5 Reasons Why Scooters Are Better Than Bikes

For all of you out there that are tired of bikes getting all the attention, this list is for you. Do bikes have their advantages? Sure. But scooters also have their advantages. Here is a list of reasons why scooters can be a better choice than bikes. Hopefully this will give you some much needed support for the scooter side if you are on the fence about a purchase, or perhaps it will give you confidence in the purchase decisions you have already made. Either way, I hope this list is helpful to most of you.

scooter vs bike

Less Tune Ups

I know almost everyone who’s rode a bike at some point has undoubtedly faced some sort of annoying tune up. Either the seat needs to be adjusted, the tires are flat or the tires need to be changed. With so many moving parts, it’s unlikely that nothing goes wrong with a bike. Here are some scooters that can get you around and don’t ever need any adjustments

Less Expensive

Kick scooters can be cheaper than even the cheapest bike. This is great if you just need something a little faster and more efficient than walking. If your office is only a few blocks away and you don’t want to walk, maybe you don’t need to spend a few hundred dollars on a bike. Here are some inexpensive scooters that can get you there in a hurry

Also If the place you work is mostly downhill, it would be foolish not to pay a few bucks for a scooter and get there in a couple of minutes. This would be a great way to save time and energy. Also if you’re not driving a car you can make things easier on the environment by scooting to work.

Easier To Do Tricks

Even the most avid bikers have to admit doing a trick on a bike is not an easy thing to do. How would you even go about doing that anyways? Every scenario I think about in my head involves going over the handlebars and hurting yourself in one way or another. Scooters are the easiest way to do tricks. Even a 5 year old can master a bunny hop, yet it would take a professional to do even some of the most basic tricks in BMX. If you like doing tricks, the scooter might be the better move for you. Here are a few scooters that are an easy way to do some cool scooter tricks.

Electric Scooters Are More Practical Than Electric Bikes

The electric scooter can still be considered part of the scooter family. That being said, the electric version of the scooter is much better than the electric version of the bike. Just like with the manual versions, electric scooters cost only a fraction of what the electric bikes cost. Maintenance is also easier with the best electric scooters. Rather than taking heavy batteries or gasoline, they can be charged in the same outlet you charge your phone and can still run for the better part of an hour emission free.

The tires are also more durable and don’t really need to be changed except in rare cases. Basically everything we said about manual scooters goes double for electric scooters. This makes the scooter family a more practical option for the casual rider and even the more extreme riders. Here are a few electric scooters that are much better than their bike counterparts.

Even Toddlers Can Ride Scooters

Although I do believe it is important for kids to learn how to ride a bicycle, I know that it can be an arduous process. Learning to ride a scooter is easy, especially one with three wheels. The standing up position is much more natural than crouching down and pedaling and the scooter has a lower center of gravity making falling less serious. With the three wheeled scooters, your toddler can practice on something that has the same dynamics as an adult scooter and will never fall over.

The three wheeled scooter has training wheels built in, so no annoying installation is necessary. A great option is the Globber3 which has a wheel lock button. This makes it so that the wheels are constantly fixed in a straight forward path. This makes it easy for kids to learn the basics before the more difficult things (like turning) are thrown into the mix.

Well, there you have it! 5 reasons why scooters are better than bikes. I hope this information was helpful to all of you.

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