What Size Electric Bike Do I Need?

As technology keeps updating the versions of electric bikes, people are now more into buying e-bikes for daily commutes. Variations of e-bike sizes and designs are now available in stores. And with too many options, it becomes a little tricky to choose the right one for you to ride comfortably.

If You’re buying your first electric bike, many things can go back and forth. As a beginner, you may miss a lot of the hidden features.

According to experts, the frame size, position of pedals, and handlebar size are the core factors that one should consider to choose the right size bike. So, let’s run through the article to know what size of electric bike you need.

Why Choosing the Right Size Electric Bike is Important?

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The suitable size of e-bikes provides you comfort, saves you from injuries and accidents, and gives you a pleasant ride experience.

E-bikes are the simplest ones to ride, as the motor and battery supplies require electric power to move the bike forward. Riders also have the option to paddle through their trip.

The mechanism and working process may seem easy, but one of the crucial parts is how your body has adjusted with your e-bike. The body adjustment creates a considerable difference in how you’ll control your bike.

Buying an electric bike for short people when you’re comparing a tall person would only make the road more challenging for you to ride. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to ride your bike regularly or occasionally; the perfect size will have your back anyway.

Disadvantages of Picking the Wrong Size Electric Bike

As we’ve stated earlier, choosing the wrong size e-bikes can lead to road accidents and injuries; these injuries can be permanent or temporary. Here’s what you’re likely to encounter from using the wrong e-bike:

  • Lower Back Pain.
  • Wrist pain.
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Strain.

The list goes longer if you stick with the wrong e-bike. It’s better to go the extra mile to choose the right size than damaging injuries to your health.

What Size Electric Bike Should I Choose?

Admit it or not, e-bikes’ outlook attracts our eyes more than features should. And that’s the reason why most of us pick the wrong size while shopping for bikes.

Besides battery types, motors and charging types are also essential to consider when purchasing a comfortable e-bike.

Another most important question you should ask yourself is, What will you use the electric bike for? Is it for your daily commutes or mountain hiking?

Mountain e-bikes and daily commute e-bikes differ in their structure and size. The road you’d take for the e-bikes also has an effect on which size you should buy for yourself.

How to Choose the Right Size Electric Bike For Me?

To choose the right size electric bike, you need to focus on two factors-

  1. Your physical measurement: Weight and height.
  2. Electric Bikes component measurement: Frame, Saddle, Handlebar, etc.

Height And Weight

Most shops have catalogs of bikes arranged by ideal riders’ height and weight. The manufacturer keeps riders ‘ weight and size from the frame size to the entire bike size to construct an e-bike.

Height doesn’t only mean you’ll only focus on your overall length; the length of your inseam also requires measurement in the matter of picking an e-bike.

How to Measure My Weight and Height?

Measuring the height and weight should be accurate. Else, determining the e-bike size would result in a blunder. The proper ways of measuring your weight, height, and inseam are described below in simple steps.

For Weight-

You can find many weight measuring machines around the market available. Buy a digital weight machine.

For Overall Height-

  • Stand against a wall wearing your cycling shoes.
  • Make sure the ground your feet are on is flat and even space.
  • Use a measuring tape and measure from your head to toe.

You can ask for help if you’re not sure whether the measurement is accurate or not.

For Inseam Height-

  • Stand on the floor wearing your cycling shoes and keeping the frame in the center.
  • Now take the measurement from the inseam to the top tube.
  • A 1-inch clearance will be perfect if you’re opting for an ordinary electric city bike.


Now, moving forward to the size of the components you should consider in your e-bikes to match your physical structure. You can look at these given alterations while choosing your e-bike:

Frame Size

The frame of an e-bike is known as the base of the e-bikes structure. It is one of the top physical components of an e-bike you should consider. E-bike companies rarely leave the option to customize the frame size up to the rider.

Wrong frame size increases the risk of permanent back pain and spine problems. Measure your insane in the right way and match the size to the given chart in the shop.


Just as frame size, saddle height is another crucial aspect of e-bikes to look for. Too high or low height of the saddle, and you won’t be able to push your bike smoothly. However, you get the option to move and adjust the saddle as per your comfort.

To change the saddle position, keep an eye on your feet on the paddle and see if you can push the paddle without facing any obstacles.


A handlebar e is among the core connections of an eclectic bike. A handlebar is vital because it controls the steering and handling.


If the handlebar is placed at such a height that you’ve to lean forward more than the normal position, then it’s not right for you. Reaching the handlebar while keeping the body in good posture is what you should look for in the bikes.


The handlebar’s width allows you to control the ways your e-bike will move. Too wide or too small, both can cause problems. Experts suggest that the ideal width should be around 38-46 cm. But it’s entirely up to you what size will match your comfort zone while riding.

Final Words

Finally, we’ve reached the end of the article! That means now you know how to sort out the right size electric bike for you. All the given information in this article will help you reach your final verdict about an e-bike.

With proper and accurate measurement, find the best suited electric bike. Once you have got the one, roam around the city and explore the beauty of nature with a pleasant ride.

We’ll be glad to know how our article helped you and share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comment box.


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