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So you’re getting a bit bored of the scooter game and what to mix it up a little bit. If you’re looking for some excitement, scooter tricks can be a great way to add a little more fun to your regular scooter regimen. We made a list of 12 tricks that are for beginners. Now keep in mind, “beginners” in this case does not mean people stepping on a scooter for the first time in their lives.


So you’re getting a bit bored of the scooter game and what to mix it up a little bit. If you’re looking for some excitement, scooter tricks can be a great way to add a little more fun to your regular scooter regimen. We made a list of 12 tricks that are for beginners. Now keep in mind, “beginners” in this case does not mean people stepping on a scooter for the first time in their lives.

Barspin Tricks for Beginner – How to Barspin

Barspin scooter Tricks

For this trick, you don’t need a ramp or anything. You just need to be able to get about a foot of air on your bunny hop. Once you can do that, just do a full rotation of the handlebars while still in the air. You have just completed the barspin. If this seems like too difficult of a task, most scooters allow you to do a half bar spin.

This means you only need to spin the handlebars 180 degrees. To make it even easier, you can cross your arms before the jump and complete the spin in one fluid motion. Here is a scooter that works well for this trick.

This trick could almost be considered the inverse Barspin. Rather than rotating the handlebars around the deck, you are rotating the deck around the handlebars. You may need a little more lift to complete this trick and you may not want to rule out getting a small ramp for your front driveway. Foot positioning is key for a lot of these tricks.

Make sure you watch the pros do it so you can pick up the correct method from their tricks. If you want, here is a good basic ramp you can buy for personal use, or for the kids in your neighborhood.

360 Degree – The Most Popular Scooter Tricks

360 scooter trick

This one may look a bit intimidating at first. The trick to remember is that it is like a tailwhip but you have to pull the handlebars firmly upward as you spin for this one. If you want to make it easier on yourself, to start out you can use one of your feet for extra lift.

This way, you kick off the ground. Try to get between one and two feet from the ground, and then you spin with the handlebars being thrust upward. If you watch how the pros do this trick, you should be able to accomplish this in no time. Here is a scooter that can perform this trick quite nicely. You can also do it by using a dancing longboard. A dancing longboard is the best for to having this kind of outdoor fun whenever you want.

No Hander – The fast Choice Scooter Tricks For Beginner

No Hander scooter trick

This one you are going to need a ramp for. The no-hander is basically a regular jump but during the “ascent” of the jump, the rider takes his or her hands off of the handlebars. How is this possible you might ask? The upward momentum of the scooter during the jump keeps the feet on the deck.

This trick can be accomplished rather effortlessly if you know what you’re doing. Like a lot of these tricks, the risk of injury can be relatively high, so make sure you are wearing the proper padding. Here are some great pads that you can use to keep yourself safe during these tricks. This is definitely the top priority when practicing tricks.

Tail Grab – Relatively Easy to Scooter Tricks Beginner

Tail Grab Scooter Trick

This is a relatively easy one, and is almost self-explanatory. The tail grab requires a little bit of air, but not that much if you want to replicate it on a small scale. Then all you need to do is grab the back end of your deck and voila! You have just done a tail grab. A little tip about this trick is that it is easier if you bend your knees a lot. This brings the deck a lot closer to your arms and is thus easier to grab. This might be an obvious one but I thought I would throw it in there.

Heel whip – Favorite Scooter Tricks to Beginners

Heel whip scooter trick

This trick is almost identical to the tail whip, but the execution is different. This time, instead of whipping the deck around with the front of your foot, you are pushing it around with your heels. This makes the deck spin around in the opposite direction. It should spin counterclockwise instead of clockwise this time.

Manual (Wheelie) – One Of My Favorite Scooter Tricks

Manual Wheelie Scooter Trick

This one is a fun one. Although it is pretty easy, it is quite rewarding. All you need to do is pull the handlebars up while you are riding and maintain balance on one wheel. It seems difficult but with enough practice you should be able to do it. I would also recommend getting a scooter like the A3 or A4 because they come with a wheelie bar.

