What Kind of Scooter Does Not Require A License?

With how traffic is today, a lot of people especially the younger ones are opting to have a scooter instead of a car. Aside from it being more affordable, it is also easier to operate. Cruising through the roads are also easier and more convenient. Scooters are also more expedient to park and store compared to a car. Lets take a look at what kind of scooter doesn't require a license.


What Kind of Scooter Does Not Require a License?

Some countries allow their citizens to drive and operate a scooter without a driver’s license or a specific permit. Usually, an age requirement is the only ask. Finding out the laws and guidelines of your local jurisdiction is very important. The type of scooter that usually get pass this line item are electric scooters. This is easily carriable, even you can take it when you are travelling or camping, and charge it from the RV battery.

They’re faster than the regular ones, heavier and more controllable compared to the manual scooters. Electric scooters are user friendly and kids as young as 16 can navigate the scooter without any problems. It is not complicated to use and navigating through the streets can be a breeze. Check the best adult electric scooters.

United States


In the US, if you want to drive a scooter, a valid driver’s license or permit is required. Some states like North Carolina may not require a license but there are set age requirements like for this state, the operator needs to be at 16 years of age. As far as other states are concerned like Florida, a license is required. Other countries would also require at least the most standard of the licenses as well as go through and pass required driving tests.

United Kingdom


In the UK, driving a scooter without a license is perfectly acceptable. No-License Scooters or pedlecs, as they are being called, obviously won’t require the rider to have a license. It won’t even need an insurance.

This is the ultimate answer to your hassle-free highway cruising. Categorized as an electric bike in the UK, these scooters are powered by a lithium battery. One full charge can provide you about- 4-6 hours of running errands. The sample models that fall under the No-License scooters are Voom E73, TRD14, and the E-Moto Scooters.

Australia and New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand is also not requiring a license to operate an electric scooter. These countries have set their speed limit to 25 mph. There are also dedicated paths for scooters and teens aged 16 and above can go on rides unsupervised. Sweden is another country who mandates no license to drive a moped. A moped is what we refer to as a small motorcycle the size of a scooter but not as powerful as a scooter. The only requirement in this country is for the driver to be at least 15 years old.



Another country not requiring their drivers to have a license to ride a scooter is in India. Scooters in this Asian country are capped with a speed of 25km like the UK. These electric scooters are widely supported by the government because it aims to help lower down the country’s high energy consumption. Aside from not requiring a license, you won’t be needing to have it registered to the transportation office either.



Thailand, whose roads are filled with tourists in scooters also require the tourists’ driving license before they get to rent one and drive around. Your driving license from your home country should suffice so they can lease a scooter to you and you can drive around confidently knowing that you are doing it legally.



Germany, are allowing their drivers to also operate and ride an e-scooter without a license. They have set though a minimum age of at least 14 years old. This country is allowing scooters to take the bicycle roads and the special bicycle side stripes but streets are an ultimate no-no for scooters.

Folks living in these countries like the UK where a license to drive or operate a scooter gets to enjoy the roads without a license would really love this no fuss scooters. Since there is no need to register your scooter with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA, then procuring the scooters are made easier. Owning one becomes more accessible to the greater population.

There will be no tax and no registration documents required. Since there would also be no tests to pass, you save not just the financial resources but also time and effort in going to the agency. Maintenance costs and license renewals can also be ticked off the budget.

Aside from your budget, the environment will share the happiness too because these scooters give off zero emissions. They are a cleaner means of transportation compared to its siblings that run on petroleum with massive emissions.

Another benefit of using these scooters is the speed limit is capped so the risk of accidents and road related injuries are lower. Most of this No-License electric scooters also have pedals in them so you can opt to have a little exercise if you are in the mood for it. You also don’t need to worry about not reaching your destination should your power die because you can always go back to traditional pedaling.

All other scooters being used in other countries would be required by their local government to obtain a license to drive a scooter; any type of scooter. Most countries and territories would mandate having the standard driver’s license before one can operate and drive any scooters including electric ones.



Italy is another country that requires a license to drive a scooter. It is considered a crime if you are cruising around without any of the valid licenses that belong to the Schengen area.


In conclusion, electronic scooters are usually provided a leeway. It can be used in some identified countries without having for the scooter to be registered and the driver having a license. It is very important that you know the local rules regarding scooter driving if you plan on purchasing one.


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