Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter by GOTRAX

Gotrax Adult Electric Scooter

As the year comes to a close, GOTRAX has launched its highly anticipated, Xr Ultra. GOTRAX Xr Ultra is following a line of widely popular and reliable electric scooters including the GXL and the GXL V2. This model has all the great components of the flagship scooters, with some impressive improvements. GOTRAX spent a lot of time analyzing data from customer surveys and other sources of customer feedback, to decide on the most needed and in demand improvements. These include upgraded batteries, waterproofing, and an improved motor. This folding electric scooter is sure to please novice scooters and scooter fanatics alike. 

GOTRAX Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter Features and Specs

The GOTRAX Xr Ultra folding electric scooter also comes with a totally revamped color scheme and design to ensure riders turn heads with the freshest paint job of any electric scooter currently on the market. So with all of that being said, let's take a closer look at what makes this scooter so great.

Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter by GOTRAX

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Full List of All The GOTRAX Xr Ultra’s Specs

Distance - 16 Miles

Speed - 15.5MPH

Motor - 300 Watt Avg, 700 Watt Max

Battery - 36v LG Battery 7.0AH

Charge Time - 3 to 4 Hours

Tire Size - 8.5"

Tire Type - Pneumatic Air Filled

Cruise Control - Yes

Speed Settings - 2

Size - 43.3" x 17.1" x 14.6"

Weight - 26.45LBS

Max Rider Weight - 220LBS

Waterproof Rating - IP54

Battery of the GOTRAX Xr Ultra

LG battery in the Xr Ultra Electric Scooter

The battery of the GOTRAX Xr Ultra is a 36v LG Battery 7.0AH. This is a huge upgrade upon the batteries found in older models. The LG batteries are known for their superior quality. They hold charges for a longer amount of time and they degrade slower in their lifetime. What this means for an electric scooter is that it will be more reliable. Much like any battery it will still need some basic care, like periodic charging under times of low use or a full charging before first use.

The LG battery in the Xr Ultra will also support longer maximum range. The Xr Ultra goes up to 16 miles on a single charging, making commuting easier.

Upgraded Motor

Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter Motor

The Xr Ultra has an upgraded motor to pair with the new and improved battery. This electric scooter has a 300 watt motor which, when paired with the high voltage console can generate a maximum of 700 watts of power. This increase in power makes a huge difference. GOTRAX new scooter handles hills and inclines with gusto, especially with some models founding wanting in this area.

The Console

The console of the Xr Ultra provides many of the same tools and functions as the GXL V2 with a higher voltage. The console conveniently displays battery levels, speed, gear, and odometer. The type of feedback you could expect from a vehicle, conveniently displayed on the LED screen of your scooter console. The console also supports a headlight. The headlight has been improved from previous models. What this means for riders is improved visibility, keeping you safe from traffic and dark paths.

Gotrax Xr Ultra Folding Electric Scooter Braking System

With all this speed it is also very important to be able to stop efficiently and safely. GOTRAX included a brand new dual braking system with the Xr Ultra. The system is an integration of a handbrake and an electronic brake. The handbrake is the disc braking system on the back wheel and the electronic brake is on the front wheel. Disc brakes are the gold standard for brakes on many personal transports, specifically scooters and bikes. Electronic brakes will be familiar to those who rode GOTRAX’s GXL commuter scooter. These two systems combine create a safe and reliable electric scooter. 

All these new additions to the Xr Ultra Folding Scooter are supported by improved components from older models. The Xr’s deck is supported by two 85” pneumatic air filled tires. These tires handle the bumps and cracks of commutes with ease. They absorb shock as well, for a smoother ride. The tires are easily refillable. Also installed on the deck is a kickstand.

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The Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of the GOTRAX Xr Ultra Folding Scooter is intuitive. These scooters also come with a safety pin that keeps the scooter from folding or unfolding when not intended/expected. The lever to pull is bring red and easy to access. It is a two handed process to fold or unfold the scooter, but this is just to ensure you ride safely.

Weight, Price and Others

GOTRAX also installed latching mechanisms on the rear fender and till, for extra support and safety when transporting the scooter folded. Having said that the scooter is very easy to carry when folded, weighing in at only 26.45lbs. The Xr Ultra is compact and light enough to be stored in closets, next to your work desk, or on a shelf in your garage. This scooters max rider weight tops out at 220lbs.

The Xr Ultra Folding Scooter is set to be one of the most exciting scooters to come out at this price range. The Xr Ultra is being listed originally at $499.99. The Xr Ultra can be found on GOTRAX.com and Amazon.


GOTRAX is an electric rideable headquartered in Dallas, TX. They were originally known for their Hoverfly line of hoverboards, released in 2017. Since then GOTRAX has expanded their brand to other electric rideable including electric scooters and electric bikes. They launched their first set of scooters in 2018, under the G series, which include the very popular GXL V2. As an innovative company they are working to provide the world with an environmentally friendly but efficient way to get to where you need to go. This is huge, especially in a world where both fossil fuels and traffic congestion are rising problems.

Their mission is; To Change, the future of commuting by making products that are environmentally friendly, innovative and fun, To Build, the best products, making them reliable and a realistic alternative to cars and other more polluting forms of transportation, and To Create, a smarter, greener, and more unique traveling experience.


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