Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance?


Most people use bikes as exercise devices or even to commute to different destinations. But do all bikes provide you effective results for what you bought them for? Have you heard or tested the ride experience of a BMX bike? Do these bike models make the perfect options for long-distance commuters?

Now, this article presents ideas on whether the BMX bike models make perfect options to use for long distances. Further, we shall have several other ideas about them and where we should employ them. Keep tuned to this article and enjoy more about BMX bikes.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance?

Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance?

BMX bikes are designed for commuting shorter distances that are generally non-hilly. Though they are fast, manufacturers fit them with short wheelbases and tires that lie low with lesser heights and lengths. This makes them inappropriate for long-distance riding but effective for short-distance off-road racing stunts riding.

However, this isn’t the only reason they don’t make perfect bikes for long distances. Their small frames, brakes, and many other components contribute to this issue. Let’s get further to discuss why they don’t make perfect options for long distances.

They have a small frame size

Cycling for extended periods exhausts the thighs and knees, and you need to stretch a bit while enjoying your ride. BMX bikes can’t allow you to do that because they have shorter frame sizes. The only solution to extending while on a BMX bike is to stand-peddle. Logically you can’t do this for a long-distance lest you become exhausted.

You are required to pedal fast to maintain high speed if you intend to travel far. On a BMX bike, you have to stand up to accelerate peddling at a maximum speed. For long-distance, this can prove to be cumbersome.

Weak breaks

If you are into bike riding, you know the importance of getting a bike with adequate breaks. BMX bikes only have a rare break and lack the front brake. This means you can’t apply an instant handbrake in case of an emergency.

Traveling far comes with many challenges that sometimes need instant breaking. It could be obstacles or people in the city or objects. BMX bikes will fail you in these dire situations, which could lead to minor or fatal accidents. Some BMX bikes lack breaks at all, and one can stop them by putting their foot on the back wheel.

Presence of single gear system.

The further you travel, the more the change in terrain. You get slopes, have to climb hilly road windings and sometimes a flat road. You will need a change in gears to get through different terrains. For example, in a hilly area, one will need to pedal hard, necessitating an effective gear.

If you want to move faster on a flat road, you need gear that will help accelerate the wheels. This process is not possible on a BMX bike. Using it long-distance, you might find it hard to navigate some incline areas of your trip. This means a rider will employ a single gear throughout.

No suspension

Suspension helps to suspend the bicycle to absorb shocks that could arise from rough terrain. This means your body will absorb every shock arising from the landscape, like potholes. I guess no one will want to experience that for long.

The nature of seats.

Manufacturers design BMX bikes to be ridden while standing when one wants to paddle fast and accelerate. Therefore, the seats are just a formality and not for comfortability. For you to travel far, you need to be comfortably seated, focused on the road. BMX bikes will deny you that comfortable seating posture that you need to move far.


The handlebars of BMX bikes are not comfortable for long-distance. They are exhausting. Upon usage on more extended periods, hands, arms, and shoulders may get numb and stiff.

Is a BMX bike good for commuting?

Commuting means traveling some distance to and fro regularly. BMX are excellent commuting bikes worthy of purchase. However, they make perfect commuters if you employ them in the best terrains and traveling short distances. Shorter distances with few hilly places are the best to get through by BMX bikes.

They have a simple, sleek design that is adequate to withstand much abuse. Having given it good service and maintenance, commuting around will always be fun. Try them out and they will serve you excellently.Is a BMX bike good for commuting?

Is BMX good for off-roading?

Yes, going off-road with a BMX could be fun; it could be slow but with much fun. Most people don’t give it 100 percent credibility but adore it for the fullness it brings. If the ground is smooth and flowing single track, then you are good to have fun. But if it is rocky and rooty, you are likely to have some challenges.

Why are BMX seats so low?

Power is essential for any rider. BMX provides for stand peddling, and BMX seats being low give enough space for this. The low seats also offer room for adequate acrobatic body movements. Lower seats are effective for motions like bunny hops and stunts riding and they provide space for this skill.


Commuting is part of human life in recent days, using bikes has gained popularity for recreation and daily movement purposes. Traffic in urban centers and the need to save on fares are among the reasons bikes have found a breakthrough. Choosing the best bike for your purpose depends on many aspects.

Distance and purpose could be one of the leading aspects. Bikes like BMX are effective for short distances, while Mountain hybrid bikes with front suspension are effective for long-distance.


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