Best Scooter for Tricks in 2023

Best Trick Scooter

Enter your Are you looking to take things to the extreme? Were counting down top 8 the best trick scooters. These scooters are built specifically for the skate park rather than the pavement. If you have found a bunch of new tricks to try out, you’re going to need get the right scooter if you want to practice them. Trick scooters are made specifically to perform tricks with more ease.

Best Trick Scooter

If you are serious about doing tricks or just want to practice a bit to have something to show off, you are going to need to find a scooter for tricks. Hopefully in this list, you will find the perfect scooter to meet your needs and fit your budget. All of these scooters are high quality and have a ton of wonderful customer reviews.

Best Trick Scooters Comparison:


Product Name




Best Trick Scooter


8 pounds

best trick scooter

3 Colors

7.5 pounds

best trick scooter


6 pounds

best trick scooter

9 colors

9.9 pounds

best trick scooter

9 colors

9.2 pounds

best trick scooter


6 pounds


7.5 pounds

best trick scooter


8.8 pounds

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Best Scooter for Tricks over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

best trick scooter

One of the most well-liked entry-level professional scooters is the Fuzion X-3 stunt scooter, and for good reason—few other scooters offer the same level of performance, handling, and build quality for the money.

The X-3 has excellent handling and is tough enough to withstand some significant abuse in the skatepark. This is the greatest choice if your tween or teen wishes to try stunt scooting for the first time. Numerous other "cheap" stunt scooters are just unsuitable for performing real stunts.

The Fuzion X-3 is light and robust, and it rides smoothly. When considered collectively, these characteristics imply that a beginner can learn techniques and make significant progress toward pro-level before thinking about upgrading from the X-3.

The steel handlebar is 18.5′′ broad and has a set height. Riders under the age of nine will find this to be tall. To accommodate aluminum handlebars, replaceable, soft composite grips are available in standard sizes. These aren't the highest quality, and they immediately started to appear worn. A plastic cap is present at the handlebars' ends as protection.

For added stability, the deck is 4 inches wide. It has a concave deck in the form of a box constructed of 6061 aluminum. Featuring a Fuzion's 3D stamped steel FAZETM Fork that now fits both 100mm and 110mm wheels, a heavy-duty IHC Compression System, a thread less headset, and sealed bearings. It is, in a nutshell, both light and sturdy. Prepared for complete abuse from your child!

The Fuzion X-3 is light and robust, and it rides smoothly. When considered collectively, these characteristics imply that a beginner can learn techniques and make significant progress toward pro-level before thinking about upgrading from the X-3.

Amazingly, Fuzion was able to create such a robust and high-quality stunt scooter at such a low cost. Although this model is no match for the more expensive Fuzion's, it is nonetheless an incredible device. We especially urge parents of young children to read this masterwork. The Fuzion Pro X3 is entirely designed for novices and young people who want to experience skate parks for the first time in mind.

Fuzion X-3 Pro at a glance

  • Age: 8+

  • Max Level: Beginner

  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs

  • Bars: 18” High Tensile Steel Batwing Bars

  • Deck: 20” x 4” T-6 Aluminum Box Deck

  • Fork: Steel Fork welded

  • Wheels: 100 mm Cast PU and ABS Wheel Cores

  • Grips: Soft PRO hand grips

  • Clamp: Triple Bolt Clamp

  • Headset: Threaded Headset

  • Bearings: ABEC 9

  • Grip Tape: Standard grip tape

  • Brake: Steel Flex Brake


  • Beats the competition in sturdiness

  • Lightweight aluminum deck

  • Flat deck bottom for grinding

  • Great children scooter

Why We Like it

An excellent entry-level stunt scooter is the Fuzion X-3 Pro.

It's a genuine pro scooter that offers actual street and skatepark use and will let a newbie learn/improve their stunt riding to a serious level before needing to upgrade, unlike some other stunt scooters at this price. The majority of children in the suggested age range can manage the size, albeit it will feel large until children are around 9 years old.

