Best Bikes for 6 Year Old in 2023

Best Bikes for 6 to 8 Year Old

Growing up, one of our most cheerful experiences was riding a bike. Starting off with those supporting wheels and gradually getting a hang of the balance through countless falling those were the days!

Now that you’re a parent, it’s time for your kid to learn the art of riding a bike. As easy as it appears, buying the proper sized bike for your dear child isn’t really a piece of cake. If it isn’t a mammoth task it surely takes a good bit of research to find the best bike for 6 year old kid.

If you decide to go for a bigger bike thinking that your kid will enjoy more time with it as he or she grows, chances are they will face difficulty while learning how to ride. Similarly, a smaller bike may result in discomfort, gathering too much speed or losing speed to a sizable extent.

Best Bikes for 6 to 8 Year Old

Your lovely child needs a bike that is fully compatible with his size and weight. Which is why, bikes come in various sizes to cater to your child's needs and ease of riding. Since you'll be purchasing the bike online, it's essential to get the size right in advance. Keep on reading to find out the best bike size for your 6 year old!

Best Bike for 6 Year Old Boys and Girls Comparison


Product Title

User Height

Gear Type

Price Tag




2’3” to 5’0”



676 ratings


2’7” to 4’2”



175 ratings


3’1” to 4’5”



776 ratings


3’2” to 3’8"



3328 ratings


3’2” to 4’4”



94 ratings


3’5” to 4’10”



510 ratings


3’7” to 4’10”



398 ratings


3’9” to 4'5"

6 Gears


94 ratings


4’0” to 5’0”



619 ratings

Kids Bike Sizes - How to Choose Bike Size for Kid

If you're in confusion about which kids bike size will suit your boy the best, don't randomly pick one and hope that you'll be lucky. We'll help you to narrow down how to choose bike size for kid. Whether you've already gotten a bike for your child or not, finding a proper fit may seem hard since you're not there to see the bike upfront before making a purchase.

Bike sizes mean their wheels' diameter and they can range from as tiny as 12" wheels to 24" ones. You need to pay closer attention to the size chart because if you get a size too small or too big, your kid won't enjoy riding it at all.

We are attaching a chart of kid's bike sizes considering their height below so that you can snatch the best bike for 6 year old kids!




Wheel Size



16"-20" or 40-50 cm




18"-22" or 45-55 cm




20"-24" or 50-60 cm




22"-25" or 55-63 cm




24"-28" or 60-72 cm


How to Measure a Kids Bike

You need to consider the distance between the handlebar and the saddle to ensure that your 6 years old can have a comfortable grip without having to lean much. Simply check the top tube length which you'll readily find in the specs section.

However, the easiest way to pick the perfect sized bike for your kid is to grab the measuring tape in your home and follow our instructions closely. Stand your kid with their legs apart and note down the height from the crotch to the ground. Different types of bikes like a road bike, dirt bike, mountain bike, or city bike don't require the same frame size and you must remember that.

Here's an easy trick on how to measure bike sizes for kids:

  • The frame size of a Road bike: leg inseam in centimeters x 0.70
  • The frame size of a City bike: leg inseam in centimeters x 0.685
  • The frame size of a Mountain bike: leg inseam in centimeters x 0.66

Simply convert the resulting number to inches and you'll get the suitable bike size for your kid!

What Size Bike for 6 Year Old Boy

If the thought "what size bike for 6 year old boy" crossed your mind, you're advised to check your kid's height, leg inseam against the provided size chart to pick out one which is most suitable. Most 6 year old will have an average height of 3 feet 7 inches or 115.5 centimeters. While some bikes have sizes XS, S, M, L, and up like that of clothing, all bikes will mention their frame sizes in centimeters or inches.

The bike type will alter the suitable frame size and since we have mentioned it before, you already know the calculations. Bikes having 18" to 20" wheels are appropriate for a 6-8 year old with an average height. Besides, a 20" bike will be too much of a stretch if you have a younger child. So, our advice is to stick with a 16" bike for your 4-5-year-old boy or girl. However, you can pick a 20" bike without worry for a 7-8 year kid because it's just perfect for their height.

Best Bike for 6 Year Old in 2023

Whenever you think about getting a toy or a ride for your precious little one, their safety and comfort naturally become your top priorities.

