Best Adult Scooters in 2019 – Tested & Reviewed by Real Users

Who says scooters are just for kids? In this article, we will look at the best adult scooters out there. We are looking for scooters that have great sturdiness and stability to support larger riders. We are also looking for scooters that have larger wheels and excellent performance ratings from customers. Don’t just sit on the sidelines and let your kids have all the fun! Find yourself a great scooter and get out there.

In this list you will find plenty of great scooters that you can ride comfortably. No matter what you are looking for in an adult scooter, you should be able to find something here. Each one of these scooters are very high quality and is sure to give you a great riding experience. Which one is the best? That is up to you to decide! Lets dive right in and help you find yourself a great adult scooter.

5 Best Adult Scooters for 2019

Best adult scooters over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Vokul LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter

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Starting off our list is the Vokul VK 205. The Vk-205 has a great patented folding mechanism, that allows it to be compacted in under 3 seconds. With a high-quality aluminum frame that has been heat treated, it can support up to 220 pounds while still being really light itself.The wheels are 8 inches tall and they are made from abrasion resistant, shock absorbent high rebound polyurethane.

This allows for a very smooth ride, with minimal vibrations from the road beneath you. This scooter is great for riders that like to go fast and also for those who enjoy gliding.The deck has a non-slip surface so your feet don’t fall off as easily and the handlebars can be adjusted to meet a variety of different heights. A unique feature this scooter has is the carrying strap. This can be helpful to make the scooter even more portable, allowing you to carry it around with you wherever you go.

What we like about this:

This adult scooter is incredibly light and nimble. Weighing only 8 pounds it's the best scooter for adults in terms of weight. If you like to take your scooter to the park before you ride it, this can be incredibly useful. It is easy to fold and carry. This kick scooter also comes with a carrying strap that makes it even more useful! Sometimes it is nice to be able to transition from carrying to riding, especially if you live in a city where not every road is scooter friendly.

What we don’t like about this:

Despite it being the best kick scooter for adults in terms of portability, this scooter still leaves something to be desired when it comes to performance. It works great on flat roads, but once you throw a few bumps into the equation, you start to feel a little more shocks than you might be used to.  This adult kick scooter doesn’t have any built in suspension, so it doesn’t perform as well on uneven surfaces as some of the other adult scooters on this list.

Rimable Foldable Adult Scooter

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This scooter comes with a very sleek design, and some great features. Like the Vokul VK 205, this scooter has great 8-inch wheels which make it built for comfort as well as speed. The wheels are also narrower than some of its competitors, which improves the handling on hard surfaces. It is a better vehicle for off road, because of its double suspension system. With shock absorbing components in both the front and the back of the scooter, it allows the rider to keep the handlebars steady when going over bumps in the road.

The frame can support up to 220 pounds, making it a great choice for larger riders. The handlebars can also be adjusted to fit your height. With its foldable design, this scooter can go wherever you do. It can also be stored easily without taking up too much space. As an added bonus, this scooter comes with a kickstand that lets you park the scooter without having to worry about it getting scratched.

What we like about this

This adult push scooter is similar to other adult scooters on this list, but it also has a superior suspension system. The suspension system makes the Rimable foldable scooter and excellent scooter for adults because it can handle a lot of weight and a lot of bumps in the road. The solid construction and the big wheels only add to its stability, allowing it to carry you smoothly across many different types of pavement. Like other kick scooters for adults, this scooter has a wide deck and thick grips to accommodate bigger hands and feet.

What we don’t like about this

Although the suspension system makes it a good kick scooter for adults, it has a drawback when it comes to weight capacity. Sure 220 pounds may be enough to accommodate most people, but if you are planning on putting on a heavy backpack while you ride, you suddenly may be flirting with this weight limit. If you are worried about this limit, you should look for a kick scooter that can support more weight. You can easily find an adult scooter that can support upwards of 240 pounds.