2. ARCADE Pro Scooter

best trick scooter

With attitude and flare, Arcade invites novice riders and budding shredders to the next level of action sports. The pro scooter from the arcade is our second choice because of this. One of the most secure beginner trick scooters available! And the reason for that is that this professional scooter is loaded with popular custom parts. The Arcade is designed to take kids easily from novice to pro with strong 3D-stamped forks, a bespoke neck, smooth bearings, a robust deck, and a dynamic design.

If your bearings are sticky, you can't glide. While the majority of entry-level kick scooters have subpar non-rated bearings, the Arcade Defender has ABEC-7 bearings. 

Additionally, they lined up an 83-degree headtube and wrapped unique 117mm TPR grips around the strengthened T-bars for a secure ride while you glide! You might also swap out our 100mm polycarbonate wheels for 110mm ones because the fork and brake are modified.

Degree Concave Design is included in the unique Arcade Deck. It's easy-going enough for beginners to pick up the technique of moving smoothly while placing their feet firmly, but it also provides flexibility for when they're daring enough to perform their first tricks! This deck is made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and is both durable and light. They might not be whipping quickly or hitting massive air right now. But when they do, the Arcade has been built to be completely ready!

You simply need to tighten two screws (instructions supplied) when your Arcade scooter is delivered because it is completely set up. As a result, your first ride seems safe and secure, and if you're proficient enough to perform tricks, your first jump feels clean and makes a satisfying crisp sound as you land.

They've partnered with prominent designers and elite riders to give your scooter amazing color schemes and cutting-edge graphic treatments. Because a TRUE stunt scooter kid's true desire is to resemble their professional riding idols. Raven Black, Brilliant Blue, Racing Red, and Metallic Gold! Pick your favorite hue right away.

Arcade Pro Scooter at a Glance

Ages: 7+

User Level: Beginner to Intermediate 

Max Weight: 220lbs

Item Dimensions: LxWxH: 27 x 4 x 32 inches

Number of Wheels: 2

Wheel: Material Polycarbonate, Size 100 Millimeters

Frame Material: Aluminum

Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds

Handlebar Type: Fixed, Height: 22.5 Inches

Grip Type: ‎Ergonomic

Brake Style: ‎Rear Braking


  • One of the safest entry-level trick scooters around

  • Strong 3D stamped forks and dynamic design

  • High quality ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth ride

  • Durable and rattle-free custom nylon brake with steel insert.

Why We Like It

Children can maneuver the scooter with ease! Additionally, it is one of the safest beginner trick scooters available! And the reason for that is the pro scooter's plenty of well-liked components. Strong forks, slick bearings, a solid concave deck, and a dynamic design are all features of the Arcade's construction that make it durable, fun to ride, and well-suited for easing kids from beginner to expert level tricks. Therefore, parents need not worry about anything!

3. VOKUL K1 Pro Scooters

best trick scooter

Without a Vokul scooter, the best trick scooters list would be pointless, right? Since 2000, Vokul Manufacture has specialized in the pro scooter industry. More than 50,000 Pro scooters are sold out on Amazon each year.

The intermediate and advanced extreme riders are the target market for the Vokul BZIT K1 freestyle pro scooter. The deck contains reinforced T6 heat-treated forging plates to offer a lightweight, enhanced strength, and stabilize the deck. It is composed of 6061 aviation-grade aluminum alloy and has a Y-Bar. The bottom of the deck has a smooth surface that has been specifically polished and is ideal for grinding. To guarantee stability and safety, it also has a concealed FSA Orbit C Headset with a Triple Bolt Clamp.

Aluminum alloy is CNC molded into the hub and spokes to increase strength. The wheels are built of 110mmPU 88A wheels, which are anti-abrasive, shock-absorbing, and high rebounding, allowing for a smooth, safe riding experience with a noticeably improved sense of balance and stability. Additionally, it has K-2(Abec-9) Bearings for a fast and smooth ride. To maintain durability, the rear tire is protected by a fender or spray protection constructed of 65 Mn steel for the brakes. TPR Anti-Slip Comfort Grips are present. To ensure that the user always has a firm grasp on the feet, the top of the deck is non-slip.