If you look back to your childhood days, you've made some of the most joyful memories riding your favorite bike around the neighborhood. And now that your kid is in that place over time, you want to make sure that he or she gets the same from a nice bike. We have enlisted the best ones you can get your hands on while explaining everything in detail so that you have a better understanding of the technical jargon and pick the most suitable bike for your dearest 6 year old boy or girl!    

1. RoyalBaby Bike - Best First Bike for 6 Year Old


We'll begin with the the best first bike for 6 years old by RoyalBaby. It has everything your child needs to start as a beginner and gradually take cycling to the next level. If your kid is learning how to ride a bike, the feature you should look for is a strong frameset and durable wheels to make sure that it lives up to all the trips and falls in the early days.

Good grips and an extra efficient handbrake is key to ensuring your little one's safety when it takes the bike anywhere other than your backyard. RoyalBaby kept all these in mind and they have incorporated all the safety features you can find in a top well-made kids' bike in the market. Its enclosed chain guard and non-slip pedals make it very easy to take off, pedal, and stop without a fuss.

Features of RoyalBaby Bike:

  • A handle is attached to the seat for the convenience of carrying.
  • A durable steel frame.
  • 2.4" wide pneumatic tires for better stability.
  • Available in different sizes starting from 12" to 20" with kickstand and training wheels.

Rating: 4.2/5


  • A soft saddle for comfortable riding.
  • Both the seat and handlebar heights are adjustable.
  • Short grip length between the handle and the brake to make braking easier.
  • Easy to assemble. 

Why we like it: This bike is dispatched mostly assembled and thus it takes away the hassle from installing brakes and front wheel. The included instructions are effortless to follow. So, you can be the hero when your kid comes back after a long ride and wants you to have the bike checked. Its exclusive braking system with rear coaster and front-caliper brake take twice the measure to give your kid a safe ride. Moreover, this bike is available in seven solid and vibrant colors for you to choose your kid's favorite!

2. Guardian Bikes (B018IZ7T5M)


This well-made bike will not only help your precious one learn how to ride faster but also ensure its safety all the way through. Apart from the safety of your child, you would also want the bike to be rugged enough to stand rough use. That's why you should consider getting this robust bike by Guardian Bikes instead of settling for a flimsy one.

Durable parts in a bike increase its longevity and give your kid the chance to make lots of good memories. We all remember that one special bike from our childhood too, right? Well, fear not because Guardian Bike brings you a one of a kind bike that will stick around through thick and thin!

Features of Guardian Bike:

  • A single brake lever commands both wheels.
  • The patented Super Stop brake efficiently prevents head over handlebar mishaps.
  • Eye-catching design makes the bike look cool.
  • 7-speed shifters, extra-strength rims, and quality kickstand.

Rating: 4.7/5


  • Weighing as light as 21.5 pounds
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to set-up after it arrives
  • The lever is easy to reach
  • With two wide tires, your kid won't need training wheels

Why we like it: As much as you'd like to supervise your kid when it rides, after mastering balance and techniques of turning, she is meant to give it a go on the streets. Your anxious parent mind will be put at ease because this bike has a patented braking system and it's one of the safest kids' bikes you can buy for your little one. Being sturdy yet lightweight, this bike is extremely comfortable to maneuver on most terrains. It's suitable for ages 5 to 9; so, you know you won't be spending a bunch on a new bike for another two years, to say the least.

3. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike (B07K3PNJJS)


This girls' bike by Schwinn will not only let your kid have the fun of cycling but also make her cool girl in the block with a phenomenal ride. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who ended up getting bruises while taking the bike for a spin in their younger days and still carrying the marks like the warrior you are, you don’t have to fear the same happening to your child. This bike is made bearing in mind the utmost safety of your precious 6-year-old as well as comfort.

Your little one is bound to love its dazzling color pallet and the handy basket at the front. The adjustable saddle and angled seat tube make it easy for the bike to cope with your child's growth. The wheels are of excellent quality and easy to install. Teaching your daughter is also made easier than ever since the set includes top-notch training wheels that take away significant damage from the wheels when the bike is exposed to crashes and trips in your kid's beginner days.

