Top 5 Best Christmas, Valentine and Birthday Gifts for Kids

Christmas is almost here, is it time to freak out yet? Absolutely not. Althought the holiday season can be filled with hustle and bustle, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many Christmas gift ideas for kids that can make the holiday season a lot more manageable. Let’s be honest, the kids gifts are the hardest part of the shopping experience, especially if you have 100 nieces and nephews like some of us.

This list also works for helping you find easter gifts for kids in case you want to come back to this list sometime in the spring. You may also do valentine gifts for kids in your family, in which case some of these will work for that as well.

5 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2019

Best christmas gifts for kids over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Disney Action Figure Collectors Set

Excellent gift for kids that like to collect

First on our list of kids gifts ideas is the Funko Pop collections. For those of you who don’t know what these are, they are collectors items based off of popular movies and games. Kids love these and everyone has their favorite series to collect. If you find a few of these in your kids room, chances are they will want more.

Find out what collections the pop dolls they have are from and try the other ones from that collection. For instance, if they are collecting the finding Dory collection, try to find the Hank, Nemo, and dory dolls for instance. The goal is to collect the whole set, and as we know, collections are some of the easiest ways to find gift ideas for kids.

United States Capitol Building Kit (1032 Piece)

Great gift for smart kids

Do you have a little builder in the family? Why not foster that great creativity by getting your kid a great LEGO set for christmas? If you are feeling really ambitious, why not see if they can build the U.S Capitol building out of LEGO. This is a great gift and it can keep your kid busy for hours!

You can also see if your kid is up to the challenge of making the White House out of LEGOs. There are many different monuments and destinations that your kid can build so if they like this Christmas gift, you always have great valentine gifts for kids as well as easter gifts for kids down the road.

Fingerlings - Interactive Baby Monkey

Most Popular Christmas Gift

This list would not be complete without mentioning fingerlings. These toys are taking the country by storm right now. In all honesty, I don’t quite understand their appeal, but kids love them and that’s what matters! Try figuring out what your kids favorite animals are and that should serve as a good guidline for you.

If they love monkeys, there are plenty of those. If they are more into squirrels, fear not, they have those as well. Like the other items on this list, these are also collectors items so they not only make great gifts, but it makes it that much easier to come up with gift ideas for kids down the road.

CollEGGtibles 4-Pack + Bonus

Most popular kids christmas gift runner up

Another toy that rivals fingerlings in terms of their popularity are hatchimals. These are available in so many different stores nationwide but can also be found on amazon for a great price. These toys let your kids “hatch” their own creatures by breaking open an egg to reveal a plush stuffed animal. This is such a fun toy for kids to play with and if you are skeptical I would recommend looking into them a bit because it really is a cool idea.

Pokémon Ultra Sun - Nintendo 3DS

Great video game for kids

To add some diversity to this list I wanted to add a great video game for kids. The pokemon company has completely dominated the kids video game market for the last two decades almost and now riding of the success of the recent pokemon go phenomenon, pokemon is hotter than ever. If your kid has a 3ds and they don’t have this game, I’m sure this game is somewhere on this list.

There are brand new worlds to explore, brand new creatures to meet and hours of fun for your kid to have. If you are looking to get some peace and quiet this holiday, this game should do the trick. Your kid will be content for hours without asking you for anything, giving you the time to enjoy the holiday.

Great Personalized Kids Gifts

If you want to take a different route to make personalized gifts for kids that is a great way to show your love without making things too commercialized. Take a lesson from all the father’s day gifts from kids and go handmade. These are the type of invaluable gifts that if done right people will keep for a lifetime. If you get them a new piece of tech, it might get thrown out as soon as the next model comes out but with a timeless handmade gift, your niece, nephew, son or daughter will cherish it forever.

The first thing to consider here is your own abilities. Ask yourself, what am I good at? If you are a great cook, try making a few of your kid’s favorite desserts to enjoy on Christmas morning. My aunt recently made a handmade cutting board with 5 or six different types of wood, which make excellent personalized kids gifts. The tough part with making personalized christmas gifts for kids is that they are far less sentimental than us older folks. That means you’ll need to get something with utilitarian value.

Something you can use or eat right away. A great idea is a handmade ball in the cup game. These are somewhat easy to make and can keep anyone, even adults, busy for hours. These are not just exclusive to Christmas gifts for kids, you can also use this strategy to create good easter gifts for kids and by the same token they can definitely suffice as homemade valentine gifts for kids.

How to Pick Cool Gifts for Kids

If you are looking for cool gifts for kids or unique gifts for kids, you need to step out of the box a little. When you are looking for christmas gift ideas for kids, you need to stray away from the most popular items on Amazon. You need to find what your kid is into and then find the cool gifts for kids recommended by the experts in that field. If you are looking for scooters for kids, try looking at some of the reviews on this blog or try to follow some of the scooter pros on youtube and see what they are recommending.

When it comes to finding kids gifts ideas, you need to just get your brain working in the right direction. Find out what your kid is interested in and then start familiarizing yourself with that. If you do this enough, you will eventually start coming up with cool and unique gift ideas for kids.

How to Make Gift Baskets for Kids Like a Pro

If there is no standout Christmas gifts for kids in your mind, why not try to combine a lot of smaller gifts into great gift baskets for kids. These are great because not only are they surprisingly easy to throw together, they can also hedge your bets so your not risking it all on one gift. I am a huge proponent of gift baskets for kids because you get so much stimuli for such a low price and it is actually really easy to do.

You would think it would take more time but actually it is easier to find 5 small gifts than it is to find the one perfect gift. That is because we build up the idea of the perfect gift in our head and it ends up seeming like a really difficult challenge. It is much easier to just get a basket of 4-5 items for your kid to play with. When you think of gift ideas for kids that you would put in a basket, think about stocking stuffers. Things that may not work as a standalone gift but are excellent compliments to one another.


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