, but I thought they were worth mentioning because we are talking about trick scooters here. Some riders like to put these pegs on the sides of their wheels so they can do stall tricks like the ice pick. This involves you balancing your entire weight on a tiny little peg. It looks pretty cool, and it is actually a fairly easy trick to perform, but you want to make sure you have the right equipment otherwise you could totally wipe out. Also make sure the wheels you have support these additional pegs.

What is The Best Trick Scooter for Me?

If you are looking to the best trick scooter but you don’t know where to start, you may first want to consider your size and skill level. Lucky did a great job creating a sizing chart for 4 of their products, so you can use that as a guideline to pick which Lucky scooter is right for you. If you are a beginner, or under 4.5 ft of height, you may want to look into a Lucky Crew scooter. This is the base model from Lucky, and is definitely a good option if you are just starting out or if you have yet to hit your growth spurt.

If you find yourself in more of the intermediate category, or if you are between 4 feet and 5 feet, you may want to go for the lucky Prospect. This is perfect for younger riders or intermediate riders. As Lucky puts it, the scooter is ideal for intermediate riders that are seeking performance on a budget.

The lucky covenant is more in the intermediate or advance category. This is designed to accommodate riders between the size of 5.5 feet and 6 feet. As Lucky would put it, this lightweight yet durable complete was made with the dedicated shredder in mind. This is important because the covenant can fit the average sized adult and it can accommodate expert riders as well. If you are a little bit taller than 6 feet, or if you are considering going pro, you may want to look into the Lucky Evo as well. This scooter is purely designed for expert riders and taller adult riders.

What to Look for in Trick Scooters

When it comes to trick scooters, there are a few things you want to look out for. The stability of the deck and frame is one of the more important things to consider. You want your deck to be made out of aircraft-grade aluminum (which most scooters are) and you want your handlebars to be reinforced with multiple head tube clamps and bolts. This adds extra security to your trick scooter, and makes sure that it doesn't buckle under the pressure.

The reason why this is particularly important with trick scooters is because landing tricks puts additional strain on the scooter. Scooters that work perfectly fine for riding around the block may become completely destroyed when you take them to the skate park. You want to err on the side of caution here, and really choose trick scooter or stunt scooter that has a high weight capacity. You also want to look for extra head tube clamps although in some cases 2 can be enough.

Are There Any Razor Trick Scooter?

While razor may be perhaps one of the best known scooter brands out there, they are not as strong when it comes to the world of stunt scooters and pro scooters. They have only one entry ( The Razor pro XX) that made it on this list.

A lot of scooter manufacturers have been able to carve out a niche for themselves by focusing exclusively on trick scooters and stunt scooters and now brands like Lucky and Fuzion command a lot of respect in the world of pro trick scooters.

What are The Best Trick Scooter Brands?

The two most well known scooter brands in the world of stunt scooters are perhaps Lucky and Envy. Let’s take a look at each one and see how they compare.

Lucky pro scooters

Lucky has some excellent performance features as well as a flashy style that is quite popular among its riders. This company has breakout hits like the Lucky TFOX signature scooter as well as the Lucky Covenant Complete Pro, which I believe is one of the most beautiful looking and best trick scooters out there.

Envy Scooters

Envy is a little bit less popular than Lucky and has a little bit more of a conservative style. One of their most popular scooters is the Envy Colt, which is a fantastic scooter for around half the price of some of its competitors.

Best Stunt Scooters for Tricks - Videos

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to check out some of our other articles for more countdowns. If you would like to add to our list or if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


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