What Sized Bike Should I Get?

Well, as we mentioned before, it depends on your height or age. Hence, before you look out for the bike sizes, you should measure your height first. and then go the chart to find What Bike Size you Should Get.

What Sized Bike Should I Get?

What Sized Bike Should I Get? This is a very common question we get everyday. To get excellent performance from your bike, you need to make sure that it is in the right size. You can't ride a bike, which is not right for your height and expect it to give you good riding experience. Apart from its design, quality, and features, you also need to consider your height while choosing a bike. A correctly fitted bike will give you more comfort, will be more fun and efficient as well.

Whether you are trying to find the right bike for yourself or want to give it to your kid, this ultimate bike guide will give you all the information you need. After going through our article, you'll easily pick the bike right for your age or height. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in!

Bike Height Chart (Inches) for Adults

To help you analyze easily, we have a simple bike height chart to help you pick the right one!


Bike Size (Inches)

6’4” or taller


6’2” - 6’4”


6’0” - 6’2”


5’7” - 5’11”


5’3” - 5’7”


4’11” - 5’3”


What Sized Bike Should I Buy for My Height?

If you are thinking of purchasing the bike without even physically visiting the shop, it won't be hard for you. To help you find the one online, we have a standard bike size chart for you!

Your Height

Leg Inseam

Frame Size

Descriptive Sizing

6’4” or taller

35” or up

23” or up


6’2” - 6’4”

33” – 35”

21” – 23”


5’11” – 6’2”

31” – 33”

19” – 21”


5’7” – 5’11”

29” – 31”

17” – 19”


5’3” - 5’7”

27” – 29”

15” – 17”


4’11” - 5’3”

25” – 27”

13” – 15”


Bike Wheel Size for Height

Different age groups require different bike frame size and bike wheel size for height. If you want to surprise your little one with a bike, you now even don’t have let him know beforehand, just measure your kid’s height and match with our chart of bike wheel size for height!


Approximate Height

Inseam Length

Wheel size

2 years

2’9” – 3’11”

12” – 14”

10 inches

3-4 years

3’1 – 3’3”

14” – 17”

12 inches

4-5 years

3’3 – 3’7”

16” – 20”

14 inches

5-6 years

3’7” – 3’8”

18” – 22”

16 inches

6-8 years

3’8” – 4.0”

20” – 24”

18 inches

7-9 years

4.0” – 4’5”

22” – 25”

20 inches

9-11 years

4’5” – 4’9”

24” – 28”

24 inches

11-14 years

5’ or taller

28” or longer

26 inches

Top 3 Bikes for Adults with Different Sizes

By now, we are confident that your confusion of what size bike should you ride has been cleared up, and you are ready to invest your money on the best ones. While there are multiple options out there in the market, we have come up with the best bikes for adults to save you the trouble of analyzing each. Have a look!

1. Sixthreezero Cruiser Bike | 5” – 6’4” tall


This excellent bike is specially designed for women. The upright style of riding works to keep your shoulders and back comfortable. It comes in various colors. So, you can pick whichever you like. Its single-speed makes it the best for cruising.

Size: 24 inches, 26 inches

Weight: 40 LBs

Rating: 4.5/5

Frame: Alloy


 - The low pedal position allows you to have great leg extension

 - Foam grips and cushioned saddle ensures much comfort

2. EuroMini Zizzo 20-Inch Folding Bike | 5’11” – 6’2” tall


The most amazing feature of this bike is that it can be folded into 27.25" x 33.2" x 13. 5”

Size: 20 inches

Weight: 28.5 LBs

Rating: 4.5/5

Frame: Aluminum


 - A lightweight frame made of aluminum for it to be carried around easily

 - Rust-resistant coating to keep it damage-free

3. Raleigh Route Hybrid Bike | 6'1" - 6'4" tall


Like the other few top brands, the Raleigh bike offers excellent amazing features that will ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Size: 22 inches

Weight: 46 LBs

Rating: 4/5

Frame: Aluminum


 - Aluminum alloy frame makes it sturdy and durable

 - 24-speed for fast descents and easy climbing

Top 3 Best Bikes for Kids

Many kids tend to skip tricycles and start their biking journey with balance bikes. They almost look like the regular ones, except they don't have any pedals. Here we have a list of the best bikes for your kids.

1. KaZAM v2e Balance Bike | For 3-5 years old kids


It’s a lightweight bike for kids that comes in various colors. So, you can buy whichever your kid prefers. The bike comes with handlebars and adjustable seat to ensure comfort. The patented footrest is a bit wide, which makes it perfect for older or bigger kids.

Size: 12 inches

Weight: 8 LBs

Rating: 5/5


 - A well-functional and wide footrest

 - Adjustable seat for comfort

2. Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike | For 2-5 years old Kids


This one is a quality bike that offers a few adjustability options. The seat post is extra-long that allows it to be used by kids from age 18 months to 5 years.

Size: 12 inches

Weight: 6.7 LBs

Rating: 5/5


 - Mini grips for easy control

 - Turdy steel frame increases durability

3. Yedoo Toddler TooToo Balance Bike | For 2 years old Kids


This superlight balance bike brand is well-known for its cute designs and excellent quality. It offers 3 different wheel sizes- 12 inches, 14 inches and 16 inches. Based on the size of your kid’s inseam, choose the one you prefer.

Size: 12 inches

Weight: 8.2 LBs

Rating: 5/5


 - Inflated tires that come with highly visible reflective dots for easy inflation

 - Adjustable ergonomic saddle and aluminum handlebars


Wrapping up, for the best riding experience, you need to choose the bike that matches your height. When you know what size bike you should buy for your height, you'll be able to choose the right one for anyone of any age. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to pick the bike for your age or height. As we have also mentioned some of the best names of bikes for adults and kids both,


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