Radio Flyer Pro Glider 3-wheel Scooter Full Features, Review and Price in 2018

Fetures of Radio Flyer Pro Glider

  • Premium E-Z Glide urethane wheels for a fast ride.
  • Lean-to-steer technology makes turning fun.
  • Tapered deck creates a clear kick path.
  • Foot brake for added control.
  • FOR 3+ YEARS

The Best Performing 3-wheel Scooter

Radio Flyer Pro Glider reviewsThe Pro Glider has a great mix of speed and safety. It can ride almost as fast as a wheel scooter but also maintains the safety and maneuverability of a three wheeled scooter. There are a few extra features that make this an excellent choice for toddlers. First, they included a rear break that you can step on if you want to reduce your speed and the back of the board is tapered so that you can get a clear kick path without hitting the edge of the board. The scooter also has a metal frame underneath the footboard to make it sturdier.

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The pro glider is a Great Starting Scooter

616SixtMnfL._SL1361_This makes the deck very stable and not as wobbly. I thought that this board was a great improvement to the “My first Scooter’ series and of the many reviews I’ve read on amazon it seems it was received very well. The pro glider is a great starting scooter for ages 4-6. It is a lot of fun for toddlers to move and it can even help them develop good habits for when they get bigger scooters and bikes.

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Safety in a Very Controlled Environment

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The lean to steer function helps them practice leaning into turns which is helpful even with larger vehicles. The scooter also teaches the kids about safety in a very controlled environment. I think this scooter makes a great gift for a young child and is sure to keep them happy and busy outside.

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