Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter Reviews

Features of Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter

  • Handlebar grips: give the rider more comfort and resistance with their dual injected, durable material.
  • Fixed handlebars: meant for younger riders with a height of 27” Patented secure Direction Button Lock: a great way to help your kid learn by ensuring the scooter moves in one direction
  • steering mechanism that is spring loaded: gives the scooter lean-to-steer technology, smooth turns are easy with the front pivot supports.
  • Low deck clearance: provides low center of gravity and stability
  • Steel plate: deck is reinforced by steel for better strength and integrity
  • Improved quality of turns: X-Cross deck design makes turns easier
  • High rebound transparent PU wheels: 120mm front wheels, 80mm back wheels
  • Long rear brake: back tires completely covered for efficiency of stopping power
  • Weight capacity: supports up to 110 lbs, which is more than double other leading brands
  • Recommended age Range: 2 – 5 years
  • Easy to Assemble: no tools required to put the scooter together
  • Product Dimensions: H: 27″, L: 21.5″, W: 11″
  • Easily foldable: Can be easily stored and transported. The handlebars can be removed from the deck with the click of a button

Full Reviews of Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter

Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter


One of the Most Toddler-Friendly Scooters

Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter One of the most toddler-friendly scooters out there is the Globber 3. It is recommended for kids 3 and up and has an adjustable handlebar to fit multiple different age groups. Like most well-made toddler scooters, it comes with a lean to steer function. This is important not only for safety but to teach the kids proper turning techniques for when they get a larger scooter later on. A good way to think of a kid scooter is as a practice vehicle to teach them about speed and safety. The Globber 3 has a much higher weight capacity than its competitors at 110 pounds. This can be good for kids who don’t like to give up their favorite toy even when they get a couple of years older. As I kid, I never liked upgrading to new toys and always liked to keep the old ones so I think if this were around when I were a kid it would be the perfect scooter for me!

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Safety Aspect is the Biggest Strength of This Scooter

The sturdiness of this board translates into very stable riding. The deck is strong and it is low to the ground, which makes for a very smooth ride. The wheels are also a huge plus for the Globber 3 scooter. They are super high rebound polyurethane so they glide very well. They also come with 5 bearings inside the wheel which only enhances the glide factor. Overall it is fun, easy to ride and safe. I think the safety aspect is the biggest strength of this scooter. The Globber 3 takes so many extra steps to ensure safety. In the front they have a safe steering lock system to further reinforces the safety when your child is making turns. I would highly recommend this scooter if you are trying to keep your kid fun and safe around the neighborhood. This also makes a great and affordable gift!

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