Best 29-inch BMX Bikes to Try in 2023

While road and mountain bikes are the most popular bicycles worldwide, BMX bikes aren’t far behind. Many BMX bikes are available in various sizes, making it easy to choose the right fit. However, we will be discussing 29-inch BMX bikes.

Simple in design and operation, these bikes can handle weights and traverse difficult terrains that mountain and road bikes would never attempt.

After finishing this article, you should have a good understanding of BMX bikes and make an appropriate purchase decision.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

BMX BIKE – What Are They?

So you’re fascinated by the adrenaline-fueled realm of the 29-inch BMX bike, but what exactly is a BMX bike, and what does BMX stand for?

BMX is an abbreviation for bicycle motocross. This high-adrenaline cycling activity includes a variety of BMX disciplines, all of which are practiced off-road.

BMX bikes are distinguished by their smaller wheels and frames. Their simple design makes riding them in aggressive riding environments like skate parks or pump tracks as simple as possible.

A BMX bike’s lightweight frame and thick and sturdy tires for durability and stability while riding is also distinguishing qualities.

Like any other type of bike, BMX bikes come in a variety of styles. However, each BMX style is slightly different and optimized for a certain BMX event or riding style.

Types of BMX Bikes

Before we get into the BMX bikes 29 inches, let me explain the different types of BMX bikes.

That which started it all: the Racing BMX bike. Short, high-speed sprints around a dirt track with various jumps, curves, and berms create a tremendously action-packed circuit that must be managed with care while weaving through and around other riders in BMX racing.

Freestyle BMX bikes are designed for various riding techniques, including street courses and skatepark-style halfpipes. As a result, they are not quite as fast as racing bikes, which shows in multiple ways. However, freestyle bikes are nearly always heavier than race bikes and have significantly more strength.

Dirt Jumping BMX bikes are built to manage the number, magnitude, and frequency of jumps on a dirt course. This might be a series of jumps or a single “big air” jump. In some ways, dirt jumping competitions are similar to freestyle riding in that they are nearly entirely composed of tricks and stunts that are assessed by a panel of judges.

For a better phrase, Flatland BMX is essentially a type of bike dancing. The rider will stay in a small space on the pavement while moving and manipulating the bike.

The rider will typically start the bike at a slow speed and then perform numerous spins and twists along with the bike, such as walking across the frame, spinning the bike on one wheel in a circle, and a variety of other high-skill actions.

The Ultimate Guide to Choose BMX Bikes

We understand that selecting a BMX bike can be difficult, especially if it is your first bike or purchasing it for someone else, such as your child. Therefore, this helpful guide has been prepared to provide you with the information you need. Now you can find out if a 29-inch BMX bike is appropriate for you or not. 

Step 01: Find The Proper Size

The first step is to properly size your bike. BMX bikes are measured in two ways: the size of the wheel (BMX bikes 29 inches is Freestyle or recreational riders) and the length of the frame, which is determined by the top tube measurement, which we have simplified for you into XS, Small, Medium, and so on.

Step 02: What Level do You Need?

There are various levels of BMX bikes available, ranging from “beginning” for those just starting to completely “pro” bikes. See what best describes you in the list below.

Youth bikes have smaller wheels than conventional 20″ wheels (See size chart above). Youth bikes are primarily designed for beginners and are ideal for little boys who are just getting started.

Beginner bikes are intended to be the ideal first BMX bike. A beginning bike is perfect if you want to go to the skatepark, or trails or just start riding to see how it goes.

Intermediate bikes mix performance elements and cost; they are not quite pro bikes but lie somewhere between. Most riders’ demands will be met by intermediate bikes, whether it’s their second bike after moving up from the entry-level range or their third or fourth bike.

Pro Level bikes have numerous advancements, such as lighter and stronger tubing, aftermarket pro-level components, and rider endorsements. Building your custom bike is the only way to get a higher quality bike than these.

How We Picked The Best 29-inch BMX Bike

We started with online research, checking through the market’s greatest 29-inch BMX bike ranges. Then, we looked for unique motorcycles and brands on the manufacturers’ websites. Finally, we understand the entire manufacturing process, including the components utilized, materials, and time invested to attain precision and comfort while riding.

