Best Garden Scooter in 2019 – Tested & Reviewed by Real Users

Many people out there enjoy doing yard work, but there are many challenges that come with it. Having to take multiple trips back into the house can really mess up your routine. Leaving your gardening tools everywhere can be a pain in the neck and I’m sure we all have suffered from the occasional back and knee pain that comes from bending down all day. The good news is there is a solution!

For those of you unaware of what a garden scooter is, you are in for a treat. A garden scooter is a gardening tool that allows you to carry all of your tools around with you, and serves many other purposes as well. Think about it as your personal gardening assistant. It can help carry tools, garden clippings and even refreshments. You can also sit on them and complete your work from a much more comfortable seated position. This makes yard work much easier, and more fun.

We decided to make a list of the top 7 garden scooters. These best scooters are designed to make your work easier, and also have many different features to make it more enjoyable as well. We also take a look at price to make sure you are getting a garden scooter that’s easy on your wallet. Without further ado, let’s get started!

7 Best Garden Scooter for 2019

Best garden scooter over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Yaheetech Green Heavy Duty Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

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The Yaheetech Green Heavy Duty Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat w/ Tool Tray is the perfect way to roll around the garden during yard work. If you are tired of the fatigue and back pain that comes with gardening but still need to take care of your plants, this is the perfect solution.

The Yaheetech is made from both iron and plastic, so it is durable but easy to carry as well. The utility basket in the front is a useful feature, and can be used to hold a variety of different gardening tools. This scooter rolls easily over soft grass with its 4 10-inch wheels and solid steel axles. This garden scooter also comes with an adjustable seat so it can match just about any height.

2. No frills Pure Garden Rolling Garden Work Scooter – Excellent Rolling Garden Seat

No frills Pure Garden Rolling Garden Work Scooter

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Next up we have the basic, no frills Pure Garden Rolling Garden Work Scooter with Tool Tray. This garden scooter is possibly one of the most affordable ones on the market, and still has enough to get the job done. The wheels are 3-inches wide and they can easily roll over soft grass.

This is a great model if you don’t know whether or not you need a garden scooter. It is super inexpensive and if you don’t use it for gardening there are plenty of other uses for it. This is a great example of a low-cost trial garden scooter. You can always upgrade down the line if you need to.

3. Deluxe Tractor Scoot With Bucket Basket – Garden Scooter – Amazing Garden Cart With Seat

Deluxe Tractor Scoot With Bucket Basket

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The Deluxe Tractor Scoot With Bucket Basket is a great and versatile garden scooter that can be used to tackle a wide variety of different tasks around the house. Everything from yard work to car washing can be handled without any fatigue or back pain. The bucket basket in the back perfectly fits a 5-gallon pail and the tool rack underneath can fit any other tool you might need.

The best part about this garden scooter is the comfort features. The seat is height-adjustable and can swivel in any direction. It also features huge, pneumatic tires that can roll over just about anything. Before you do any job, ask yourself “with this be easier if I were sitting down?” If the answer is yes, this garden scooter is a good investment. You’ll never need to stand up during chores again!

4. AMES Buddy Lawn Cart Garden Scooter - Good Garden Scooter Seat With Wheels

AMES Buddy Lawn Cart Garden Scooter

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Although this may not technically be a lawn scooter, the AMES Buddy Lawn Cart is such a versatile product it is definitely worth putting on this list. It can easily be rolled around the yard and can carry just about anything you might need. It has a 2 cubic foot storage capacity that can hold plants, tools or refreshments anywhere they might be needed. It can be used either as a garden scooter, or if you flip the handle up, it can be pushed like a cart.

The lid on top is sturdy enough to support your full weight, so if you want to use it while you do yard work, you can do that too. The wheels are 7-inches in diameter wheels and solid steel axles allow you to wheel this cart around steadily and confidently. There are hundreds of things you can use this cart for, you just need to use your imagination.

5. Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter – Inexpensive Garden Scooter Seat With Wheels

Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter

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The Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter is very similar in appearance to the AMES Buddy Lawn Cart but has a few major exceptions. The first being is that it is significantly less expensive and also it is specifically designed to be a gardening companion.

The portable seat allows you to keep all of your gardening tools inside and is able to hold 8.5 gallons worth of yard clippings. It also comes with a foam cushion that makes for a comfortable resting place and it has two drink holders. This makes the Suncast Garden Scooter the ultimate gardening companion and I wouldn’t want to garden without it.

6. Step2 Garden Hopper – Garden Scooter – Inexpensive Garden Scooter With Great Versatility

Step2 Garden Hopper

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At first, this next garden scooter is going to seem a bit modest, but with some of the best customer reviews on amazon, it is anything but. The Step2 Garden Hopper is an excellent, no nonsense garden scooter capable of helping you with many different chores around the house. The 7-inch rolling wheels give it great mobility on grass and the molded seat handle makes transportation simple.