Many people have complained that their stunt scooters arrived broken. To prevent confusion, this professional scooter is packaged safely and creatively. All you have to do to assemble it when it arrives is tighten the clamp's three bolts. The Vokul scooter is ready to go out of the box!

VOKUL K1 PRO SCOOTER at a glance

  • Age: 8+

  • User Level: Intermediate, Advanced 

  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs

  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane

  • Frame Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel

  • Bar: W20" X H21.5" Chromoly

  • Deck: W4.5" X L20.7" Al6061-T6

  • Fork: one-piece forged alloy

  • Compression: IHC

  • Headset: Integrated Threadless

  • Wheels: 110mm,88A level Bounce

  • Bearing: 608zz ABEC-9


  • Lightweight and easy to use. 

  • Perfect for transition from a rising scooter to trying out new tricks.

  • Solid 110mm metal aluminum wheels, Noise-free Brakes made of durable Mn-Steel

  • Simple assemble,just 1 minute to tighten 3 clamp bolts then can ride

Why We Like It

With its sleek design, smooth glide, and modern graphics, your kids will seem very cool while riding their VOKUL K1 while everyone else clunks around on those other scooters! Because appearing professional is what a TRUE Stunt Scooter Kid actually desires! The Vokul scooter has an ABEC-9 bearing, the highest level of precision available, unlike the majority of professional scooters that use ABEC 5-7 bearings. All original Vokul scooter components are always available from the manufacturer.

4. APOLLO Genious 4.0 Pro Scooter

best trick scooter

Finally, a freestyle stunt scooter that is safe for children and teenagers and reinforced for tricks and stunt riding. It's an all-in-one scooter solution that attracts attention because of its stylish design and premium construction.

A trick scooter that can be used for stunts, half pipes, tricks, and skate parks all around the world is called the Apollo Stunt Scooter. The Apollo Stunt Scooter may be used to its full capacity by ambitious beginners (age 6+), experienced riders, and professional scooter athletes (rider weight up to 220lbs).

There is nothing worse than a scooter without a grip, as any scooter enthusiast is aware. If you lose control of your scooter halfway down a halfpipe, you'll tumble.

Due to this, we designed this scooter with a non-slip tread and ribbed TRR APOLLO-Super-Grips. Now you can guarantee complete control of the scooter while doing a trick so you never again put your body at risk.

You should have a first-rate, high-quality riding experience. Based on input from the world's best scooter performances, a proprietary structure has been developed. As a result, we are pleased to offer a scooter that is secure for teens, children, and adults. The whole family can enjoy these scooters.

Your brand-new Apollo genius pro stunt scooter is ideal for traveling to school, riding with pals in the driveway, or freestyling at the skatepark. The Apollo genius pro stunt scooter is specifically made for half pipes, rails, stairs, pools, and kickers in indoor and outdoor skate parks. Riders can make sure they are safe and supported when doing stunts and tricks thanks to the trick scooter's high stability and reinforced chrome steel handlebar. This professional scooter is ideal for challenging feats including leaps, grinds, turns, and twists.

APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 at a glance

Rider Type: Beginners & Intermediate & Advanced

Age: 6+

Max Capacity: 220 lbs

Deck: 20 x 4.4 inch

Wheels: 100 x 24 mm High Rebound PU Wheels with Alu cores. ABEC 9 Bearings

Frame Material: ‎Aluminum, Alloy Steel

Handlebar: Y shape, Adjustable, 19.7" Width - fully heat treated

Grip Type: ‎TPR

Material: Aircraft Aluminum Alloy

Fork: HQ Aircraft Aluminum frame

Available colors: Black/Silver, Gold, Teal, Skull White, Blue, Pink, White/Gold, Red Ink, White/Blue


  • Non-slip coated grips

  • Fast and sturdy, lightweight and tough at the same time

Why We Like It

One of the safest pro scooters on the market is without a doubt Apollo. Silent 100mm PU wheels with ABEC 9 high-speed ball bearings are quick and strong while also being light and durable. They are made from aerospace aluminum alloy rims. The handlebar has a non-slip coating to ensure complete control of this professional scooter.

5. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

best trick scooter

Fuzion Scooters, which began their adventure in Oakland, California, in 2004, have grown to be a well-known name in the US for wheeled scooters. Their commitment to innovation and excitement is shown in the rigorous development processes that all of their goods go through. Everywhere in the globe, they put their trick scooters to the test with pros, and the Fuzion z250 is no different.

Despite being a more recent addition to Fuzion's repertoire, it has grown immensely popular since its introduction. For its smoother, more balanced ride, this scooter has received great marks from hundreds, if not thousands, of riders.

The Fuzion z250 is built with premium aluminum, unlike normal scooters. Despite being designed with children and teenagers in mind, any adult weighing up to 220 pounds may ride it without any problems.

Almost all upgrades and aftermarket parts work with the scooter. So, it can satisfy all the requirements when your child has to advance his or her skills. Other than this, the Fuzion z250 requires very little assembly. Just two bolts from your ends need to be tightened; it takes two minutes.

The Fuzion z250 pro scooter's high rebound polyurethane wheels are one of its major selling factors. They are a nice improvement over the old X5 type, measuring 110mm in diameter. Larger wheels enable increased but controlled speed.

As we browsed numerous online forums, we noticed that many pros were praising the Fuzion z250 trick scooter. The product has a remarkable 4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon, which speaks volumes about its reliability.

On the other hand, a few tall riders thought the stem was a little bit too short. As a result, they are compelled to hunch their backs while cruising. You may want to consider this if you are taller than 5.6 feet.

Apart from that, the Fuzion z250 includes a few unique features that are often reserved for more costly pro scooters. Overall, there can't be a better place for your child to start if they want to master the half pipe at skate parks or simply aim for a seamless transition.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter at a glance

Age: 7+

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Weight: 7.95 lbs

Deck: W⨯L: 4.5″⨯ 19.5″, 2.92lbs, 6061 T6 Aluminum

Headtube Angle: 83 Degrees

Deck Concave:

Fork: Sculpted Steel

Compression: IHC

Bar: H⨯W: 23″⨯21", Y Bar, material - Steel

Wheel: Size- 110mm, Width- 24mm

Wheel Size Range: Up to 120mm

PU Hardness: 88a

Bearings: Fuzion ABEC-9

Brake: Nylon/Steel Brake


  • Quick and easy 2-minute assembly with all parts, instructions, and tools included.

  • Custom nylon/steel brake that's tough, quick, and quiet.

  • High-strength steel T-bar fitted with FUZION’s hex-pattern pro grips gives maximum control and comfort.

Why We Like It

We chose the Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter for our list of the best trick scooters for a variety of reasons. One of them is the way the scooter is constructed. Strong T-6061 aluminum deck (4.5" W x 19.5" L), high rebound 88a PU wheels, quiet responsive nylon brakes, and our chisel one-piece fork. Anyone can ride it as aggressively as they like thanks to these incredible features.

6. Lucky Crew Complete Pro

best trick scooter

The Lucky Crew is a well-known scooter for beginners, and this model does not disappoint! Without a lucky scooter, the list of the top trick scooters would be lacking. The Complete pro scooter by the Lucky Crew is a wonderful addition to their line. Using only the best 4130 Chromoly Steel and 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Lucky designs and manufactures all of its components to the highest grade standards. High-quality materials produce strong, light scooters that are great to ride, highly functional and works of art.

The Crew Pro Scooter is fully upgradeable and compatible with Lucky's whole aftermarket array to develop with any young rider as they progress; for riders 4 feet to 4 feet 5 inches. It is designed for those new to the sport or those focusing on mastering the fundamental set of tricks.

