Razor Delta Wing Scooter Review

Razor Delta Wing scooter

We wanted to shake things up a little bit with this review and try something different. The Razor Delta wing is a unique scooter that has a similar name to the PowerWing, but looks entirely different. The first thing you notice when looking at this scooter is the enormous front wheel. This wheel is almost as large as a bike tire, and is attached with large handlebars that complete the look. In the back, there are two small scooter wheels that complete the “Y” shape.

My first thought was that this looked like a mutant bike/scooter hybrid! I did not question this design however. With my knowledge and experience about scooters I knew that bigger wheels could do great things. I knew the guys at razor must’ve known what they were doing when they were making this scooter. As it turns out, they did.


Razor delta Wing Scooter Have Great Handle break

The scooter comes complete with a study steel frame and high tech polymer wings. The handlebars are built very strong to handle a lot of pressure from turning, and they come with soft rubber grips to protect your hands from shock. A great feature of this scooter is the hand brake. I always like seeing this on the 3 wheeled scooter because it is so much easier to operate than the foot brake.

The large pneumatic front tire is one of the biggest we’ve reviewed on this site at 16 inches. The back wheels are much smaller, but they still get the job done. They are 125 mm and perform great drifting and spinning maneuvers.

Delta Wing Scooter Have maximum weight capacity

Just like with the Razor PowerWing, this scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 143 pounds. This makes for a great transitional scooter. It is good for younger kids but might not age as well as some of the other scooters as your kids get older. It has been recommended for kids age 6 and older. Just a little disclaimer, this product does involve some assembly. It does not come pre-built right out of the box but instead requires you to put some pieces together. This should be no problem for most people and it could even be a learning experience for your future architect.

Razor delta Wing Scooter Best For young adults

I believe that this scooter is marketed towards young adults, but I don’t think this is the most fitting market for it. I think it is a better fit for younger kids transitioning between a three-wheeled toddler scooter to a regular 2 wheeled kick scooter. Kids love this scooter and its reviews on amazon are terrific. We’ve even seen a few young kids performing some pretty cool tricks on these things!When it comes to questions about age, it is less about the kid’s age and more about their level of responsibility.

This has the potential to be a good product for younger kids but they have to be responsible enough to handle a larger vehicle like this. If you think this is no problem for your kid, by all means you should go ahead and get it. Just make sure you keep an eye on your kids when they’re riding around the neighborhood. That part should go without saying, but it becomes especially relevant in a case like this.

Razor delta Wing Scooter safe than the electric scooters

My favorite part about this scooter is the spin to move forward. I’m not sure the technical term for it but, it’s a lot of fun. When you rotate your feet back and forth to move forward, you are getting a good core workout. You may not care whether or not your young kid gets a core workout but it is definitely better exercise than a kick scooter in case you are one of those parents who likes to subtly sneak in things that are good for your kids like healthy food and exercise. This also prevents a significant advantage to electric scooters as well. The self-propelled scooters are much safe than the electric scooters.

There is no chance of overheating or combustion and although it gives riders the opportunity to go fast, they won’t be going fast enough to spin out of control and hurt themselves. It is also easier on the environment and a fun way to get exercise! Although these are all pretty obvious statements, this will make for a great script you can memorize the next time your kid asks for an electric scooter you don’t want to get them.

Razor delta Wing Scooter Smooth to Ride

The greatest strengths of this product have to be the 16-inch pneumatic tire, the hand operated rubber and brake grips and the dual low angle trailing rear casters. The larger wheel makes for an extra smooth ride, even on rougher pavement. Even if your neighborhood hasn’t been paved in a few years, you can still ride around without getting all the vibrations from every single bump and pebble. The hand operated brakes make the braking much more precise and therefore safe.

It is much easier to stop the scooter with your hands than it is to stop the scooter with your feet. The dual angle trailing rear casters allow for drifting and also make acceleration more possible. All of the turning, drifting and accelerating can be done without having to leave the deck of your scooter. This is definitely a nice setup and one that not many scooters have.

Drawbacks of Razor delta Wing Scooter

Of course no scooter is perfect. There are a few drawbacks to the DeltaWing. There are not set of assembly instructions included in the box (or at least there weren’t for mine) so you will have to figure it out yourself. If you’re anything like me, this is actually something to look forward to figuring out. It can be a lot of fun!

Just like with the PowerWing, the handlebars are not adjustable. This makes it not a good lifetime scooter. I say if you want this scooter as a transitional scooter, it is definitely a good choice. If you want something your kid will ride from age six to his early preteens, this may not be the best choice for you.

Razor Delta Wing Scooter - Videos

Features at a Glance

  • The all-new Delta Wing steps up to the next level of three-wheel action.
  • Standing or sitting, these awesome 3-wheel machines produce a crazy ride style that’s easy to learn.
  • Features a steel frame with high-tech polymer wings, 2 piece “Y” drop handlebar, front, hand-operated brake.
  • Front Wheel: large 16″ (406 mm) pneumatic. Rear Wheels: low angle trailing casters with large 125 mm wheels for drifting and spinning.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and older and will support a rider up to 143 pounds.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 42.8 x 24.2 x 34.4 inches
  • Weight: 24.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 24.5 pounds
  • Model number: 20036007

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this tall enough for someone 5'8"?
Yes, I’m 5’8” & it fits me just fine.

Q: Will it work for my 10 year old she is a big 19 year old?
All my kids ride it and they are ages 10, 12, 14. I can easily ride it (43) and my father (73) has ridden it. It's fun.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great scooter and it has gotten some great customer feedback. If you are looking for a scooter for a kid over the age of 6, I think this is a great choice. If you are looking for a scooter to compare it to, I recommend the PowerWing. Check out both of the scooters and see which one you like better!


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