Best Bike Chain Locks You Can Trust in 2023 (Uncuttable)

Are you trying to find the ideal lock for your bicycle? Finding the appropriate one amidst so many choices can be hard for anyone. This is the reason we are concentrating on the top chain bike locks. Let's look for the suitable one together.

Chain locks are composed of a lock, several hardened steel links that are typically enclosed in a nylon sleeve for protection. The lock can be a separate padlock, or it can be built into the chain.

Chain locks have a lot of positive aspects, including:

  • The first benefit is that you may lock your bike to a variety of objects thanks to their respective length and flexibility.

  • Second, there are no unpleasant u-lock frame mounts to worry about because they can be carried quite easily wrapped over your seat post!

  • They are also more immune to some typical attack strategies employed against other bike locks. They cannot, for instance, be leveraged open or jacked open like a bottle. Furthermore, using power equipment to cut them is more challenging.

These benefits, however, come with a hefty price: they are exceedingly heavy. U-locks are far lighter than chain locks, which provide equal degrees of security.

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You must evaluate your needs before purchasing any kind of lock. Some organizations rate the security of bike chain locks, such as Solid security and ART. Look for these ratings to get a sense of the security level the chain lock can offer. Recognize whether riding a bike in your neighborhood is unsafe or not. Pick the suitable option after that. Here, we have chosen six chain locks that we think are excellent. You can pick one of these. Alternatively, you may look for another. Use the advice we've provided below. I wish you a fun and safe ride on your bike.

1. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain

best bike chain lock

We expected the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and Disc Lock to be massive and heavy. The combined weight of the 5-foot chain and the small yet dependable disc lock is more than 15 pounds. Wowza! This lock offers excellent security, toughness, and flexible locking settings as required. Since it's the least portable model we've looked at, it's better to leave it at the bike rack you frequently use, where security is a top issue.

The 5-foot-long, 14 mm 3t hardened manganese steel chain that makes up the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain has a nylon sleeve attached to it. The chain is held in place by a PVC-coated 15 mm steel shackle disc lock.

The mere sight of this lock serves as a powerful theft deterrent. It received the top "Gold" grade from Sold Secure for motorcycles and bicycles. It also obtains a Category 3 grade from Thatcham Quality Assured, a UK-based automotive research institute for motor insurance. It's a beast both in print and in person.

Three keys are included with the Fahgettaboudit Chain and Disc Lock, and one of them has a useful inbuilt HID light. This bike lock is a part of Kryptonite's Key Safe Program, which entitles you to a single, complimentary replacement set of keys throughout the lock's useful life. That is great. This is easily one of the best chains on the market. It's non-portable but can safely secure multiple bikes.

It has two different versions available on Amazon. 1415 and 1410. 1415 is inevitably heavier and longer than the 1410 version. Other characteristics are identical.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain at a Glance:

Security Range: Sold Secure “Gold”

Thickness: 14 mm Chain Links

Material: 3t manganese steel

Shackle: 15 mm hardened Performance steel shackle

Sleeve: Nylon with hook-n-loop fasteners

Lock Type: U-Lock, Double deadbolt locking

Crossbar: Oval hardened steel crossbar

Cylinder: High-security disc-style cylinder with sliding dust cover

Keys: 3, One of them has integrated HID light.

Type: Stationary

1415 Version

Weight: 15.25 lbs (6.92 kg)

Length: 3.25’ (100cm)

1410 Version

Length: 5' (150cm)

Weight: 10.8lb (4.9kg) 


  • Top quality stationary chain

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Manganese hardened steel


  • More expensive

  • Non-portable

Why we Love it?

This product is loved by the Amazon users. 2425 global users rated it 4.6/5.

  • Sold Secure Gold rated

  • It offers lifetime warranty.

  • It features 3 stainless steel keys — including new key design and one LED replaceable key fob.

2. Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring

best bike chain lock

One of the best chain bick locks available right now is the Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring 1275. Another bike lock with a Sold Secure Gold rating, the 1275 offers greater use than traditional chains.

The 1275 features a big final link at one end of the chain, which lets you lasso your bike by looping the chain back over itself and securing the free end to something immovable.

The weight of the Cinch Ring 1275 is 6.95 lb (3.15 kg), or roughly the equivalent of 8 Coke cans. The ideal spot to haul a heavy item is typically around your seat post, where it won't interfere with your center of gravity. But if you drag it around every day, you'll undoubtedly still feel it.

The 1275 is, in my opinion, the absolute zenith of what may be practically carried around daily. It's the only chain with 12 mm links that can be considered to be a portable lock.

The 1275 is a wonderful option if you frequently require extra storage space or ride with a partner.

The "noose" is what sets this lock apart from other chain locks. The noose is what? The chain has a bigger, oblong link at one end. To make a noose, the other end of the chain can be inserted through this circular link.

Why is that so fantastic? You can secure more items with fewer links! When using a standard locking technique, the locking object must be passed around before the chain's two ends come together. As a result, there are always two chains between the bike and the immovable object.

With this technique, there is only one length of chain between the two because one end is tightened around the immovable object and the other end is tightened around the bike. Less chain hence extends farther!

Confused? A picture would be helpful.

best chain bike locks

Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring at a Glance:

Security Range: Sold Secure “Gold”

Kryptonite rating: 9/10

Chain thickness: 12 mm

Weight: 6.95 lb (3.15 kg)

Length: 30" (75 cm)

Shackle Diameter: 14 mm

Material: 3t Hardened Manganese Steel

Usage: Bicycle, e-bike

Type: Portable


  • 12 mm max performance hardened steel links
  • Sold secure gold bicycle and motorcycle rated
  • 14 mm hardened steel disc lock
  • High quality material
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavier than D locks and folding locks

Why we Love it?

This product is loved by the Amazon users. 571 global users rated it 4.5/5.

  • The highest security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant.
  • Ergonomic designed keys reduce the amount of torque.
  • The hardened double deadbolt locking system has extensive holding power.

3. Hiplok Gold Chain Locks

best bike chain lock

The only wearable lock on our best chain bike locks list is Hiplok GOLD. The Hiplok Gold can be wrapped around the waist due to its integrated belt system, delivering a pleasant and extremely practical ride.

There is no magic involved; a lock with more hardened steel is more secure. The issue is that extra steel results in a heavier, more difficult-to-operate lock. The Hiplok Gold manages to strike a balance between the two opposing problems and provides a practical and safe urban lock, but it is not inexpensive. The Hiplok Gold is a heavy belt that is also fully functional. Although you'll detect 2.2 kg around your waist, it's not a problem for urban riding and commuting. Never does it stumble or feel uneasy.

The Hiplok is 33.5′′ (85 cm) long, and because of its adjustable strap, it will fit most waists (30 to 44 cm) comfortably.

Because padlocks are typically regarded as a weak or targeted region, the 10 mm chain links on the Hiplok Gold are constructed of solid steel, and its 12 mm padlock shackle offers protection against bolt cutters. Hiplok's highest level of security was awarded to this 10 mm bicycle chain lock.

Hiplok's lifetime guarantee and three coded replacement keys are included with the Hiplok Gold purchase, ensuring the continued correct operation of your lock.

The Hiplok Gold is without a doubt the greatest 10 mm bike chain lock on the market and is my preferred 10 mm chain lock due to its exceptional portability.

Hiplok Gold at a Glance:

Security Range: Sold Secure “Gold”

Thickness: 10 mm

Length: 33.5" (85 cm)

Weight: 4.85 lb (2.2 kg)

Waist Size: 30"-44"

Key or Combination: 3 x replaceable coded keys

Shackle Diameter: 12 mm

Type: Portable


  • Comfortable to wear and no locking required

  • Reflective exterior adds safety when lock is worn and protects bike frame

  • Includes three coded and replaceable keys

  • Sold Secure Gold rated


  • Price is high

  • No mechanism for securing extra waist strap material

Why we Love it?

