The Complete Guide to Buy An Electric Hoverboard

In the past, you may have thought that hoverboard electric scooters looked like a lot of fun when you saw someone riding one. Hoverboards have been around for a few years, but they are becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation, a way to tour around with friends, or a way for younger people to race around the neighborhood.

There are many varieties of hoverboards, so the key to selecting the ideal one for you is to consider the features and determine which one best matches your needs.

What is a Hoverboard Electric Scooter?

Aren’t you wondering about who invented the hoverboard electric scooter before going into the intricacies of this marvelous personal transporter? To satisfy your curiosity, the answer is Shane Chen. Shane Chen, a Chinese-American entrepreneur, and inventor designed the self-balancing scooter in 2013. (yes, it is a recent invention).

A hoverboard is a two-wheeled personal motorized vehicle that looks like a skateboard, has two wheels, and is powered by batteries.

Do you recall those ridiculously gorgeous, dumbbell-like flying boards from the 1989 film “Back to the Future”? Aside from the ability to “hover” around, our real-life hoverboards have a similar look and feel.

Nonetheless, today’s electric hoverboards have solid tires, comfortable footboards, and powerful motors, and run on sophisticated self-balancing technology, which protects your safety and enjoyment. The UL 2272-approved hoverboards also give you peace of mind because they contain high-quality Lithium-ion batteries that perform flawlessly.

Different Types of Hoverboards

Hoverboards were well known in 2015 as a healthier, cooler, and more environmentally responsible way to move from point A to point B. There are now different types of hoverboards to pick from.

Two Wheel Hoverboard

  • 10-inch Hoverboard

These are the quickest hoverboards. In addition, the wider wheels provide better traction at faster speeds, making 10-inch hoverboards more capable of speed.

A hoverboard with 10-inch wheels is also ideal for off-road adventures. Hoverboards were originally built for urban environments, but now they can go everywhere. The wheels can now handle wet and muddy surfaces as well.

  • 8-inch Hoverboard

Most hoverboard manufacturers now produce hoverboards with wheel widths ranging from 8 to 8.5 inches. This style of hoverboard provides a good balance of speed and mobility. Furthermore, it is less expensive and easier to purchase than a 10-inch hoverboard.

  • 6-inch Hoverboard

6 – 6.5-inch hoverboard electric scooters are the finest for kids. They’re less expensive, lighter (and easier to manage), and far safer than the 8–10-inch variants.

The top speed of this sort of hoverboard is normally 6 – 7 MPH. Therefore, its maximum range is limited, making it ideal for making short-distance runs and executing stunts.

  • 4.5-inch Hoverboard

Nowadays, even toddlers can use hoverboards. All you need is a small enough model, with the least available being 4.5 inches.

This style is only suitable for younger children, as it does not sustain a lot of weight (usually not more than 150 lbs.). It’s more of a learning tool for novices than a daily hoverboard.

One Wheel Hoverboard

The adoption of the single-wheel form is undoubtedly the most recent advancement in hoverboard technology. A two-wheeled hoverboard is a self-balancing bike, but a one-wheel hoverboard is a self-adjusting individual carrier that resembles a future skateboard.

The wheel is centered on the board and parallel to it. You stand across the board, one foot in front of the other, unlike a regular hoverboard.

Hoverboard with Handle

You’re getting close to Segway territory when you start combining hoverboards with handles. Although most hoverboards lack this function, you can retrofit one with a handle attachment or purchase one of the handfuls specifically designed for comfortable riding.

Most of the time, the handle serves only to provide balance. Like any other hoverboard, all control is provided by your feet. However, a handle and an attachment that converts the hoverboard into an electric cart with space for a small quantity of cargo can be useful accessories.

4-Wheel Hoverboard

Although not yet ubiquitous, the future of hoverboard electric scooters may be four-wheeled. Benefits such as enhanced balance, power efficiency, and larger batteries may entice older generations to switch from walkers to four-wheel hoverboards.

Are Hoverboard Electric Scooters Still Popular in 2022?

Are you still questioning “why to acquire a hoverboard electric scooter” or “is it worthwhile to buy a hoverboard?” These three reasons should put any doubts you have to rest once and for all:

Eco-friendly transportation: If you enjoy the outdoors, hoverboards are completely eco-friendly and should be your primary argument for purchasing one now! UL2272 powers the electric hoverboards approved Lithium-ion batteries, making the two-wheeled hands-free scooters environmentally friendly.

Save money: The self-balancing hoverboard electric scooters are powered by batteries, so riding them will save you a lot of gas. Simply investing in a good electric hoverboard will save you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs per month!

Burns calories: Riding a hoverboard has been shown to burn calories when done correctly and consistently. The self-balancing scooters have made weight loss much easier and more enjoyable!