Our experts examined over 22 BMX bikes and their attributes. After evaluating these bikes, our team of bike enthusiasts spent over 16 hours thoroughly analyzing them. Our staff also reviewed many reviews to grasp the customers’ perspectives on all bikes. We chose the ten finest BMX bikes in 2022 based on this process of comparison and analysis.

Best 29-inch BMX Bikes in 2023 – Our Top Picks

Whether you plan to cruise through the streets with the family on Sundays or engage in some serious stunt action, this 29-inch BMX bike is the best all-in-one on the market.

1. Throne the goon 29

29 inch bmx bike

  • Frame: Tig Welded Alloy 6061-T6
  • Fork: 1 1/8″ Cr-Mo Fork
  • Headset: 1 1/8″ Throne Sealed Bearing
  • Wheels: 29″ 
  • Brakes: Cantilever Removable brake studs
  • Pedals: Alloy BMX Pedals

The bike is designed to be used in a variety of environments.

The large wheels make you faster and more efficient, provide better traction on the road and make clearing obstacles, such as going upstairs, much easier.

What makes the Goon BMX Bike distinctive is that you may customize it to your preference. The cog and back brake can be configured in various ways, allowing you to operate brakeless, freewheel, dirt, wheelie shredder, etc. It is an ideal bike for someone who wishes to combine BMX racing with stunts.

2. SE Bikes Big RIPPER

 29 inch bmx bike   

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Floval Tubing, Looptail Rear End, 68mm 
  • Fork: Landing Gear, Full Cr-Mo
  • Top Tube: 23.6″
  • Crank: SE V-Ridge 3-pc Cr-Mo Cranks, 175mm, Sealed American Bottom Bracket, 160mm Spindle Length, 19mm Spindle Diameter, 36T Alloy SE Racing Sprocket

During the initial BMX craze in the early 1980s, the PK Ripper was the raddest, baddest, and most famous bike. Fast forward 40 years to the present, and the 29″ Big Ripper is dominating the Big Bike BMX craze. Like the original PK Ripper, this year’s Big Ripper frame incorporates an American bottom bracket, and a seat stay wishbone plate. The new 29″ x 2.4″ SE Bozack tires set this bike apart from the competition. The Big Ripper is the bike to have, whether you are an old-school BMX head remembering your youth or a new school #SEBIKESLIFE rider raising it up.

3. SE Fast Ripper

29 inch bmx bike

  • Full Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks
  • SRAM GX 1×10 short-cage derailleur
  • SRAM GX 1×10 Trigger shifter with exact actuation
  • Sealed-bearing alloy hubs with deep-dish, double-wall rims and Shimano 11-32T 10-speed cassette
  • Freedom ThickSlick Comp 29″ x 2.10″ tires
  • Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes with an easy-to-adjust open system, dual piston, 160mm rotors

If you’re looking for speed,’ look no further. This 29-inch BMX Bike is everything you need.

On the SE Fast Ripper, the Shimano Deore CS-HG500, 10-speed gears, and SRAM GX 110, Short Cage Rear Derailleur let you boost your speed performance while still allowing for tricks like combinations and stunning wheelies.

The SE Fast Ripper’s trigger shifter allows quick and smooth gear changes.

The gear and brake wires are embedded in this bike, so you don’t have to worry about rubbing up against your frame and harming the paint.

4. 29″ Big Flyer

29 inch bmx bike

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Floval Tubing, Internal Head Tube, 68mm Wide Mid-Bottom Bracket, Wide Rear Stays, SE Wave Dropouts
  • Fork: Landing Gear, Cr-Mo
  • Top Tube: 23.5″
  • Crank: SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 175mm, Sealed Bearing Mid Bottom Bracket, 150mm Spindle Length, 19mm Spindle Diameter, 36T SE Sprocket
  • Grips: SE BIKELIFE Grips w/ SE Rubber End Plugs
  • Headset: FSA No.10, 1-1/8″ Internal

The 29″ Big Flyer remains the undisputed king of the streets. With the addition of an internal headset and a mid-bottom bracket, the bike is more durable than ever. You can’t go wrong with four amazing colorways to choose from. “We Make It Happen,” we say once more.