World champs, rippers, street demons, and sidewalk riders all trust Lucky Scooters to accomplish the gnarliest stunts known to man. Lucky's famed Pro Scooter team is made up of great riders from around the world.

Pro riders support the Lucky brand because it stands behind the excellence and craftsmanship of its goods. Lucky scooters are developed and tested in the US. Lucky gives the greatest guarantee in the industry, 180 days from the date of purchase.

Lucky Crew Pro Scooter at a glance

Age: 6-14 years

Preferable Height: 4 ft to 4 ft 5 in

Rider Type: Beginner

Deck: Crew Deck 19” x 4.5” (483mm x 114mm)

Headtube: 82.5 degrees

Bar: Aluminum Kink Bar 23” x 22” (584mm x 559mm)

Fork: Redesigned Hardened Steel Tig Welded IHC

Headset: Lucky REVO, fully integrated

Compression: Aluminum IHC

Clamp: Lucky Double Clamp

Wheels: Torsion 110mm 86a

Brake: SteelyBrake

Grips: TackiGrips


  • Scooter comes pre-dialled, 95% built, all that's needed to do is put the bars on, tighten the clamp then you're off!

  • Fully upgradable and compatible with Lucky’s entire aftermarket lineup

Why We Like It

All of Lucky's components are designed and constructed using only the best raw materials and production practices. To evolve with any young rider as they advance, the CREW Pro Scooter is completely upgradeable and compatible with Lucky's whole aftermarket portfolio. Riders can obtain large air and truly hone their skills with this scooter because it is equipped with a light aluminum bar, which reduces weight. This is ideal for future scooter modifications and simple maintenance when combined with the powerful IHC compression system.

7.  Royal Guard 2 Scooter for Tricks

Royal Guard 2

This scooter offers incredible value for the money if that's what you're searching for. This is the reason the Royal Guard II freestyle scooter is on our list of the best kick scooters. It is equipped with everything you require to pack your backpack with fresh tricks for the skatepark or the streets. The development of the Guard II, which has a brand-new box section deck profile (perfect for learning double whips), strengthened six-sided neck profile, extra-strong bars, and new flex-brake, has kept pace with the rapid advancement of freestyle scootering in recent years.

After post-heating, this aluminum bar has dimensions of 520 mm in width by 570 mm in height. Aluminum 6061-T6 with heat treatment is used to make the deck. Its strength doubles thanks to the new heat treatment.

To further increase the strength of the decks and bars, Royal has made advancements in the TIG welding and heat-treatment techniques in addition to obvious ones like the new flex brake (no rattle) and new box-section deck design. These enhancements are not visible, but they will be remembered every time you crush a big trick and ride away clean.

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter at a glance

Age: 8+

Weight Limit: 220lbs

Rider Level: Beginner

Frame Material: Aluminum

Handlebar Type: ‎Adjustable

Handle Height: 570 Millimeters

Brake Style: Rear Braking

Deck: 6061-T6 Post Heat Treated Aluminum

Bar: 6061-T6 Post Heat Treated Aluminum- W:520mm H:570mm

Wheel: High Rebound 88A PU Cast wheels with spoked cores.

Bearing: 8mm X 22mm Fast and precise Chrome Steel ABEC 5

Grips: Comfortable Ribbed


  • Perfect for tricks

  • Built hard

Why We Like it

This scooter is constructed of 6061-T6 post-heat treated aluminum. So it's strong enough for your youngsters to play rough. At such a low cost, it has incredible features. To further increase the strength of the decks and bars, Royal has made improvements to the TIG welding and heat-treating procedures. Every time you stomp a big trick and ride away clean, you'll be reminded of these unseen improvements.

8. Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooter

best adult kick scooter

The Lucky Covenant pro scooter is our top pick for the best trick scooter list. It is a professional scooter designed for intermediate riders who desire to perform daring tricks. Although the scooter can be used by kids as young as eight, only an experienced rider can fully profit from its advantages.

