VOKUL VK205 Premium Adult Scooter Review

Features of VOKUL VK205 Adult Scooter

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame and reinforced deck can hold riders up to 220lbs
  • Extra-large 8″(205mm) urethane wheels and Soft hand grips greatly reduces vibrations in Plain/Bumpy/Rough Road
  • 3 seconds Easy-Folding with 8.8lbs lightweight equiped kickstand and shoulder strap make it convenient carry and storage anywhere
  • Deck:14″*4.5″ enough foot space and low to ground design make push less ride more- Bar:31.5″ to 40.9″ adjustable height(80cm to 104cm)
  • The kick scooter with higher performance in Comfortable Size,Ride feeling,larger wheels,Construction,lightweight,Design and carry portability

Full Rviews of VOKUL VK205 Adult Scooter

Great Scooter for Adults and Teenagers

VOKUL VK205 Premium Adult Scooter SpecificationsVOKUL VK205 is another great scooter for adults and teenagers. The deck includes a non-slip surface that gives you a great grip for your feet. This can be a good help when it comes to turning, maneuverability and braking. The fixed grip sleeve give the riders a lot of comfort for their hands and wrists. Like a lot of modern scooters, the head tube can be adjusted to match almost any height. This might be important for someone in their early teens that may still want to use it in a few years when they get to be a few inches taller. This scooter is very light and rides very well. Despite its light weight and agility, it can support up to 220 pounds, making it a great contender for an adult scooter. The strength of this scooter is the quality of the manufacturing.

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This Scooter is Really Well Designed

Vokul VK 205 Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter - Scooter ReviewsThe people that designed it really went all out to make it a high-performance product. With 8-inch wheels designed to handle rough roads as well as the specialized hand grips, this scooter is designed to make the rider feel safe and comfortable. An additional feature I found to be pretty nifty is the carrying strap. With the scooter being able to be folded in less than 3 seconds, it is already portable enough as it is. With this added carrying strap, transportation couldn’t be simpler. This is a really convenient scooter if you are constantly needing to move around or if you go on the occasional road trip and want to take a scooter with you. Overall, I think the quality and performance of this scooter as well as the design make it an excellent scooter. It was designed with the comfort of adult and teenage riders in mind and I really believe that it hit the mark with that.


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