Features of Schwinn Bike:

  • Comfortable grips and saddle
  • Quality training wheels for better balance
  • Available in three gorgeous colors- pink, teal, and purple
  • The 20" wheels are best for a 6-year-old

Rating: 4.7/5


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Comes with a kickstand
  • Looks vibrant and attractive
  • A roomy basket to fit toys, lunch or water bottle

Why we like it: Before your kid adjusts to using the hand brakes at the right times, Schwinn bike doubles the braking system with superior safety. With its rear-coaster brake, your child can easily stop or slow down the bike by pedaling backward before getting properly accustomed to the front-caliper brake like that of adult bikes! Servicing the bike is also a breeze since it doesn’t require a tool for most moderations and fixes.

4. Royal Baby Space Shuttle (B079XBNK9R)


This Space Shuttle bike looks so striking that your kid will initially have a hard time taking it out for a spin fearing dents and scratches. In your childhood, what wouldn’t you give to have any of the stylish bikes available nowadays to flaunt in front of your friends? With a bike like this, Royal Baby sets a glorious example of what a kicking and high-toned ride should be!

Royal Baby brings you another top-notch bike with a look so beautiful that it's going to make your little one famous among the peers. You'll be mistaken if you think they compromised the quality to make it appear exquisite.

The rear disc brakes and the front-caliper brake allow your kid to choose one that it's most comfortable with.

Features of RoyalBaby Bike:

  • Comfortable grips and saddle
  • Quality training wheels for better balance
  • Available in three gorgeous colors- pink, teal, and purple
  • The 20" wheels are best for a 6-year-old

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Ultra-light magnesium alloy frame
  • Sturdy training wheels to tackle bumps
  • You can easily pack it up in your car's trunk.
  • Available in four stunning colors

Why we like it: The smaller space between the handle and the brake lever puts your child in better control of the bike. Its lightweight magnesium frame flaunts a sporty design with a cool color pallet. Another commendable feature of this bike is that once you teach your kid how to service their bike, the child-safe brake disc prevents their fingers from getting injured. The removable parts make it easy for you to pack the bike snugly in the garage or carry in the boot of your car while moving to a new home. The wide tires are perfect for a comfortable ride with maximum safety. You can readily adjust its seat height to a position your child finds most suitable to pedal from.

5. Dynacraft Hot Wheels (B07WSJYS1X)


If you have already jeopardized your relationship with the little one by trying to feed him larger proportions of broccolis, you can still turn that around and win him back.

Dynacraft presents you with a stunning kid’s bike that you can get for your dearest 6-year-old. This is one spectacular bike loaded with great features and it's something both you and your kid can agree on; if not anything else!

Whether your child is a Hot Wheels fan or not, he is sure to love its exotic design featuring Hot Wheels pictures all over the vivid frameset. The handlebar showcases bold designs of racing cars that will keep your kid entertained and get him to like riding better than ever! Appearance is not the only forte Dynacraft focused on; it incorporates brilliant safety measures to keep your child safe at all times even if the Hot Wheels bring out the little racer in him!

Features of Dynacraft Bike:

  • Rear coaster and front brake
  • Hot Wheels noisemaker
  • Includes Turbospoke bicycle exhaust system
  • 18" wide wheels
  • The parts and frameset are both durable

Rating: 4.4/5


  • Adjustable and removable training wheels
  • Custom racing car graphics for a sporty experience
  • Adjustable saddle height according to your kid's own
  • Fully covered chain guard to prevent accidental pricks and bruises

Why we like it: We like it because of its nice looks, the comfort of riding, multiple brake systems, quality wheels and more. Other than the looks, the aspect unique to this bike is that it has a Hot Wheels noisemaker on the grip to give your kid a realistic impression of racing! Its magnificent design will fetch lots of compliments on the way and don't worry about the color fading. This bike will stay with your kid just like Mater did for McQueen.

6. Joystar Pluto Kids Bike (B085HKKGDN)


Joystar presents you with a remarkable starter bike for your 6-year-old to enjoy. Its premium steel frameset will tackle any havoc your little one may wreak on it. So, you have no reason to think that this bike too will face an "untimely death" like the devastating toy robot you had to dump in the bin last week. This one is a well-built and sturdy bike you can get for the money hands down!

In the package, you will also get a DIY decal that your kid can color and shape any way he likes and stick it to the bike's frame. The chain guard covers the entire chain and chain-rings and provides maximum safety when your young rider first learns how to pedal. Yes, that's right! No more accidental jabs. Although this bike comes in a bright, solid color, the chain guard displays a jazzy design for a punch of style!

