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This is Nick here! Author of SRO, love to play and review some of the best outdoor sports vehicles. Passionate about bikes,scooter, hoverboard, skateboard. Also take classes on outdoor sporting through some private group. Feel free to drop off any questions and suggestions you might have about the reviews and the blog

The Complete Guide to Buy An Electric Hoverboard

In the past, you may have thought that hoverboard electric scooters looked like a lot of fun when you saw someone riding one. Hoverboards have been around for a few years, but they are becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation, a way to tour around with friends, or a way for younger people […]

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Best Upgrades for Tri Bike for Changing the Race’s Outcome

Triathlon bikes (also known as tri bikes) are designed specifically for triathlon racing, with the bike leg ranging from 12 to 112 miles. Tri bikes frequently have a steeper seat tube angle, which pushes the hips forward on the ride while conserving the hamstrings for the run. With the seat tube closer to vertical, the […]

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Mongoose 29 Inch Mountain Bike – Worth It or Not

In recent years if you’ve had even a passing interest in mountain bikes, you’ve probably heard of the 29er craze. Many have praised them, while others have criticized them, but the judgment is in: mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels are here to stay. Mongoose, which was founded in a garage in Southern California in 1974, […]

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Best 29-inch BMX Bikes to Try in 2023

While road and mountain bikes are the most popular bicycles worldwide, BMX bikes aren’t far behind. Many BMX bikes are available in various sizes, making it easy to choose the right fit. However, we will be discussing 29-inch BMX bikes. Simple in design and operation, these bikes can handle weights and traverse difficult terrains that mountain […]

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Best Stunt Scooter in 2023

Best Stunt Scooter – Ultimate Buying Guide for 2023 Over the past 20 years, stunt scooters have become more and more prominent. This prompts a search for the best stunt scooter. Which one is it? Does this have an easy solution? In this updated guide for 2022, we examine stunt scooters in detail. We picked […]

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Best Waterproof Electric Scooter for Heavy Rain in 2023

Best Waterproof Electric Scooter for Heavy Rain in 2023 Looking for a waterproof electric scooter? Finding an electric scooter that meets your demands is not simple. The variety of bars, decks, brands, and weights available on the market can make you feel overwhelmed. Do not worry; we have compiled a fantastic list of electric scooters […]

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Bike Size Chart – Proven Methods to Choose the Perfect Bike

Sizing bikes can occasionally be a hassle. Even finding a bike size chart that fits all is difficult. Because not all bikes and riders have the same measurements, there isn’t always one standard system. Manufacturers indicate size in different ways, depending on the type of bike you want.We’ve put together a useful guide on bike […]

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How to Measure Bike Tire Size According to Your Height

Do you frequently struggle to determine tire size in bike shops? How to measure the bike tire size? Numerous bike models and tire sizes are available for you to choose from. You eventually wonder which one will work best for you.26-inch tires were common on mountain bikes in the beginning. Using huge tires was viewed […]

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How to Choose The Perfect Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

Although electric scooters are fantastic, can heavy people ride them? YES! It is possible to find the perfect electric scooter for heavy adults with 300 lbs. But before you purchase one, you must take some considerations into account. To help you understand, we have compiled a list here. Enjoy the trip by choosing the ideal […]

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Best Chain Bike Locks You Can Trust in 2023 (Uncuttable)

Best Bike Chain Locks You Can Trust in 2023 (Uncuttable) Are you trying to find the ideal lock for your bicycle? Finding the appropriate one amidst so many choices can be hard for anyone. This is the reason we are concentrating on the top chain bike locks. Let’s look for the suitable one together.Chain locks […]

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