In every sense of the word, the Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter is a work of art. The artwork was created by well-known artist Shogo Ota. Underneath the scooter is a stunning and vibrant design that is likely to draw notice everywhere it travels.

Each scooter produced by Lucky is unique in that it has been rigorously tested by a team of professional riders before being on sale.

High-grade aluminum was used to construct this scooter, which was made to withstand rough use. It's perfect for someone who wants to master the most outrageous stunts. The TPR grip tape on the handles of this scooter makes riding much more enjoyable. Additionally, the larger deck on this scooter makes it perfect for practicing and pulling off tricks like tailwhips and barspins. On the other hand, there is no denying that the Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt scooter is a high-end model.

Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter at a Glance

Type: Adults

User Level: Intermediate to Advance

Size: 25” x 24” x 4.8” inches

Product Weight: 8.16 pounds

Maximum Weight Capacity: 220lbs

Height Capacity: 4 ft 8 in to 5 ft 10 in

Material Type: Aluminum 6061 T6

Deck: Covenant 20.5” x 4.8” (521mm x 122mm) Green Color Shift

Bar: AirBar Aluminum 25“ x 24” (635mm x 610mm) - Black

Fork: Huracan IHC - Black Anodized

Clamp: Double Clamp - Black Anodized

Wheels: Toaster 120mm, Lucky Rebound Technology, High performance Urethane

Brake: Steely - Black - Powder Coat

Grips: Vice grip 2.0 - Black, GripperTape - Covenant Black


  • Lightweight
  • Made to perform stunts and tricks
  • The handles have grip for a safe and comfortable ride
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Comes with a great warranty deal - 6 months
  • Tested by their team of professional riders before being released

Why We Like It

The mid-level pro scooter Lucky Covenant is capable of some remarkable feats. It's hard to deny the scooter's appeal. The deck's artwork is exceptional and captivating. The product was created and tested by professional riders in the US. It includes a lightweight aluminum 6061 bar that you can use for air stunts. For incredibly smooth spin stunts, it has IHC, an easy-to-maintain compression technology. The price is the only negative aspect. However, the features you receive for this pricing are truly unique.

Some Others Great Pro Trick Scooters



User Level

Price Tag







162 ratings





73 ratings



Intermidiate to Advance


79 ratings





298 ratings





73 ratings



Intermidiate to Advance


93 ratings



Intermidiate to Advance


228 ratings





110 ratings

Best Trick Scooter Buying Guide

Buying your first trick scooter is something exiting and everybody wants the best trick scooter as their first one, There is some important things you should look before taking the final decision. Most importantly the parts of a scooter for tricks is very important, lets start with the parts of a trick scooter.

Important Parts of a Scooter for Tricks

Trick Scooter Grips

This is perhaps one of the more overlooked components of a trick scooter. They may not get much attention, but it is very important to get these right. If your grip is too slippery, you may loose your handle at the worst possible time and mess up a trick, or even worse, loose control of the scooter and injure yourself. In addition to grippiness of the scooter grips, you will want to look at comfort as well. Remember, when you are at the skate park for hours on end, you will be touching these almost constantly. If you don’t have comfortable hand grips, they will really start to bother you after awhile. We have a few special grips we recommend you looking at. The Lucky No Nubbins Grip that we mentioned before is perhaps the best, but the Envy scooter grips are nearly identical. The Cult vans grips and ODI vans grips are quite nice as well if you happen to be looking at those scooters.

Have the Right Bars

As we mentioned before, having the right bars can really make a big difference in getting the perfect trick right, especially if that trick is a barspin or anything of the like. We recommend you looking into a T-Bar or Batwing bar if you are trying to focus on these types of tricks specifically.