Features of Joystar Pluto Kids Bike:

  • Doesn’t incorporate a hand brake.
  • A holder on the saddle allows parents to balance the ride.
  • Quick-adjust seat height.
  • BMX style handlebars.

Rating: 4.4/5


  • It comes with quality training wheels.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the steel frameset.
  • Includes necessary tools for easy assembly.
  • Single-speed for focused learning.

Why we like it: To begin with, we like the fact that it has a single speed. You don't want many speed options in a beginner bike and that's why it's one of the safest options available. 85% of the assembling job is pre-done. You only need to pump up the tires, snap in the provided parts and you're good to go. It has a simple construction and needs a little maintenance from time to time. So, you don’t have to look for the instruction manual when something is misplaced. You can pretty much handle it all by yourself with minimum tools in your home.

7. Firmstrong Urban Girl Beach Cruiser (B004CZEBX6)


As much as we were content with our simple steel bikes, the look of a kid's bike has changed dramatically over the years. You know we aren’t kidding when you have a look at this specimen of a beach bike brought to you by Firmstrong. Your kid may not take it for a spin at the skate park to flaunt some bike tricks, this one is best for a nice, relaxing ride at the beach.

This beach cruiser stands out for its top-level features. To begin with, it has a slightly upright saddle and long handlebars for the rider's ease. The pedals roll smoothly without a fuss so it's extremely convenient to take out for a spin on the sand. You can tilt or adjust the handlebars and saddle to a suitable height and position.

Features of Frimstrong Beach Cruiser:

  • Maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds
  • Balloon tires
  • Spacious seating
  • Single-speed beach bike

Rating: 4.4/5


  • Dual springs in the saddle give extra comfort
  • Fenders for trouble-free riding
  • You can install training wheels
  • Wide, white-wall tires

Why we like it: This is one of the best beach bikes you'll find for the price. It combines a good drivetrain with balloon tires for hassle-free pedaling along the coast or similar terrains. The coaster braking system is no less appealing than the rest of the features. All your kid has to do is pedal backward and the bike will slow down. If you want to avoid complicated gears in your girl's first beach ride, you'll be happy to know that this bike has one brake and one gear which means fun cruising at uniform speed! The fenders at the front and rear prevent mud, water, and sand from spraying around. The 13-inch frame is perfect for your 6-year-old girl.

8. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike (B07G1HT6DF)


If you’re on the hunt for a suitable BMX style ride for your energetic 6-year-old, this bike by Mongoose is up for the challenge. It has a linear-pull brake, a type of cantilever brake that provides an excellent stopping capacity. It will stay viable for longer times compared to other braking alternatives. This bike can indeed be a comfortable sidewalk cruiser for your little one.

Its steel frame has quite a lot of colors to offer you; ranging from chalky white, somber silver to exotic orange, neon green, and so on. This bike has 20-inch wheels and 2-inch wheel width for a comfortable run around the town. While all the other colors provide wheels in black, the white one hails magnificence with tires in white!

Features of Mongooes Leigon:

  • Detachable brake mounts and tapered head tube
  • Comfortable 7" BMX style handlebars
  • Steel linear-pull brakes
  • 2 inch wide tires and good wheelset.

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Available in a wide array of colors
  • BMX bike with cool decals
  • The parts have 1-year limited warranty
  • The frame has a 5-year limited warranty

Why we like it: This bike caught our eyes with its pleasant steering performance as well as precise speed control. While beginner bikes can only provide a single-speed, this one takes it to the next level with good brakes and comfort of riding. The top tube has a length of 18.2 inches, the distance between the saddle and the handlebars are perfect considering your little one is 4 to 5 feet tall. The threaded headset and quality drivetrain of the bike top other alternatives in the market and that's how it secured a spot in our list of the best kid’s bikes for your 6-year-old boy or girl.

9. Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys Bike (B00LPBM7CM)


If your boy is growing out of his old bike with training wheels, it's time to introduce him to this BMX street bike that will give him the most fun. The handlebar pads and coaster brakes make it super safe to ride even for the naughtiest of the lot! Its sturdy steel frameset incorporates a kickstand and a sophisticated look resembling an adult bike. Moreover, the tires are wide enough to ensure your 6-year old's safety when he tries out a few bike tricks at the skatepark.