This product is loved by the Amazon users. 558 global users rated it 4.7/5.

  • It is wearable with an adjustable buckle.

  • Removable, washable sleeve with optional reflective detail.

4. Kryptonite Kryptolok 995 Chain Bicycle Locks

best bike chain locks

This item has the single aim of making your bike theft-proof. There is no way to combat it unless someone shows up with an angle grinder. The item weighs up to 5.55 lbs, which is substantial. Although you can't wear it all the time or while working out or training, it might be bearable for commuting.

This lock is pretty darn close to being ideal. It is far more difficult to use a cutting tool on the thick, square-cross-section links than it is on a stiff U-lock staple. It's challenging to enter any kind of instrument into the chain because of how short it is. The drawback of this is that maneuvering around the seat tube, rear wheel, and bike rack is challenging. You might have to be content to simply loop it through the frame. Nothing is exposed because the end, or "locking," link is put into the lock body.

This bike lock has a high-security disc-style cylinder which is picked and drill resistant. The packaging also includes a durable weather-resistant nylon sleeve to prevent any scratches. You can register your lock and key to the anti-theft protection and key safe program. 

Kryptonite Kryptolok 995 Chain Bicycle Lock at a Glance:

Security Range: Sold Secure “Gold”. Art 4. 6/10 on Kryptonite's security scale.

Thickness: 9.5 mm

Length: 37.5" (95 cm)55", 140 cm (90 cm, 110 cm are also available)

Weight: 5.55 lbs (2.52 kg)

Material: 3T Manganese Steel

Sleeve: Weather-resistant nylon sleeve

Usage: ‎All Bikes, Motorcycles

Keys: 2 Stainless Steel keys with ergonomic ‘I’ design

Locking Mechanism: Talon dead bolt, end link design

Type: Portable


  • Sold Secure Gold rated

  • Solid build

  • Hardened dead bolt design for additional security


  • Too heavy to carry

Why we Love it?

This product is loved by the Amazon users. 337 global users rated it 4.4/5.

  • The package includes 2 Stainless steel keys with ergonomic design to reduce the amount of torque. So they won’t bend or break.

  • No weak link in the chain due to the new deadbolt design. It secures the link against attacks.

5. SeatyLock Viking Bike Chain Lock

best bike chain locks

5th of the best chain bike locks is Seatylock Viking. When selecting a new bike chain lock, consideration should be given to the following two security features:

  • each chain link's thickness

  • locking system

The Seatylock Viking has good protection levels for each criterion when compared to similar chain locks.

Although the reinforced steel chain links on the Viking are 9.65 mm thick rather than the 10 mm promised on the Seatylock website, they offer adequate defense against the majority of tools that street robbers will carry.

The Seatylock Viking has a Bicycle Gold grade from Sold Secure, an independent security rating organization. The Gold rating indicates that this bike chain can thwart targeted attacks made with a larger toolkit.

The second-highest grade a bike lock may receive is Sold Secure Gold; the top rating is the famous diamond rating.

It's a little bit too heavy to be portable. Carrying it in a backpack for a long distance might be uncomfortable. If you ride your bike to work every day, you can leave the Seatylock Viking locked there. It's a terrific way to have immediate access to a reliable lock with good security.

The locking cylinder and slider keys used in the whole lineup of locks from Seatylock provide a good defense against picking and manipulation, while also enabling seamless operation. The Viking comes with three coded keys, which may be changed if they are lost for a very low cost.

The locking mechanism works well and needs little upkeep. The automated keyhole cover shields the mechanism from filth, extending the life of your lock.

The Viking also makes use of strong magnetic locking help. I haven't used magnetic locking before, but I hope too soon because it makes locking your bike much easier to use.