As far as the dimension goes, the scooters built for larger riders generally have factored in longer armspans, so it is not the length of the bars you have to worry about. You may however need to make a decision when it comes to the thickness of the bars. Trick scooter handle bars come in two basic sizes. There is the standard size bar which is 1 ¼ inches and then there is the oversize bars which are about 13/4 inches in diameter. If you have large hands, it may be frustrated holding these skinny little bars, so you may want to go for the oversized or “OS” bars. Because they are thicker, they are also slightly more durable as well. That being said, the standard sized bar should be more than strong enough to handle just about any trick you can throw at it.

Fork is the Most Important Parts of a Scooter for Tricks

This is among one of the most important and least understood parts of the scooter. Many people couldn’t even point to it on a scooter! But alas, it is a very important part of a scooter, particularly a trick scooter. The fork is basically the part of the scooter that holds the front wheel in place. It may be small, but it has to handle a lot of stress. This is often the part of the scooter that absorbs a lot of the force when you are landing a trick, so having a sturdy fork is of the utmost importance.

There are two basic types of forks out there, the threaded fork and the threadless fork. The threadless fork is better when it comes to trick scooters because it can handle more maximum weight, and therefore more pressure from tricks. It is important to also get a fork that fits the wheels. If you are buying a set of separate wheels and plan on swapping them in, make sure you have a fork that allows space for them.

Clamp is a Seldom

This is another seldom understood component of the scooter, but it is extremely important. Just like with the fork, this is a relatively small component on the scooter with a very demanding job. It basically has to hold the fork and the handlebars together, and it can come under a lot of pressure during tricks. This is why it is important to have a really strong clamp, or even have multiple clamps.

Deck is the Main Piece of the Trick Scooter

This is basically the main piece of the scooter, and the part the your feet will be on almost 100% of the time (unless you get some sick air that is). The most important factor to look out for here is the dimensions. If you are a larger rider, you don’t want to sacrifice on Deck space, because your feet will not feel comfortable on it. You want to ensure that you have adequate foot space so that you feel comfortable enough on your scooter to perform tricks. I would recommend taking a ruler or measuring tape and really measuring out the dimensions before you buy online. It is hard to picture these dimensions in your head, and what you really care about is whether or not your feet can fit on them.

You also may want to think about going for a slim deck. This makes it slightly easier to perform grab tricks. The thinner the deck, the easier it is to grab. With thinness, you also give up on durability in some cases, so just make sure you are double checking the maximum weight capacity. As we mentioned before, little differences like the thickness of your deck can actually make a big deal when it comes to performing grab tricks. You’re only gonna be in the air for a second, so you have to make it count!

Speaking of tricks, there is another trick that involves the deck, and that is the grind. If you are planning on doing a lot of grinding, make sure you get a deck that has nice grooves on the side and corners so that you can perfect these moves.

The deck is also an opportunity for riders to show of their unique style. Some scooters like the Lucky Covenant complete have beautiful deck art on them that is sure to turn some heads at the skatepark. Don’t forget this is an important factor as well!

Headset is Another seldom of Trick Scooters

The headset is another seldom mentioned part of the trick scooter. This is the part of the scooter that allows the fork tube to turn inside the head tube. It is important that you look for a scooter that has a sealed integrated headset. This will also require you to have a threadless fork and a compression system. This set up should be standard in most top of the line trick scooters like those by Lucky or Envy.

Height Maximum

Before getting a trick scooter, you want to figure out what height you will need. This means the total height of the handlebars. You ideally want them to be around your waist, but luckily the company Lucky has a nice sizing chart so you can figure out which scooter you will need to correspond with your height. The intermediate scooters should accommodate most average sized adults, while the professional grade trick scooters should accommodate taller adults. This information should be very easy to find when you shop for scooters online.

Just like with the deck, here you really want to measure out the dimensions with a yardstick or tape measure. It is hard visually how tall something is in your head, it’s easier just to measure it out with a tape measure, and pretend that you are holding the handlebars. If you have to crouch down too much, you will want to get a scooter that is a little bit taller. If you look at how some of the professionals ride, they are crouched down a little bit so they can spring up for jumps, but you don’t want to be too extreme because it will get uncomfortable after awhile.