This bike is for any boy in the 6 to 10-year-old age range. Since it's made of durable materials all the way through, you might not need another in four years! This is a bike that gives you a plus point when a budget is involved. The red decals bring out its sporty side and the black color makes it stand out in the crowd of florals and superheroes. With tires, saddle, handlebar grips and frame- all in black, this is a bike that you're bound to take seriously!

Features of Dynacraft Magna Throttle:

  • Best for 6 to 10-year-old boys
  • Open chain guard and non-slip pedals
  • Maximum 105 pounds weight support
  • Easy to adjust saddle height

Rating: 4.5/5


  • Padded saddle and handlebars
  • Precision speed control with coaster brakes
  • Suitable for off the road cycling too
  • Reflectors at rear and front for better visibility in the dark

Why we like it: This bike has big handlebars with padding and a cushioned saddle so that your little one can enjoy long hours of comfortable riding with his friends. The kickstand will help him to stand the bike anywhere he likes instead of searching for a pole. The fork as well as the frameset is backed by a lifetime warranty so you know you won't be spending bucks after bucks on moderations if something feels substandard. Expect nothing but the best from this BMX bike by Dynacraft!

Differences Between 4  Years and 6 Years Old Bikes

When it comes to choosing bikes for different age groups, there are certain factors to consider. Let us elaborate on these factors a bit for a clearer view of what sort of bike you should be buying.

Seat Height

Generally, Bikes for 4-5 olds kids have a height of 37-44 inches with a lower seat position for easy ground reaching. On the other hand, Bikes for 6-8 olds kids have a relatively higher seating position, which allows kids to learn to balance without dropping their feet on the ground.

Pedals and Tires

Some of the bikes for 4-5 old kids do not have pedals, and some of them come with removable fat tires for better stability and grip. However, most of the balancing bikes do not have any chain or wheel frame. The general bikes for much older kids are one step ahead with removable training wheels, 20" tires, and rear coaster brakes.

Bikes Weight

Balancing bikes and 20" bikes are very lightweight which helps kids to balance on 2 wheels faster. The 4-5 olds kid's bikes are relatively heavier because they are built for usual streets.

Leg Length

A bike for 4-5-year-old kids is generally built with 16-20 inches of inside leg length, whereas a bike for 6-8-year-olds has a length around 18-22 inches. This is done to ensure that the legs stay slightly bent on the pedals.

Speed and Brake

Smaller bikes usually have a single speed and pedal backward braking system while the bikes for 6-8 years olds feature hand braking and a single-speed system.

Things to Consider When Buying Bikes for 6 - 8 Years Old Kids

Picking bikes for your kid could be pretty confusing, to say the least. Tons of bikes come in different sizes and offer multiple features like balancing the bike, training wheel bike, coastal brake, hand brake, and many more. But we have your work all figured out. You sit back, relax, and keep reading the article to pick the correct bike for your 6-year-old!

Child's Height and Body Measurement

Bikes for 6-year-old kids are specifically designed in a less complicated way with 20-inch tires. All you need to do is ensure a decent standover height for the kids. You’ll have to find whether they can reach the ground while sitting on the bike or not. Apart from that, matching the legs length with the seat-to-paddle height is essential as well. The distance between bike handles entirely depends on your child’s preferences, so make sure he/she gets a test drive before you cash in your money.

Bike Weight

The next thing you need to do is to figure out the actual weight of the bike. The measurements are pretty simple- a kid's bike should be 50-40% less heavy than the kid who is driving. Let’s say your kid weighs around 40 kg, the bike then needs to be 20 kg or less. Some fancy and expensive bikes weigh more than that- and even though they are shiny and lucrative, we wouldn’t suggest you go for them.

Coaster Brake or Handbrake

Coaster brake bikes are relatively cheaper and specially designed bikes for smaller kids because they tend to impulsively roll the paddle backward if they lose balance. But there’s a catch- while these bikes are a delight in usual streets- it can turn out to be quite dangerous on steeper roads. A six-year-old is supposed to have a grip on the hand brakes- so make sure the brakes are well within their reach.

Support Wheels or Balancing Bike

For 6-year old kids, support wheels bikes could be perfect since most of these balancing bikes are designed without chain and paddle. To be more exact, balancing bikes are more suitable for indoor uses. However, your child can practice a bit on free streets, maybe in a park?

