Razor Electric Scooter Charger and Battery in 2023

The number one complaint about electric scooters from Razor is about the charger. I have combed through dozens of negative reviews on Amazon, and the consistency that I find is that people tend to receive chargers that just don’t work well at all. Fear not my friends! I said that I would provide a toolkit to help overcome the product shortcomings so that you could save as much money as possible and that is what I am going to do here.

Best Razor Electric Scooter Charger and Battery Comparison:

3 Best Razor Electric Scooter Charger and Battery for 2023

Best razor electric scooter charger and battery over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Razor E100 series Scooter Battery Charger

This charger will work for the Razor E100 series. That means it will work with Razor E100, E125 and E150. This product has gotten some great feedback and it is a smart purchase if the only ting holding you back from your razor scooter is the purchase. Razor is a very strong name in the scooter industry and if you can overcome this tiny obstacle you can end up getting a great scooter at a very fair price.

Scooter Battery Charger for Razor E200 and E300

Next up we have the more advanced charger. This one will be just a little bt more expensive, but it will work for the Razor E200 and Razor E300. If you already have one of these scooters and you’re thinking about getting rid of it just because of the inability to charge, that is a complete waste of a great scooter. Instead, invest a few extra dollars to get that scooter working again.

High Performance Upgrade For Your Razor E200/E200S/E300 Batteries For 28% Longer Run Time VICI High Performance Battery Pack

Having Battery Issues with Razor E100 Series?

The same thing goes for battery issues. If you have an E100 series electric scooter from Razor and you are having battery issues, I would definitely recommend replacing the battery with this product here.

Planning to Upgrade to a E200 or E300?

Generally, customers have had good experience with this battery, and it has a very high rating on Amazon. This is a good solution if you have an E100 series scooter that you really like but needs a new battery in order to function properly. I would not however recommend buying this if you are planning to upgrade anytime soon. If you are planning to upgrade to a Razor E200 or E300 model in the future, you are better off saving your money for that. If you order a new one of those scooters, it will come with a brand new battery as well so either way you will have a working scooter. My point is, don’t invest in restoring your E100 scooter if you are planning an upgrade anytime in the near future.

But what if you have an E200 or E300 that needs a battery? No problem, those can be bought too.

Surprisingly, these are actually cheaper than the batteries for the E100 series. If you have an E200 or E300, batteries make an even better investment. You are saving more money by not replacing the scooter (because it is much more expensive) and you will most likely not be upgrading anytime soon so there is little chance that battery investment will be in vain.

I hoped you found this guide helpful. I try to listen to people’s feedback and this was added in response to all the people complaining about battery/ charging issues. Just wanted to let everyone know that there are good options out there and they don’t need to be so expensive!


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