Weight You Should Consider 

Weight is also another important factor when choosing a trick scooter, especially if you are looking for a trick scooter for adults. The weight capacity is especially important here, because in addition to needing to support the weight of the rider, the frame of the scooter will also need to support some of the shocks that come with rapidly landing from jumps and tricks. Make sure to err on the side of caution and really get a scooter that can support your entire weight and then add some on top of that.

Pegs are More Than an Accessory of a Scooter for Tricks

This isn’t really a part of a scooter, more of an accessory, but I thought they were worth mentioning because we are talking about trick scooters here. Some riders like to put these pegs on the sides of their wheels so they can do stall tricks like the ice pick. This involves you balancing your entire weight on a tiny little peg. It looks pretty cool, and it is actually a fairly easy trick to perform, but you want to make sure you have the right equipment otherwise you could totally wipe out. Also make sure the wheels you have support these additional pegs.

What is The Best Trick Scooter for Me?

If you are looking to the best trick scooter but you don’t know where to start, you may first want to consider your size and skill level. Lucky did a great job creating a sizing chart for 4 of their products, so you can use that as a guideline to pick which Lucky scooter is right for you. If you are a beginner, or under 4.5 ft of height, you may want to look into a Lucky Crew scooter. This is the base model from Lucky, and is definitely a good option if you are just starting out or if you have yet to hit your growth spurt.

If you find yourself in more of the intermediate category, or if you are between 4 feet and 5 feet, you may want to go for the lucky Prospect. This is perfect for younger riders or intermediate riders. As Lucky puts it, the scooter is ideal for intermediate riders that are seeking performance on a budget.

The lucky covenant is more in the intermediate or advance category. This is designed to accommodate riders between the size of 5.5 feet and 6 feet. As Lucky would put it, this lightweight yet durable complete was made with the dedicated shredder in mind. This is important because the covenant can fit the average sized adult and it can accommodate expert riders as well. If you are a little bit taller than 6 feet, or if you are considering going pro, you may want to look into the Lucky Evo as well. This scooter is purely designed for expert riders and taller adult riders.

What to Look for in Trick Scooters

When it comes to trick scooters, there are a few things you want to look out for. The stability of the deck and frame is one of the more important things to consider. You want your deck to be made out of aircraft-grade aluminum (which most scooters are) and you want your handlebars to be reinforced with multiple head tube clamps and bolts. This adds extra security to your trick scooter, and makes sure that it doesn't buckle under the pressure.

The reason why this is particularly important with trick scooters is because landing tricks puts additional strain on the scooter. Scooters that work perfectly fine for riding around the block may become completely destroyed when you take them to the skate park. You want to err on the side of caution here, and really choose trick scooter or stunt scooter that has a high weight capacity. You also want to look for extra head tube clamps although in some cases 2 can be enough.

Are There Any Razor Trick Scooter?

While razor may be perhaps one of the best known scooter brands out there, they are not as strong when it comes to the world of stunt scooters and pro scooters. They have only one entry ( The Razor pro XX) that made it on this list.

A lot of scooter manufacturers have been able to carve out a niche for themselves by focusing exclusively on trick scooters and stunt scooters and now brands like Lucky and Fuzion command a lot of respect in the world of pro trick scooters.

What are The Best Trick Scooter Brands?

The two most well known scooter brands in the world of stunt scooters are perhaps Lucky and Envy. Let’s take a look at each one and see how they compare.

Lucky pro scooters

Lucky has some excellent performance features as well as a flashy style that is quite popular among its riders. This company has breakout hits like the Lucky TFOX signature scooter as well as the Lucky Covenant Complete Pro, which I believe is one of the most beautiful looking and best trick scooters out there.

Envy Scooters

Envy is a little bit less popular than Lucky and has a little bit more of a conservative style. One of their most popular scooters is the Envy Colt, which is a fantastic scooter for around half the price of some of its competitors.

Best Stunt Scooters for Tricks - Videos

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