Belt or Chain Drive

If your kid is very enthusiastic and active, then chances are high that he/she will ride the bike regularly. If that is the case, chain driving bikes could cause trouble because they can go stiff and cause your child to fall. On the contrary, belt chains are maintenance-free, they don’t wear off easily and they don’t fall.

Main Parts of a 18 - 20 inch Kid's Bike for 6 - 8 Years Old

Bikes for kids come with a good lot of variety and differences since they come in multiple sizes and designs. In general, a bike for children is built with 4-5 major parts like a frame, tires, support wheels, paddles, and more. All of these are essential parts- so you need to be careful with choosing the ones that suit your child the most.


The frame is perhaps the most essential part of the bike which holds the bike together. From wheels to the handlebar, every element is connected with the frame. A bike's durability depends 80% on the bike's frame. The usual bikes for 6-8 years old kids are specifically crafted with aluminum and steel, thereby making these bikes quite heavy. Though when it comes to good brands, they balance the weight and we get a relatively lightweight bike.


Wheels are the elements that keep a bike running. Needless to say, good tires make it easy to balance and help to avoid unnecessary tumbling. When it comes to tires, companies tend to build wider tires for strong gripping. The thickness of the tires is not always the best for your kid instead they should be smooth and perfectly round.

Support Wheels

For your kid's safety, some companies offer removable support wheels on both sides of the bike. Support wheels help your child to learn cycling fast with higher security. At the very beginning of your kids' learning phase, it is important to give them a bike that comes with a supported wheel. Your kids will probably ask you to remove those supported wheels after a couple of month’s practice, so a little patience will do the trick here.


Paddles are placed right at the bottom side of the bike. They are connected with the chain while the wheels roll depending on how much pressure you put on the paddles. Since slipping feet from the paddle may lead to severe injuries, it is necessary to buy bikes with anti-slippery paddles for your kid’s safety.

What Size of Bikes for 6-8 Year Old Kids is Perfect?

As the kids grow, they become more proficient in balancing the bike. So their previous 5-year old 16-inch bikes will not get the work done when they’re taller and stronger. A wrong-sized bike can hamper your child’s growth, so your kid requires a bike with a perfect harmony of weight and size. Keeping that in mind, we have created a table to give you an exact idea of what size bike for 6-8-year-olds is preferable.

Child Age

Child Height (cm)

Inseam Length (cm)

Wheel Size (inches)

5-6 years




6-8 years




7-9 years




Safety Tips for Your Kid's Biking

Riding a bike can be one of the most fun outdoor activities your 6-year-old can engage in. A great bike for your little one can inspire them to spend more time in the sun with their friends and exercise. No matter how expensive a bike you buy for your child, they are bound to tip over a few times in the early days.

As a parent, what you can do is ensure your child's safety so that they can ride their bike with ease. While a good bike comes with quality brakes and safety features, following certain tips will take it to perfection. Here are the steps you can take:

Get a Safety Helmet

A helmet that fits your kid properly will save them if they occasionally fall or tip over while riding around the town. We would recommend going for a sturdy helmet with a perfect fit for toddlers because cheap ones may not live up to regular wear and tear.

Keep an Eye on Your Child

Always keep an eye while your kid rides a bike in the first days of learning. Good bikes have a handle at the back of the saddle for you to balance the bike when your child practices without training wheels. Notice if their feet are reaching the ground. You are advised not to let them ride on streets just yet unless they master basic acceleration and braking. Moreover, a loose outfit may get tangled to the chainrings. Dress your kid in a close-fitting outfit before sending them for a spin. Most importantly, make sure that your little one acquires the basics before going for bike tricks.

Maintenance is Important

You should check your kid's bike every once in a while if the chain and brakes are working properly. Likewise, check the tires' air pressure for smooth riding experience.  See if the seat is properly placed, the pedals turn well and the handlebars are within the reach.

Best Bikes for 6-8 Year Old Kids - Video

Bottom Line

Riding a bike builds a knack for exercise in your kids from an early age, which later on encourages them to take up other sports. They also learn how to lead a healthy life, improve their motor capacity and muscle strength that keep sickness and lethargy at bay in the years to come. Furthermore, when they grow, they will reminisce about all the moments they had while riding a bike.

Within this article, we researched, analyzed, and then added a list of bikes for 6 years, old kids. Besides other aspects, we likewise discussed what size bike for 6 to 8 years old should be ideal. The reason behind our efforts is to see your kids


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