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This is Nick here! Author of SRO, love to play and review some of the best outdoor sports vehicles. Passionate about bikes,scooter, hoverboard, skateboard. Also take classes on outdoor sporting through some private group. Feel free to drop off any questions and suggestions you might have about the reviews and the blog

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Infographics

It’s always funny how the grass always seems greener on the other side, or in this case, the scooter always seems faster. That was my thought exactly when I saw the Razor E300, an electric scooter that could reach a top speed of 15 miles an hour, faster than most people can sprint. Price On […]

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Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric Scooter Review

Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric ScooterThis scooter seems to be very innovative as far as electric scooters. For starters, there is a thumb actuated throttle on the handlebar which makes acceleration more convenient when compared to the standard electric scooters. With good acceleration must come good braking. That’s why the GRT-11 comes with an integrated foot […]

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Micro Maxi Kick Scooter Review

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter ReviewWith a taller adjustable T-bar, this scooter is very comfortable for taller riders. The scooter also provides a deck that is very low to the ground. This is important for adult and teenage riders because it keeps your center of gravity lower. This makes it harder to be knocked over and […]

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Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter Reviews

Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter ReviewsOne of the most toddler-friendly scooters out there is the Globber 3. It is recommended for kids 3 and up and has an adjustable handlebar to fit multiple different age groups. Like most well-made toddler scooters, it comes with a lean to steer function. This is important not only for […]

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Razor jr. Lil Kick Scooter Review

Razor jr. Lil Kick Scooter ReviewArguably the biggest name in 2 wheel scooters has now released a line of 3 wheel scooters. These are designed for younger children and they fold up just lie the regular ones so they can be stored easily. They can also be carried very conveniently, which is a plus. I […]

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City Glide Adult Kick Scooter Review

City Glide Adult Kick ScooterThe Fuzion City Glide is a stylish and sleek foldable scooter that is perfect for adults. The deck is nice and sturdy and can support up to 220 pounds. This Fuzion City Glide is comparable to the A5 Lux in many different ways. The looks is about the same and they […]

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Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter Reviews

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter ReviewThis scooter is one of the more premium adult scooters available. With the ultra light and super low deck, it gives you such a nice glide over pavement. Even though the deck is super light and close to the ground, it can still support a lot of weight. Up to […]

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EcoReco M5 E-Scooter Review

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter ReviewThe Eco Reco is the best scooter for adults. Not only does it have a stylish and trendy design, but it comes with a lot of cool features. The scooter comes with backlit dashboard that shows you the distance you’ve traveled, how much battery you have left and how fast you are […]

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Razor Electric Scooter Charger and Battery in 2023

The number one complaint about electric scooters from Razor is about the charger. I have combed through dozens of negative reviews on Amazon, and the consistency that I find is that people tend to receive chargers that just don’t work well at all. Fear not my friends! I said that I would provide a toolkit […]

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Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter Review

Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter ReviewIts time for people to wake up and face the fact that scooters are not just for kids anymore. Many teenagers and adults are jumping on the scooter train and are beginning to enjoy all the fun perks that come with scooter ownership. It’s about time people notice that the kids […]

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