ETWOW Booster Electric Scooter Review

Features of ETWOW Booster Electric Scooter

  • Brand-new authentic merchandise.
  • Simple Assembly!
  • 21mi range, 18mph max speed & 38 x 6 x 12 in folded dimensions.
  • Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.
  • User manual is found on E-twow website

Full Reviews of ETWOW Booster Electric Scooter


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The E-twow is the Cadillac of stand up electric scooters

It is very well built and well designed, with plenty of features you wouldn’t find on any other electric scooters. It comes with a built in screen that displays your speed and distance travelled. It can even be put into cruise control so that you can maintain your speed for up to 5 seconds. The scooter also has a horn, which makes a nice addition to make this feel more like a vehicle and less like a toy. The scooter also has a regenerative brake so that you can charge on the go.

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This Electric Scooter Can Be Driven Manually As Well

The last amazing feature offered by this electric scooter is the fact that you can ride it electrically or manually. Not only have I not seen this feature in another scooter, I didn’t even know that this feature existed. I thought it was impossible for an electric scooter to be kicked along like a manual scooter, but the E-twow Booster seems to pull it off quite nicely. The power on the scooter is incredible, and it leaves all of its competitors in the dust with its 15 miles per hour top speed. The motor has a lot of torque, and its cool to see how fast it kicks into gear when you power it up. The one downside to this scooter is its price tag. I would recommend this to more serious scooter junkies that really care about getting a high quality product. When you consider the versatility of this scooter, and the fact that it can be driven both manually and electronically it lightens the burden of the price. It may be expensive, but so is buying both a manual and electronic scooter if that’s what you would be doing otherwise. This scooter is pricey but has a great value to it and is a very high performance product.

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