5. Crew Bike Co CB29 29″ BMX Bike

29 inch bmx bike

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum. 23.5″ top tube, 17″ seat tube
  • Fork: Chromoly 1-1/8″
  • Crank: Chromoly 175mm
  • Grips: Crew BMX 135mm Flanged Grips
  • Wheelset: Sealed Bearing, Double Wall Rims, 36h
  • Headset: Threadless 1-1/8″

The all-new Crew Bike Co CB29 is the hottest new 29er on the market. “In the market is a BMX cruiser. The durable frame is composed of 6061 aluminum combined with a full Chromoly fork. The CB29 is outfitted with 29 x 2.35 tires “Tires, rims with double walls, and sealed hubs. The 4-piece chrome handlebars are ideal for cruising and popping wheelies.

6. GT Pro Performer 29

29 inch bmx bike

  • Frame: GT 86′ Pro Performer Design, 100% Cr-Mo Tubes, DT Gusset, MID BB, Seat Stay V-Brake, Integrated 1-1/8″ H/T w/ Removable Rotor Tabs
  • Fork: GT FS Design, 86′ Performer Design, 100% Cr-Mo, 1-1/8″ Steerer, 31.8 O.D. Blades, 3/8″ mm axle
  • Chain: KMC Z510
  • Crank: GT Power Series Alloy 3pc. 175mm Arms, Cr-Mo 22mm Square Spindle, 5mm 36T GT 86′ Performer Design AL Chain Wheel
  • Bottom Bracket: MID Sealed Bearing.

The “bike life” trend, which has been mostly spearheaded and maintained by SE Racing and a handful of increasingly well-known riders from Harlem, Philadelphia, and elsewhere, has now piqued the interest of all the major BMX players, including long-time industry heavyweight GT. This year, GT will have a six-bike lineup with both 26- and 29-inch wheels. The 29-inch Pro Performer, available in 1986 or 1987 graphics, is the pick of the litter. GT’s Dyno sub-brand fans will like the Pro Compe 29, while aspiring riders would prefer the army-green Street Performer 29. They are just a little bit more outfitted than the average biker.

Does the BMX Bike Require a Special Area to be Ridden?

BMX bikes require particular venues to be ridden to their full capacity because they do not perform well on standard bike lanes and roads.

These venues include purpose-built skate parks and pump tracks.

Skate parks are typically made of concrete and will endure a long if properly maintained.

BMX trailing or jump biking is typically done outside cities, where extensive trails can be created for thrill seekers.

Even if you are not competing, riding a BMX race track is a terrific way to improve your BMX skills while having fun.

Finally, Skate parks, pump tracks, and dirt trails, on the other hand, are excellent places for BMX riders to practice stunts and improve their riding ability.

What to Wear While Riding a 29-inch BMX Bike

Because of the possibility of injury, riders should always wear protective gear while riding BMX, for example, a 29-inch BMX bike.

Most competitive BMX Racing events demand a full-face helmet, whereas a typical skate-style helmet would work for a casual BMX rider.

These protective helmets shield the head from potential impact and safeguard the teeth and facial bones.

Wrist guards, as well as shin, knee, and elbow protection, can be useful for providing cushioning, especially when starting in BMX.

In order to reduce abrasions caused by falls, BMX riders frequently wear long sleeves and trousers.

If you’re thinking about taking up BMX, you should probably get some skate shoes. These have strong rubber soles that are resistant to scuffs and scrapes.


Are you interested in competing in the upcoming X-Games, off-road bike racing, or stunt competition? If you are, you are probably wondering, “What is a BMX bike?” Bicycle motocross, or BMX as it is more often known, began in the early 1970s in the United States. It was created as a stepping stone for kids to get into motocross, but it swiftly grew into its own sport. While discussing some of the top 29-inch BMX bikes, we did our best to cover the fundamentals of BMX bikes. So, have fun on your journey!


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