Overall, the Viking has impressive Sold Secure Gold certification and security features that make it appropriate for usage in high-risk regions where thieves are active.

SeatyLock Viking Bike Chain Lock at a Glance:

Security Range: Sold Secure “Gold”

Thickness: 10 mm

Length: 55", 140 cm (90 cm, 110 cm are also available)

Weight: 7.50 lb (3.40 kg)

Material: Hardened Steel

Sleeve: Silicon Cover & Neoprene Sleeve

Lock Type: Patented Magnetic Closure Key Lock

Usage: ‎All Bikes, E-Bikes, Motorcycles

Type: Stationary


  • Sold Secure Gold rated

  • Magnetic locking system

  • Heavy-duty deadbolt locking system

  • Suitable for use in high-risk areas

  • Broke my 36-inch bolt cutters!


  • Not "bolt cutter proof"

  • Slightly too heavy to use as a portable lock

Why we Love it?

This product is loved by the Amazon users. 291 global users rated it 4.7/5.

  • It is a perfect stationary bike lock.

  • The locking mechanism is really impressive. 

  • High strength magnet for better security.

6. Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock

best bike chain locks

Almost any moped, scooter, or motorbike can have its wheel, forks, or swing arm wrapped with this chain. You might alternatively tether the device to a piece of street furniture or a ground anchor. However, if you commute wearing a suit, you should be mindful that the fabric sleeve will naturally start to accumulate dirt over time.

It has a significant advantage just from the sturdy, incredibly steady 12 mm-hexagonal chain made of special hardened steel. The lock, the second element of this combination, goes much further. The chain attaches to it securely and immediately thanks to the proprietary ABUS Power Link technology. Additionally, hardened steel was used to create the housing and locking mechanism.

A direct and secure connection from the chain to the locking mechanism is possible thanks to ABUS Power Link technology (patent pending). The delivery's scope includes two keys, one of which is LED lighted. A manually operated keyhole cover guards against corrosion and contaminates the hole.

Although it lacks some adaptability, the Granit 59's self-contained design makes it very straightforward to operate. It's a sturdy lock that provides a fair amount of security, though we wouldn't advise using it for routine storage at the same place every night.

Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock at a Glance:

Security Rating: ART 4

Thickness: 12 mm

Length: 43" (110 cm)

Weight: 8.82 lb (4 kg)

Material: Special Hardened Steel

Cylinder System: Abus XPlus Cylinder

Key: Two keys. One LED torch key

Sleeve: Fabric Sleeve Included

Type: Stationary


  • A textile sleeve is attached to a 12 mm hexagonal chain to prevent paint damage.

  • The locking mechanism and chain can be connected directly and safely thanks to ABUS Power Link technology (patent pending).

  • High-level security against manipulation, such as picking, with the ABUS XPlus Cylinder.

  • Keyhole cover that is manually actuated for corrosion and dirt protection.


  • The Extreme Plus 59 will undoubtedly lose to an angle grinder. However, this is still an extremely loud and attention-getting technique.

Why we Love it?

This product is loved by the Amazon users. 239 global users rated it 4.7/5.

  • Very good protection against high risk of theft

  • Recommended for securing high-value motorbikes

  • Very easy handling, because only one end of the chain has to be locked

Best Chain for Bike Locks - Stationary VS Portable

It's crucial to comprehend the types since we're discussing the best chain bike locks. Chain locks must be divided into two categories:

  • Portable ones to ride your bicycle around all day.

  • Those that are so weighty that you must leave them stationary forever.

Therefore, you should evaluate what you want before purchasing a chain lock: portable or stationary security.

Portable Bike Chain Locks:

The majority of chains are at least 23 inches long (60 cm). You can choose from different locking options. Because portable chain locks are available in many lengths and adaptable chain link shackles. In most cases, portable chain locks can lock your bike to lampposts, as opposed to a D lock.