It can be used as both a garden stool to reach things that are high up, as well as a storage container with its large compartment underneath. This is a great tool to help you cut down the number of trips you make in and out of the house. It also helps you avoid the back and knee pain that usually comes with yard work. If all that wasn’t enough, this garden scooter comes with built in cup holders and weighs only 9 pounds. All that and it is still one of the most inexpensive garden scooters on the market.

Garden Scooter – Cart Rolling Work Seat

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The Step2 may be the most popular Garden scooter out there, but this next one is the best. The Best Choice Products Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat With Tool Tray is a gardener’s best friend. With four 10-inch pneumatic tires, it can roll smoothly over grass and pavement. The frame is constructed using powder-coated steel, and can support up to 300 lbs. The solid steel axles give this garden scooter excellent steering and maneuverability and it includes a utility basket that can be used to carry all of your gardening tools with you.

It’s also given a weather proof finish, so if you are like me and accidentally leave stuff out in the yard every once and awhile, it shouldn’t be a problem. This garden scooter is also incredibly comfortable. The contoured seat can swivel and it is adjustable to just about any height you need, making it useful to perform a wide variety of tasks. The Best Choice Garden Cart is absolutely the best garden scooter out there, and although it comes with a bit of a price, it is a great investment. Just think about how much easier all those chores will be with this great garden scooter.

​What is a Garden Scooter?

Rolling Garden Scooter

​A garden scooter is tool that makes it easier to move about your garden. Anyone that has done gardening before knows that it can cause a lot of strain on your back and your neck. It also requires frequent kneeling down which can be rough on your knees. Sometimes gardening can be a fun and relaxing activity and sometimes it can feel like a chore. When gardening becomes a chore, it’s nice to have something around to make it easier. Having a garden seat gives you a place to sit while you pull out weeds or plant seeds.

Some rolling garden seat also have a compartment in them to store all sorts of different tools. No matter what you are doing in the garden, it’s pretty likely that you need more tools than you can carry. In this case, the garden seat functions like a rolling toolbox. There is so many more features to the garden scooter and lawn scooter that we will discuss later on in the article, but for now just think of them as your convenient little garden companions that make your work easier and more fun!

Pick Out the Right Garden Scooter

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the top 7 best garden scooters. We know yard work can be very difficult, and we want to do everything we can to make it easier for you. That’s why we have put together this list. We hope that by reading it, you are able to pick out the right garden scooter to fit your yard work routine.

All of these scooters will help make your yard work easier, but only one of them is the ideal garden scooter for you. Take some time to research these, and make sure you pick the right one. Before you know it, you be able to take less trips into the house and you’ll be able to avoid pesky back and knee pain the usually accompanies yard work.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. Please be sure to check out the rest of our blog for other great reviews on scooters, bicycles, skateboards and more! Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next time.

Why do you need a rolling garden seat?

Best Garden Scooter

A rolling garden seat can be a convenient way to move around your garden and instantly be at ground level. Sure, it is easy enough to stand up and walk around, but when you have to constantly bend down and pick things up for hours at a time, it’s only a matter of time before your back gives out. So why not just scoot around on this seat, pick up things and pull out weeds without having to bend down. Plus it can be kind of fun moving around through the garden on wheels!

The rolling garden seat is more than just a seat that moves, it's the vehicle of choice when it comes to moving around your garden. A regular scooter simply won’t roll on such soft ground and you can’t really sit in a wheelbarrow. In rolls the garden seat This tool will make gardening fun and save you from many backaches and cramps. Not only that, but they will save you time in the long run, freeing you up to do other things or simply to enjoy the garden you’ve worked so hard to create.

Features you should consider before buying garden seat on wheels

Although upon first glance, all the garden scooters look very similar but if you look closely they are very different. There are many different factors you will want to consider before buying a rolling garden stool and we made a short list of all of them right here.

Weight: This is something that actually varies greatly within garden scooters, even the garden scooters on our list. If you take the No Frills Pure Garden scooter for example, it weighs a lean 7.2 pounds. This is mostly due to the fact that it is just a hollow metal frame so it is able to stay light. On the other hand, if you look at the rolling work seat on our list, it weighs up to 35 pounds. This can make a big difference if you have small gardens in your front and back yard for instance. It is easy to roll the garden scooters around once they are on the ground, but if you need to step over certain things while getting to the front and back yard, you may not want to carry this thing around every morning. If tending to your garden with a garden scooter would involve carrying from point A to B to C, you may want to look into a garden scooter that is lighter and easier to carry.

If you just have one large garden that is nearby your garage, you probably don’t need to worry too much about the weight of your garden scooter and you can just go with whatever one meets your needs the best. It is nice to have a lighter garden scooter but not if it means compromising on value.