How to Choose a Hoverboard

Hoverboard electric scooters, also known as Self Balancing Scooters, are made up of two powered wheels that are connected by pads that the user uses to place their feet. Riders may control the movement and pace by going forward and back. Hoverboards have rechargeable batteries that power one or two motors. Before you start looking for where to buy a hoverboard, you need to know what features to look for in a hoverboard. Continue reading to learn how to buy a hoverboard in 2020.


Many low-quality hoverboards have a habit of catching fire when riding or charging. This is why, while purchasing a hoverboard, you should look for branded models. Also, check to see if the hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, as these are the highest quality.

Weight Limit 

A top-grade hoverboard has a weight limit of up to 220 pounds. If you weigh more than 220 pounds, consider a hoverboard that measures around 8.5 inches. There are different types of hoverboards available; choose what suits you best.


The usual size of a child’s hoverboard tire should be 6.5 inches. This means that you should always consider the rider’s weight while purchasing one. You should choose hoverboards with larger wheels for adults or those who weigh more.

Quality Construction

The build quality of the hoverboard is another key thing to consider when getting one. Before purchasing one, always inspect the frame and housing material. Determine whether the hoverboard’s wheels are made of plastic or metal and whether the internal sensors, motors, and electronics are of decent quality or not. It is also recommended that you read customer reviews to establish whether or not your selected hoverboard is scratch-resistant. Also, check to see if your hoverboard’s long-lasting batteries, and never buy from a seller based in another country.

Time to Charge

One of the most significant components of a hoverboard is the battery. The hoverboard’s batteries allow you to ride quickly and cover long distances. Furthermore, the batteries add weight to the electric scooter and must be thoroughly charged before you can ride it. This is why choosing a hoverboard that can be charged rapidly is critical.

Speed and Range

In terms of speed, most models offer similar speeds or ranges, such as a sluggish speed of 2 mph or even ten mph. On the other hand, most hoverboards have a range of up to 10-15 miles on level ground. Some people can even go higher. As a result, choose a hoverboard with a good speed or range for a pleasurable ride.


If you intend to transport your hoverboard from one location to another, choose a lightweight and portable hoverboard weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

Last but not least, an excellent hoverboard should include extra features such as LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and apps that allow you to manage the hoverboard’s speed and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Safety Tips for Different Types of Hoverboard

Over the last year and a half, we’ve seen an increase in people ditching bikes and other modes of transportation in favor of hoverboard electric scooters; if you are thinking about changing your mode of transportation or purchasing a hoverboard to ride in certain locations, consider the following safety tips first.

  • Know where you can safely and legally ride. Of course, you can ride them in neighborhoods, parks, and most other places where bikes and skateboards are permitted. However, some cities have prohibited its use on city streets, so check with your local regulations.
  • Getting on a new hoverboard and taking off right away is probably not a good idea. The first skill is balance, which is what causes the first falls. Getting on and off the board is very important because you must move one foot at a time. When getting off the board, always take a step backward rather than forwards. The dominant foot should take the lead. Other aspects of your practice should include making sure you don’t bend your knees and keep your posture erect. Also, keep your feet close together.
  • Hoverboards have lights; however, they are small and dim. Riding at night, then, should entail additional precautions. First and foremost, when running or biking at night, wear white when running or biking at night. Second, you might want to think about getting some light-up shoes.
  • Before riding a hoverboard to an airport, you should consult with the airline. Regulations will change, and you will need to stay current.
  • Don’t take the risk, even if you know you have a top-of-the-line hoverboard with a legitimate battery. Overnight charging means no monitoring while you sleep. Most hoverboard batteries require four hours to charge completely. If they remain plugged in, the risk of a fire increases.
  • Hoverboards aren’t the same as skateboards. We’ve all seen skilled skateboarders fly through the air and land gracefully on long, high ramps. Skateboards are controlled by hand, and speed is generated by a pushing foot. They are lightweight, thin boards of wood.
  • Hoverboards are thicker and, surprise, have a battery and travel slower. Attempting ramp tricks with hoverboards is dumb and dangerous — and skateboard-style schemes will result in hoverboard crashes.

Hoverboard Electric Scooter – Warranty & After-sale Support

Purchasing a hoverboard might be a costly purchase. However, even some less expensive hoverboards can be a considerable investment for someone.

When purchasing a hoverboard, make sure to verify the warranty period. Some hoverboard manufacturers provide a 12-month warranty, while others only offer a three-month contract. Also, check that you understand the policy’s terms and conditions.

Some companies provide a new board if the board cannot be repaired, while others just offer a repair service.

You could also check with the hoverboard manufacturer to see what kind of customer support is available. For example, is there a dedicated customer phone number or email address?

Knowing these details before purchasing the board can significantly impact and help you avoid making an expensive error.


You should now have a solid idea of what to look for when picking which hoverboard is ideal for you. The essential traits and features we’ve discussed in this post should help you decide what’s important to you and what specs and features you desire from a board.

Whatever you decide, make sure to verify your local regulations. Always remember to ride cautiously and to respect other pedestrians and road users.


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