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

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The fusion Cityglide is a very well designed scooter targeted towards adults. The scooter has great customer reviews and is very fairly priced. It comes with all the great features you would expect from an adult scooter. It has a high weight capacity to support larger riders. It has adjustable handlebars that can accommodate taller people. It has a wider deck to give your feet enough space to be comfortable.

It has a longer head tube, which makes the handlebars more resilient to pressure. The deck has a low clearance, which gives the rider a lower center of gravity.Overall this is a very standard scooter that customers have fallen in love with. It has great performance and great design. All of this, and the price still is very low compared to other best adult scooters.

What we like about this

The Fuzion Cityglide is the best adult scooter you can get for its price. It is very economical and has plenty of great features. If you are looking to get an adult razor scooter but you don’t want to spend all that money, this is a very comparable alternative. Compared to the A5 razor scooter for adults, it has about the same wheel size, frame and foldability. It does differ from the razor scooter in both price and longevity.

What we don’t like about this

This would be the best adult scooter if it weren’t for one major drawback and that is the longevity. The bearings on this scooter are less fluid than the A5 adult razor scooter, so they tend to not stand up as well to frequent use. This is something to consider when purchasing a kick scooter. If you are going to be using the scooter a lot, you should be willing to spend the extra money to get something that will last. This is particularly important when you are picking out a scooter for adults. It is less of a problem if a kids scooter breaks down because they grow out of them every couple of years anyways but with an adult kick scooter, you want one that will last a long time.

Xootr Adult Kick Scooter

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The next scooter on our list is the Xootr Mg scooters for adults. In case you were wondering, the Mg does stand for Magnesium, which is the key component in this scooters design. With the magnesium frame, it can support much more weight than some of the other scooters. The proportions on this are perfect for larger riders. With a wider deck it can easily hold 2 adult feet. The handlebars can be adjusted all the way up to 6 foot 7. With a deck that is lower to the ground, it allows the rider to keep a lower center of gravity, which prevents falling.

This is important for taller riders because it is easy to become unbalanced on a scooter. The lower deck also allows for more efficient kicking. This means you will spend less time kicking on this scooter and more time gliding. I know we all could use a little less kicking and a little more gliding.Although this is perhaps the best overall scooter on our list, it is not at the top because of one important factor. The price on this scooter is the highest on our list. This is something to consider when buying. If you are looking to get the best scooter no matter what, this is a good option. If you are trying to get the most value for your price, stay tuned to see our next scooter.

What we like about this

The Xootr Mg is definitely the best kick scooter you can buy. In just about every category it outperforms the other kick scooters for adults. Not only is it the best kick scooter, it is also the best adult push scooter as well. It can be adjusted to fit almost any height and it can accommodate almost any weight. This makes it the perfect scooter for larger riders.

What we don’t like

Although this is undoubtedly the best scooter for adults, it comes with a very high price tag. This forces you to make a choice. There is no such thing as the perfect scooter. If you find that a scooter has all of the best features, chances are that will also be the most expensive one. If you are really looking to get the best scooter for adults and don’t care what you have to spend to get it, this is the choice for you. The best of anything will come at a steep price, and there is no exception for the best kick scooter. If you are on a budget, I recommend that you look into another adult scooter on this list. All of the scooters on this list are very good, and most of them can be purchased for a relatively low price.

Razor A5 Lux scooter

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Finally, we come to the last scooter on our list. The Razor A5 is consistently the highest rated adult scooter out there, and there’s good reason for that. Although it is by far the most inexpensive scooter on our list, it does not sacrifice any form or functionality. With a brand like Razor, you know you will be getting something good. This is a fun and convenient scooter that very practical. It excels in just about every category. It folds well, it drives smoothly, it’s lightweight, it supports a lot of weight and it can glide for long distances with only a few kicks.