Generally, a D lock will be lighter than a portable chain. Sadly, this implies that even lightweight chain locks are not light enough. Some chain locks allow the user to wear them. Though you can wear them over the waist or the shoulder, they can be uncomfortable.

The size of the links in portable chains is the key problem. Chain locks should weigh no more than 3 kg to be deemed portable. It may be too much for some folks to carry around 3 kg of additional weight. As a result, portable chain locks can only have 12 mm or even smaller links.

The higher the security, the thicker the shackle or links. This means that while portable chains won't offer your bike the highest levels of protection, they make up for it in other ways.

Stationary Bike Chain Locks:

Their enormous weight is not an issue for stationary chains. Since you won't travel with them. Additionally, stationary chains are typically longer, giving you better working space for locking. You can secure two or more motorcycles thanks to this.

D locks don't work as well with ground anchors as chain locks do. Because stationary chain locks are longer and larger.

When locking up your bike at home, having a larger locking area might be beneficial because you can lock up multiple bikes at once. Even with the use of power tools, breaking a chain is far more difficult due to the moving links. The most secure option for bike locks is stationary chains because of their larger links and flexible chain.

How The Security Levels Are Measured for Best Security Chain Locks

Some organizations test locks and compare the outcomes. So it's simple to comprehend what bike locks would work best for us. The most well-known are Sold Secure and Stitching ART.

A lot of the locks on the European market have been examined by ART, a Dutch group. For a change, the non-profit Sold Secure is based in the UK and is primarily focused on the British and North American markets.

Rankings are simple to follow. Bicycles are meant to be adequately protected with a 2-star grade on the ART system, which ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the most secure.


best bike chain locks

Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three degrees of bike protection offered by Sold Secure. Bronze provides bare-bones security. A good place to start looking is with the "balance between price and security" that silver offers. Gold ought to be at the highest level.

Best Bike Chain Lock

How To Choose The Best Chain Bike Locks in 2023 – A Buyer’s Guide!

You can explore elsewhere for a better choice, even though we share our opinion of the best chain bike lock. We will thus go through three methods in this part to help you select the ideal chain lock for you.

Assess your level of risk

Depending on the level, you can select the lock. We have compiled some questions for your convenience. You can determine which type of locks are best for you by responding to these questions.

  • Do you frequently leave your bike alone for longer than an hour in crowded city areas or on college campuses?

  • Is the area where you live a "tourist hot point" or a "student city"?

  • Does your bike appear to be more expensive than the usual one?

Your Answer

Your Risk Level (NL)

Perfect Security Level For You

0x YES


ART2 or Sold Secure Silver

1x YES


ART3+ or Sold Secure Gold. Second lock recommended (some basic, non-rated should suffice)

2x YES


ART3+ or Sold Secure Gold AND a second lock (non-rated or MID security is fine)

3x YES


ART4+ or Sold Secure Gold AND a second lock (MID security and above, based on how much you value your bike)

Which Type of Bike Locks are Appropriate For You?

It's time to choose the type now that you are aware of your level of danger. Bicycle locks come in four primary categories. These each have advantages and disadvantages. Let's investigate.


Folding Lock

Chain Lock

Cable Lock



















Affordability ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐




 🛴 Cheaper

 🛴 Lighter than Other types

 🛴 Easy to carry

 🛴 Practical length

 🛴 Secures well

 🛴 Fasten around more objects than others.

 🛴 Long, light

 🛴 cheap

 🛴 Complicated to carry

 🛴 Won’t fasten around heavier objects

 🛴 Limited choice

 🛴 Durability isn’t high

 🛴 Very heavy

 🛴 Expensive

 🛴 The chances of getting the bike stolen is pretty high!

The Brand!

The appropriate brand selection is just as crucial as the correct type of bike lock. The procedure could seem too difficult. It's worthwhile, though, just trust the process.

There are a few things to consider while choosing a brand. Such as:

  • Cost-effective or not
  • Build quality
  • Customer service

Always read internet reviews. So that you can determine whether the product is worth the price or not.


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