This is super helpful because it lets you execute a proper wheelie without the deck completely flipping over. It will stop the deck at a certain position when the bar hits the ground. Funny how such a tiny little metal bar can make all the difference. Here are links where you can find the A4 and the A3.

180 Degree – Beginners Can Do This Trick Easily

180 Degree – Beginners Can Do This Trick Easily

This may seem counter intuitive, but the 180 can sometimes be more difficult than the 360. The main reason for this is, of course, it involves riding backwards. The trick to this is to make sure your head pivots as you do. Focus straight ahead and don’t take your eyes off the road ahead. If you can do this, you will ensure that you don’t lose your balance during the spin. Make sure you watch how the pros do it before attempting yourself. You can pick up a lot of useful information by just following the right experts.

Air – Most Popular And simple Scooter trick For Beginners

Air Scooter Trick

You may need to head to the skate park for this one. This is a very simple trick, but it is not easy. I’m sure this is one of the most common tricks, and once you see it the trick will look really familiar. Basically, all you need to do when you’re going off a half-pipe is to turn around and head straight on the way down. So you just need to go up one side of a half-pipe, turn 180 degrees and then go back down. You can do this multiple times in a row and once you get good, it can be quite fun.

Wear Your Kneepads For Safety!

The Fakie is almost the opposite of “air”. Instead of going forward off of a ramp, you go in reverse. It may not look like much from the outside, but it can be a lot of fun. Scooter sports all you need to do is go up the side of a ramp, stop before you hit the top, and then roll back down in reverse.

You may want to pivot your head backwards so you can see where you’re going. This may not be the most exciting trick but it is a good one to become comfortable with because it will be added to down the road. The same goes for a lot of the tricks discussed. These will be integral components to your portfolio when you start to tackle more difficult tricks.

Half Cab

What did I tell you? The Fakie you just learned is already coming in handy. This trick is called a half cab and it is very easy to complete with tricks you’ve already learned. Simnply combine the fakie with a 180 and you’ve got it down. Roll up the ramp, roll back down, do a 180 and ride off facing forward.

This is a very graceful way to get out of a fakie. Otherwise it can be very awkward if you just roll backwards and have nothing else to do but just hang out until people stop watching you. This is a perfect example of how little tricks can come together and form combos.

Don’t Forget The Elbow Pads

This is a personal favorite of mine. Not very difficult to learn, but very fun to do. All you have to do is jump like you normally would for a barspin, but this time you are going to bring your feet of the deck and do something with them before putting them back on the deck. This trick allows you to get creative.

The basic thing to do is move your feet apart, almost like a split in mid air, but you can also do scissor kicks, feet behind your back, heel kicks, you name it. The point is to get your feet off the deck, everything else is up to you. Try experimenting with more and more challenges and eventually you’ll be able to keep your feet in the air for a long time.

Make Sure You Get a Helmet!

No-Hander - This one is perhaps one of the more straightforward tricks. I felt obligated to put it on the list because it is nice to have some easy tricks on here to make you feel like you have a pretty solid resume. This trick just requires you getting a little bit of air, and then moving one arm out to the side. That’s all you need to do.

The one thing that makes this slightly more difficult is that you need to keep the handlebars straight otherwise you run the risk of landing unevenly. This can be avoided by applying some upward pressure on the handlebars and keeping them straight. Just like with the no footer, try to get creative with this one. See if you can throw in a salute and then get your hand back on the bar before you land. This is above all a fun way to practice getting more air.

So there you have it. 12 of the first tricks you can learn on a kick scooter. Hopefully this list has informed and inspired you. Start out with some of the easier ones and then work your way up from there. Not to mention, these tricks can also be performed on any of the best electric scooter available in the market today.. Also be sure to stayed tuned for our more advanced tricks coming up soon. Please have fun and stay safe. Enjoy!


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