Almost every way you look at it, the A5 is a good choice. It is the most affordable adult scooter on the market making it a great choice for people unsure about scooters. It has great customer feedback, which means that anyone who gets this will most likely love it. It has all the features that you love including the 8-inch wheels, the no slip grip deck, the adjustable handlebars, the foldable design and the rear brake. Overall, this scooter is excellent. It is clearly the best value you can get for your dollar and you are sure to love it.

What we like about this

This razor scooter for adults comes with all the features you want in an adult scooter. With adjustable handlebars, a wide deck and an ability to support a lot of weight, it checks off all of the boxes in terms of accommodating larger riders. If you are looking for a foot scooter for adults that won’t break the bank and comes with the backing of one of the most trusted scooter companies in the world, this one is a great option. The reason we have named this the best adult scooter is because it is the best one you can get for your money. It may not come with all the specs of the Xootr Mg, but at a fraction of the price it is a more practical choice for most people.

What we don't like about this

While this foot scooter for adults may be the best you can get for your money, there are still better scooters out there. This scooter is usually all that most people need, but if you are really serious about performance, you may want to spend the additional money to get a Xootr Mg. All of the scooters on this list of strengths and drawbacks, it all comes back to what matters most to you. To most people this can be the best kick scooter for adults, but to you it might be different.

What Makes a Great Scooter for Adults?
A scooter for adults is a regular kick scooter that can also be adjusted to fit larger riders. Not only does it have a higher weight capacity, but also the handlebars can be raised or lowered to fit people of different heights. This makes you feel like you are not riding something that is just meant for kids and can be much easier on your back. As a bonus, adult scooters should have larger wheels and better suspension systems so they can roll over bumps in the road without transferring too much shock to our knees and back.

Why Should You Buy an Adult Scooter?
There are many reasons you might want to buy an adult scooter. First of all, it is a great way to lead by example if you are trying to get your kids playing outside more. It can also be a great bonding experience. If you are always riding a bike while your kid is on his scooter, it isn’t quite the same. When you are practicing using an adult kick scooter while your son or daughter is using a kid scooter, you can offer them helpful advice while you both pick it up together. Lastly, it is just simply a fun activity.

The Safety Gear You Need for an Adult Scooter
Whether it is an electric scooter or an adult kick scooter, you will always need to make sure you have the proper gear to protect yourself. This includes helmets and pads. A helmet is always a necessary thing to have no matter what scooter you’re riding. Yes, that means you should be wearing a helmet even if it's an adult kick scooter. If it is your first time, I recommend you also wear pads as well. Elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads are all great to have.

What’s the difference between a kick scooter and an electric scooter?
A kick scooter is a scooter that is powered by kicking the ground to move forward. You keep one foot on the deck and use the other foot to move. An electric scooter is a scooter that moves forward automatically with the use of a motor. This means you could keep both feet on the deck while you move forward.

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Adult Scooter?
An adult electric scooter can be a great way to get around if you think a kick scooter is too childish. The electric scooter will also let you travel much faster. There are too main drawbacks and that is price and exercise. If the main reason you are buying a scooter is to get exercise, this is not the right choice to make. If you are looking to buy a scooter for as low a price as possible, this is also not the right choice to make.

How to Maintain an Electric Scooter or a Kick Scooter
A kick scooter for adults is a lot lower maintenance than a bicycle for adults, but just in case you are concerned, here are a few things to look for. The grips on your handlebars might wear out and if that is the case, you can replace them very cheaply and easily. You might also want to be on the look out for loose parts and parts that need proper lubrication or are beginning to rust. All of these scooter parts can be purchased cheaply on amazon. You just need to make sure you know the make and model you are looking for.

What is the Best Scooter for Adults?
This is a difficult question, and there is no one answer. Every person is different, and different people require different things. Some people may really care about the suspension, while others are just looking for a fast ride. I would recommend you make some sort of a list with all the things you are looking for in a scooter and then make a note of which scooters satisfy all requirements. If a couple of scooters meet all of your requirements, just go with the cheapest!

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to check out some of our other articles for more best adult scooters 5 countdowns. If you would like to add to our list or if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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