Metal or Plastic: There are two main categories for the garden scooters on our list and that is the material they are made out of. The metal scooters tend to be sturdier and heavier and the plastic scooters tend to be lighter, cheaper but a little less durable. For each material, you have to worry about different things. For the metal scooters, you have to worry about rain. If the metal scooters get too much rain on them, they will begin to rust and then not work as well. That being said they are more resistant to sun than the plastic scooters. When plastic is left out in the sun too long, it begins to get very brittle and then is more prone to breaking. When you are using your rolling garden stool as a stepping stool, that’s not a good time for it to buckle under the pressure.

All in all, the metal ones are safer and sturdier, but the plastic ones do better in wet conditions. They also tend to be cheaper. This is something you may want to look into based on the climate you plan on using your rolling garden seat in.

Compartment: You may have noticed that some of the garden scooters we mentioned on our list have an extra compartment in them. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to working in the garden, because you often are working with a variety of different tools and products. Having to constantly go back to the garage to retrieve your trowel and garden gloves can be a real pain in the neck, both figuratively and literally. This handy compartment makes it so that you always have your tools with you! Just think of this garden seat as your rolling tool box that goes wherever you go. You can even keep a nice cool pitcher of lemonade in here to enjoy while you work or celebrate a job well done!

Seat: One of the most important parts about a rolling garden seat is the seat itself. Some of the garden scooters on this list simply offer a platform that you can sit on, and others have a proper seat that has been sculpted specifically for that purpose. For some this may be a big deal and for others not so much. It is worth mentioning as a key difference between these very different garden scooters. If your garden work entails long periods of sitting, this might be a good option to you. Also if you are the type of person that is prone to getting sore in an uncomfortable seat, you may want to spend a little extra money to get a scooter with a built in seat.

Wheels: A garden scooter is more than just a garden seat, it is a garden seat on wheels. The wheels are a key component of the garden scooter, and it is very important to make sure they work great. While all of these wheels are specifically designed to roll through soft dirt and grass, some of the wheels are better than others. You may notice that the metal garden scooters on our list have nice pneumatic tires that really get a nice grip on all sorts of different surfaces. They also have the added benefit of performing well on roads. The plastic wheels of the other garden scooters are virtually useless on roads so if you ever have to cross a road or driveway to get to your garden, you might want to get these. My mom likes to tend to public gardens in the neighborhood so she needs something that has these rubber tires so it can be wheeled on the road.

Best Place to Buy Your Garden Scooter

The best place to buy a garden scooter is still on Amazon. Although an in person shopping experience is nice to see the product you are considering in person, there is no guarantee that the store you are going too will have all the models you want. It’s best just to use Amazon as a tool to compare all your options in real time.

One of the things that I like to do is open a few tabs so I can quickly toggle back and forth between options. In order to find the best rolling garden stool, you may want to compare a few different ones head to head. This is a good way to do that. You can also add a few different ones to your cart and then compare them all in one place. Just make sure you remove the ones you don’t want before checkout or else you are in for an expensive mistake!

Another great way to find the best garden seat on wheels is to just use a good old fashion checklist. I personally feel good just writing things down on paper, so I like to list the 3 different kinds of products I am considering and then adding the pros and cons to each. It can then be very therapeutic to cross off everything you don’t want so then your decision becomes even easier. This is just another idea to help you narrow down your choices and make sure you are finding the best garden seat on wheels.

Is there any alternative of rolling garden stool?

If you are looking for an alternative to the rolling garden stool, you may want to look into different types of wheelbarrows. These are good for lugging weeds and lawn clippings around your yard and even useful for carrying garden tools around, but they are utterly useless when it comes to sitting down.

If your job requires a lot of sitting up and standing down, you ay want to look into a garden seat on wheels. This is just the better way to more comfortable gardening. If this is something that your job does not require and you’re just looking for help with transportation of things you pull out of the garden, then maybe the wheelbarrow is right for you. Even the garden scooters with compartments have there limitations when it comes to this, and wheel barrows just can carry more weight. Other than that, there aren’t rally many alternatives to a garden seat on wheels.


Whether you are looking for a way to carry around all your garden tools, or simply a way to take some pressure off your back and knees while you enjoy gardening, a rolling garden stool can be a great product to help around the house. These scooters store easily in your garage when you are not using them and when you are using them, they serve many different functions. They can be used as a stepping stool, a portable toolbox, a way to limit your bending and kneeling and a way to carry weeds and clippings to the garbage.

Whatever your garden looks like, I’m sure that a lawn scooter or garden scooter can help in some manner, its just a matter of which one can help the most. The reason we created this list is so that you can find the best garden scooter to meet your unique needs. Hopefully by following this guide and reading all of the reviews, you should have everything you need to pick out the right garden scooter in no time. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have found this list helpful. Please feel free to go back and check out the reviews of each product we mention, and don’t be afraid to take a little look around on Amazon.

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